Total Drama is the main series that Eternal's Total Drama is based off of. The orignal Total Drama show is created by Fresh TV network and is of Canadian origin. The original show is arguably meant for the young children or pre-teen demographic, where-as Eternal's version is meant for a more mature and aged up demographic.  It is this different that also sets Eternal's version apart from most other reimagining FanFictions, as most others don't change the rating to higher than that of the main show.

Both the real show and Eternal's version is compromised of seasons that take different names each time, the first season is 'Total Drama Island, the second is Total Drama Action, the third is Total Drama World Tour, the fourth is Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, the fifth is Total Drama All-Stars, the sixth is Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


Note, all of this is hypothetical voice actors. Most of them are the voice actors for the real show itself, but the original characters have hypothetical ones and the non-Total Drama ones also have hypothetical ones due to Canadian voice acting laws

Voice Actor Role
Scott McCord Owen
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Drew Nelson Duncan
Christian Potenza Chris
Helene Joy Veronica
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Clé Bennett DJ
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Scott McCord Trent
Katie Crown Izzy
Brian Froud Harold
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Lauren Lipson Sadie
Sarah Gadon Beth
Peter Oldring Cody (Seasons 1-3)
Dante Basco Cody (Seasons 4-Present)
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie
Peter Oldring Tyler
Adam Reid Justin
Carter Hayden Noah
Julia Chantrey Eva
Peter Oldring Ezekiel
Carla Collins Blaineley
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Garry Chalk Dr. Pennywise
Clé Bennett Leonard
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Kim Cattrall Cassandra
Sunday Muse Ella
Christopher Jacot Topher
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Cory Doran Mike
Bryn McAuley Amy
Bryn McAuley Samey
Caitlynne Medrek Dawn
Katie Bergin Jasmine
James Wallis Scott
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Dwayne Hill Josh
Dan Petronijevic Brady
Alex House José
Alex House Mr. Burromuerto
Emilie-Claire Barlow Mrs. Burromuerto
Kim Cattrall Samara Artemeyeva
Jamie Watson Mr. Artemeyeva
Gage Munroe Adam Artemeyeva
Jamie Spilchuk Logan Artemeyeva
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
Jennifer Robertson Brittany
Stacey DePass Carly
Katie Griffin Mary
Krista Sutton Honey
Ellen Page November Kox
Lee Tockar Sonic the Hedgehog
Madeline Peters Miles "Tails" Prower
Andrea Libman Amy Rose Hedgehog
Brian Drummond Shadow the Hedgehog
Brian Drummond Mephiles the Dark
Ashleigh Ball Rouge the Bat
Lee Tockar E-123 "Omega"

Total Drama Island

For best coverage, see Total Drama Island and Total Drama Island Episodes/Chapters for all the episodes

This season involved twenty-two sixteen year-old contestants who had signed up to be in a reality show on an island, known as "Total Drama Island." The teens all had different expectations for what camp was going to be like, with the underlying idea that it was going to be luxurious. According to Chris McLean, to be on the show, one had to be sixteen years old and be either "kooky, obnoxious, stuck-up, dense, loud, annoying, filthy, or anywhere remotely in between." The twenty-two teens chosen were divided into two separate teams; the Screaming Gophers and the Killer Bass. The two teams were given challenges every three days. The losing team would vote one of their members off and the contestant that was voted off would have to walk the Dock of Shame and board the Boat of Losers, which would then take them away. At some point in the competition, the teams would dissolve. After the merge the same elimination process would continue to happen, except then after every challenge only one to two people had invincibility and after every challenge the whole group had to vote somebody out instead of just one team. This process continued until only two contestants were left to compete in a final challenge where the last contestant standing won $100,000.

In terms of the major plot, Heather was the main antagonist of the season, and used Cody's crush on her along with Beth & Lindsay's respective wannabe-ness and stupidity to make them into her pawns and get to the near-end of the competition. In reality, she was only using them the entire time to do plenty of things such as read Gwen's diary, frame Katie of stealing Eva's Mp3 player, spy on other contestants. Eventually she also nearly ended the relationship between Duncan and Trent, by kissing Trent infront of Duncan, Cody and Gwen. She also made major conflicts with Nearly Every other Contestant. On the other end of the spectrum there were Duncan and LeShawna who were her main enemies in the game. LeShawna made friends with Nearly Everyone while Duncan made only a select few plus one boyfriend despite Another liking him too. In more minor ends, there were relationships with less significant contestants such as Geoff and Bridgette, LeShawna and Harold, and minor friendships between Cody and Gwen despite of other things.There was also a secondary antagonist in Sadie, who after Katie was framed into elimination by Heather, set out to get rid of Eva by throwing the challenges for her team and pinning it on her fellow team-members. This led to another Friendship aswell. Sadie was eliminated at the merge. A possible third antagonist would be Harold or Courtney, Courtney of whom only because she promised she would get revenge though was nothing but a strong competitor, and Harold for rigging the votes to get Bridgette off due to Bullying he received from others.Half-way through, this season also introduced Cody's cousin Veronica into the mix, who served as a main enemy for Chris as she constantly tried to take his position as main hosed of the show. eventually she succeeded, only to get deported when Chris returned. During her run, she was shown to be arrogant due to her level of high fame and fortune.

