Total Male Island is a spin-off of Eternal's main Total Drama fanfiction series. Like the original, it is a fanfiction of it's own with a similar format to the real-life Total Drama television series, and is also based off of said series aswell. Though there have been various versions of it, and even a version taking place in a mansion, this is the original concept. In the lastest vision, Total Male Island is about 28 boys, all boys, coming to an island located in Canada to compete on a Reality Show. Some of the boys are from Total Drama, while others are from other shows and others are Eterna's own original characters. None of the non Total Drama characters are actually the same ones from their show, they simply act, look and are named the same. This is to level out the characters, instead of having ones who have super powers make the challenges completely unfair or in their advantage. Like the original Total Drama series, each season will change the setting and name of the "show";

Season 1 (Total Male Island)Edit

In the first season of the Total Male series, 26 boys sign up to the show "Total Male Island" to compete on an island for $1,000,000. The boys are placed on an island, Camp Napew, which itself is located on Okimâw Island. Napew being the Cree word for "Male", of course. The island and campgrounds feature two cabins, a mess hall, an outhouse confessional, a campfire pit, a very dense and wild forest, two large cliffs, numerous hills,  a large lake in the center, and is much larger than the average Total Drama island. Upon arrival, the 26 boys are placed into two teams of eleven people each, and must avoid elimination at the end of the episode. Almost each episode, at the end, there is an elimination ceremony. Each person who is safe gets a Sch'more, while the one who is eliminated must leave the island on one of the many the rafts of losers.

Characters In the story:Edit