This is a list of all episodes of Total Drama Action.

  1. Monster Cash
  2. Sharkin' for Action
  3. Whereforeart tho Chris?
  4. Historical Proportions
  5. Metallic Hoedown
  6. The Aftermath I
  7. The Chefsank Redemption
  8. Resident Drama
  9. REPO! The Totally Dramatic Opera
  10. Document it All!
  11. Full Metal Drama
  12. The Aftermath II
  13. Oceas Eight, or Nine
  14. Independent Hellsploitation
  15. One Million Bucks B.C.
  16. Dial M for Merger
  17. Dramawalker
  18. The Aftermath III
  19. An Epic Dragon Tale
  20. The Shark Strikes Back
  21. 2013: A Space November
  22. Out in the Woods Tonight
  23. Deus Ex Machina
  24. The Aftermath: IV
  25. Celebrity Manhunt's TD Reunion Special


  • Monster Cash, Historical Proportions, The Aftermath I, Resident Drama, Document it All!, The Aftermath II, Independent Hellsploitation, Dial M for Merger, The Aftermath III, An Epic Dragon Tale and Celebrity Manhunt's TD Reunion Special all have no elimination.
  • This season was shortened by two episodes than it's canon counterpart.
    • However, on DeviantArt the Celebrity Manhunt special is put into two parts.
  • This is the first season to have episodes with different titles than the canon season.