Elimination Table/Recap

Participant Team Status Placing
Ezekiel Killer Bass 1st Voted out
in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2
22nd Place Non-Merged
Katie Killer Bass 2nd Voted out
in The Big Sleep
21st Place
Noah Screaming Gophers 3rd Voted out
in Dodgebrawl
20th Place
Courtney Screaming Gophers Returns in No Pain, No Game
4th Cheated out in Not Quite Famous
Izzy Killer Bass 5th Left
in The Sucky Outdoors
19th Place
Tyler Killer Bass 6th Voted out
in Phobia Factor
18th Place
Gwen Screaming Gophers Returns in No Pain, No Game
7th Voted Out in Up the Creek
DJ Screaming Gophers 8th Cheated out
in Paintball Deer Hunter
17th Place
Beth Screaming Gophers 9th Voted out
in If You Can't Take The Heat...
16th Place
Justin Killer Bass 10th Voted out
in Who Can You Trust?
15th Place
Bridgette Killer Bass 11th Cheated out
in Basic Straining
14th Place
Owen Killer Bass 12th Voted out
in X-Treme Torture
13th Place
Sadie Killer Bass 13th Voted out
in No Pain, No Game
12th Place Merged
Trent Screaming Gophers 14th Voted out
in Search and Do Not Destroy
11th Place
Courtney Screaming Gophers 15th Voted out
in Hide and Be Sneaky
10th Place
Lindsay Screaming Gophers 16th Eliminated
in That's Off the Chain!
9th Place
Harold Killer Bass 17th Eliminated
in Hook, Line, and Screamer
8th Place
Eva Killer Bass 18th Voted Out
in Wawanakwa Gone Wild!
7th Place
Geoff Killer Bass 19th Voted out
in Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon
6th Place
Gwen Screaming Gophers 20th Eliminated
in Haute Camp-ture
5th Place
Cody Screaming Gophers 21st Forfeited
in Are We There Yeti?
4th Place
Heather Screaming Gophers 22nd Eliminated
in I Triple Dog Dare You!
3rd Place
LeShawna Screaming Gophers

Winner in The Very Last Episode, Really!
Runner-up in Duncan's ending

Duncan Screaming Gophers

Winner in The Very Last Episode, Really!
Runner-up in LeShawna's ending

Total Drama Action

See Total Drama Action and Total Drama Action Episodes/Chapters for better coverage

After the events of Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, in which all of season one's contestants attempted and failed to win the million dollars in a final challenge at Camp Wawanakwa, Chris McLean recruits the closest lucky fourteen players, who all tied in that challenge to continue on to the second season, which takes place on an abandoned film lot in Toronto. For forty-two days, the cast is forced to compete in movie genre themed challenges for the one million dollar grand prize, faced with new challenges, surprises, and drama. Split into two new teams, the Killer Grips and the Screaming Gaffers, the contestants take part in various movie-genre-based challenges, where the winning teams gain immunity or rewards for their successes. The losing teams are forced to attend an award ceremony, where they vote on who will receive the Gilded Chris Award or immunity, and who will be forced to take the Walk of Shame to the Lame-o-sine, and be eliminated from the competition. The lucky cast member who outlasts their other castmates wins the highly anticipated $1,000,000.

Chris also was forced by Veronica's Mother and Aunt to allow her back on as Co-Host once more. However, at the fourth episode she replaced him again, but he got her fired and sent to the sidelines in the following episode. Following that, she joined two others on the Total Drama Aftermath, a talk-show where those eliminated must face interviewers about their experiences and how they feel about their current position.

This season also introduced Mecha Courtney, Scarface, Mephiles the Dark, Slenderman, and plenty of other colourful characters as well.

Elimination Table/Recap

Participant Team Status Placing
Owen None Returns in The Chefsank Redemption
1st/2nd Voted out
in Sharkin' for Action
Beth None 1st/2nd Voted out
in Sharkin' for Action
16th Place
Gwen Screaming Gaffers 3rd Voted out
in Wherefore-art thou Chris?
15th Place Non-Merged
Harold Screaming Gaffers 4th Voted out
in Metallic Hoedown
14th Place
Heather Killer Grips 5th Voted out
in The Chefsank Redemption
13th Place
Trent Screaming Gaffers 6th Voted Out
in REPO! The Totally Dramatic Opera
12th Place
LeShawna Screaming Gaffers 7th Voted Out
in Full Metal Drama
11th Place
DJ Screaming Gaffers 8th Cheated Out
in Oceans Eight, or Nine
10th Place
Izzy Screaming Gaffers

(Swapped from Oceans Eight, or Nine )

9th Injured
in One Million Bucks B.C.
9th Place
Owen Screaming Gaffers 10th Eliminated
in Dramawalker
8th Place Merged
Duncan Killer Grips 11th Voted out
in The Shark Strikes Back
7th Place
Bridgette None Debuted in An Epic Dragon Tale
12th Injured
in The Shark Strikes Back
6th Place
Cody Killer Grips 13th Forfeited
in 2013: A Space November
5th Place
Justin Killer Grips 14th Voted out
in Out in the Woods Tonight
4th Place
Courtney Screaming Gaffers Debuted in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine
15th Disqualified
in Deus Ex Machina
3rd Place
Lindsay Screaming Gaffers

Winner in The Aftermath: IV
Runner-up in Katie's ending

Katie Killer Grips

Winner in The Aftermath: IV
Runner-up in Lindsay's ending

Total Drama World Tour

For best coverage, see Total Drama World Tour and Total Drama World Tour Episodes/Chapters

Fifteen previous contestants and three newcomers compete in challenges all around the world. However, this season, when Chris rings a bell, the contestants must break into song. If they don't, they are automatically eliminated. By the rules, contestants must sing once in each episode, and Chris may call a "reprise" of the song. Contestants safe from elimination are awarded barf bags full of airline-issued peanuts, continuing the tradition of edible safety items. When a contestant is eliminated, they must take the Drop of Shame voluntarily or someone will have to force them off of the plane.

During the events of Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, all of the contestants from the first two seasons (plus Veronica) went to great lengths to prevent being labeled as "has-beens," and being replaced by Chris' new reality concept: Total Drama Douchebages . Ultimately, after proving themselves through nearly catastrophic means, Chris rescues a group of fifteen (as well as two new faces and Veronica) to join him on a journey around the world in the third season. Traveling around on the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, the cast participates in new challenges in various countries on six continents with all new drama and challenges awaiting them. Split into three separate teams after the first challenge, the teams work to achieve immunity, as well as first-class to their next destination. The losing team is then forced to attend a ceremony, where one member is forced to take the Drop of Shame from the plane to wherever they land. The lucky contestant who outlasts the rest of the contestants wins $100,000,000,000. This is the process in Total Drama World Tour in which a contestant is eliminated; initially, the team that lost the most recent challenge, unless the last challenge happened to be a reward challenge, would vote for a contestant and the one with the most votes against them would be voted off. Since the teams eventually merged, all the contestants began to vote for each other and only the challenge winner received immunity. In certain challenges, a contestant would be automatically eliminated without any votes if they lost a challenge after the merge.

Elimination Table/Recap

Participant Team Status Placing
Justin Team Victory 1st Voted out
in Norway,No-Way - Part 2
19th Place Non-Merged
Lindsay Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 2nd Voted out
in Chinese Fake-Out
18th Place
Duncan Team Amazon Returns in Newf Kids on the Rock
in Bollywood, Baby!
Sadie Team Victory 4th Voted out
in God Hates TDWT
17th Place
DJ Team Victory 5th Injured
in African Warefare Safari
16th Place
Bridgette Team Victory 6th Voted Out
in Antarctic Crash
15th Place
Trent Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 7th Voted out
in Newf Kids on the Rock
14th Place
Eva Team Amazon 8th Cheated out
in Viet-BOOM!
13th Place
Ezekiel Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 9th Voted out
in Greece's Pieces
12th Place
Beth Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 10th Voted out
in Ye Old Morality Issue
11th Place
Gwen Team Victory 11th/12th Injured
in Czech Demolition
10th/9th Place
Duncan Team Amazon 11th/12th Injured
in Czech Demolition
Sierra Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 13th Killed
in Niagara Brawls
8th Place


Heather Team Amazon 14th/15th Cheated out
in Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan
7th/6th Place
Tyler Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 14th/15th Cheated out
in Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan
Noah Team Victory 16th Eliminated
in Chris and the Chocolate Factory
5th Place
Blaineley None Debuted in Niagara Brawls
17th Disqualified
in Not Always Greener
4th Place
Alejandro Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot 18th Eliminated
in Finale Down Under!
3rd Place
Veronica Team Amazon

Winner in Finale Down Under!
Runner-up in Cody's ending

Cody Team Amazon

Winner in Finale Down Under!
Runner-up in Veronica's ending

  • With this season, Justin, Lindsay, Bridgette, Duncan, DJ, Trent, Beth, Gwen, Heather and Cody all are the contestants to compete all three first generation seasons of the show.
    • Veronica, Blaineley, Sierra and Alejandro all only compete in World Tour.
    • Geoff only competes in Total Drama Island.
    • Katie, Izzy, LeShawna, Courtney, Harold and Owen all compete in Island & Action but not in World Tour.
    • Ezekiel, Tyler, Sadie, Eva and Noah all compete in Island & World Tour but not Action.
  • This is the first season where a contestant actually dies while competing.
  • This season so far has the most unfair/irregular eliminations.
  • This is the first season to introduce new contestants into the game.

Total Drama:Revenge of the Island


Elimination Table/Recap:

Participant Team Status Placing
Cassandra Toxic Rats 1st Voted out
in "Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!"
14th Place Non-Merged
Leonard Toxic Rats 2nd Voted out
in "Truth or Laser Shark"
13th Place
Lightning Toxic Rats 3rd Voted out
in "Ice Ice Baby"

12th Place

Amy Mutant Maggots Returns in The Enchanted Franken-Forest
4thCheated Out
in Backstabbers Ahoy?!
Cameron Mutant Maggots 5th Voted Out
in "Runaway Model"
11th Place
Dawn Mutant Maggots 6th Quit
in "A Mine is a Terrible Thing to See"
10th Place
Sugar Toxic Rats 7th/8th Disqualified
in "The Treasure Isle of Dr.McLean"
9th/8th Place
Ella Toxic Rats 7th/8th Disqualified
in "The Treasure Isle of Dr.McLean"
Shawn Mutant Maggots 9th Eliminated
in "Grand Chef Auto"
7th Place Merged
Topher Toxic Rats 10th Eliminated
in "Up, Up and Away"
6th Place
Mike Mutant Maggots 11th Forfeited
in "Eat, Puke and be Wary"
5th Place
Scott Toxic Rats 12th/13th Voted Out
in "The Enchanted Franken-Forest"
4th/3rd Place
Jasmine Mutant Maggots 12th/13th Eliminated
in "The Enchanted Franken-Forest"
Amy Mutant Maggots

Winner in "The Ultimate Showdown"
Runner-up in Samey's ending

Samey Mutant Maggots

Winner in "The Ultimate Showdown"
Runner-up in Amy's ending

Total Drama All-Stars (Hypothetical)

The following is a purely hypothetical depiction of what Eternal's Total Drama had planned for the Total Drama All-Stars season. The season was to have 26 episodes total, and feature at least 22+ contestants returning to Camp Wawanakwa. Due to this, the "Season 4" cast was of course mostly returning, save a few exceptions.

Major Plotpoints:

  • Cody's attitude is much more spoiled and arrogant/egotistical than in previous seasons, and his richness makes him be disqualified first. However, he does not take the flush and instead remains on the island primarily due to "ratings" reasons. In reality this is merely to finish up his storylines. He also finally hooks up with someone by the end of the season. Decisions were primarily between a girl, Topher and Justin.
  • Sierra is back alive and competing, and struggles between turning back to Cody, staying on Cameron, or finding another man in her life.
  • Mike's last personality, Mal, comes out and is the main antagonist of the season.
  • Alejandro is still trying to fully recover his memory of previous events, and is much more an anti-hero in this season rather than Villain. Scott has a similar situation too.
  • Amy still tries to bully Sammy, but Sammy is much more able to stand up for herself.
  • Chris is more sadistic than ever before
  • Sugar is perfectly fine after being left on the island in quarantine.
  • The Producers join Geoff & Bridgette on the aftermath and show themselves as even more obnoxious, mean, selfish, greedy, conceited and cruel than Blaineley ever could hope to be.
  • Courtney is fully back to her normal self, and is more than ready to compete on the show once again to prove she's still got it.
Participant Team Status Placing
Cody Heroic Hamsters 1st Disqualified
in "Heroes vs Villains - Part 2"
25th Place Non-Merged
Amy Villainous Vultures 2nd Voted out
in "Evil Dread"
24th Place
Leonard Villainous Vultures 3rd Voted out
in "Saving Private Leechball"
23rd Place
Owen Heroic Hamsters 4th Voted Out
in "Food Fright"
22nd Place
Izzy Heroic Hamsters 5th Eliminated
in "Moon Madness"
21st Place
Justin Villainous Vultures 6th Voted out
in "No-One Egg-Spects the Spanish Opposition"
20th Place
Sierra Villainous Vultures 7th Voted out
in "Suckers Punched"
19th Place
Sammy Heroic Hamsters 8th Cheated Out
in "100 Ways to be Tortured"
18th Place
Eva Heroic Hamsters 9th/10th Voted Out
in "Seek and Ye Shall Mine"
17th/16th Place
Lightning Villainous Vultures 9th/10th Disqualified
in "Seek and Ye Shall Mine"
Harold Heroic Hamsters 11th Eliminated
in "TDAS Aftermath II"
15th Place
Cameron Heroic Hamsters 12th Voted Out
in "Haute Camp-Ture"
14th Place
Sugar Villainous Vultures 13th Voted out
in "Wawanakwa Idol"
13th Place
Lindsay Heroic Hamsters 14th Cheated Out
in "All Around the Genres in Half an Hour"
12th Place
Alejandro Villainous Vultures 15th Cheated Out
in "Chef Hatchet's Clubhouse"
11th Place
Alexandria No Team Debuted in "You Regatta be Kidding Me"
in "You Regatta be Kidding Me"
10th/9th Place Merged
Ed No Team Debuted in "You Regatta be Kidding Me"
in "You Regatta be Kidding Me"
Topher Heroic Hamsters 18th Disqualified
in "Revenge of the Awake-a-thon"
8th Place
Duncan Villainous Vultures 19th/20th Eliminated
in "A Hike, a Fear, and a Dodgeball"
7th/6th Place
Chris No Team Debuted in "You Regatta be Kidding Me"
in "A Hike, a Fear, and a Dodgeball"
Courtney Villainous Vultures 21st Eliminated
in "Sunday Muddy Sundae"
5th Place
LeShawna Heroic Hamsters 22nd Eliminated
in "The Bold and the Booty-ful"
4th Place

The Reboot and Reveal

It was later revealed in an upcoming reboot, that the entire series was actually concoted by a girl known as "Maria Susan", and is actually a Fanfiction within a Fanfiction, which in hindsight explains things such as the weird headcanons, sexuality developments, deaths, etc. The reboot will have it's own wiki to keep it's info away from this series'.

Like the original fanfiction, the series will begin at Total Drama Island and go on from there. Unlike it or also-popular and similiar Total Drama Do-Over by CoGreen20, it will use 22 campers that are actually mixed from all seasons (including Ridonculous Race) instead of all 45+ canon originals or just the original canon 22 (25 including Sierra, Alejandro & Blaineley). Chris & Chef remain the hosts in the reboot, though Blaineley might be joining them as a 3rd major host. Some campers have been confirmed, but nothing is truly solid until the first episode is finally posted.

Hypothetical Mega-Season: Total Drama Complete Mayhem (TDCM)

Total Drama Complete Mayhem is a hypothetical -but unrealistic- season continuing off of the canon series, featuring all of the Total Drama contestants from Season 1 to Ridonculous Race, that means: Ezekiel, Eva, Noah, Justin, Katie, Tyler, Izzy, Cody, Beth, Sadie, Courtney, Harold, Trent, Bridgette, Lindsay, DJ, Geoff, LeShawna, Duncan, Heather, Gwen, Owen, Mr. Coconut, Blaineley, Sierra, Alejandro, Staci, Dakota, B, Dawn, Sam, Anne Maria, Brick, Mike, Jo, Scott, Zoey, Lightning, Cameron, Beardo, Leonard, Amy, Rodney, Sammy, Ella, Topher, Dave, Scarlett, Max, Jasmine, Sky, Shawn, Tammy, Gerry, Pete, Ellody, Mary, Laurie, Miles, Jen, Tom, Kelly, Taylor, Jay, Mickey, Chet, Lorenzo, Spud, Rock, Dwayne, Junior, Crimson, Ennui, Ryan, Stephanie, Carrie, Devin, Emma, Kitty, Jacques, Josee, MacArthur, Sanders and Brody.

It is not canon to either the reboot or original fanfiction, and is literally just a hypothetical "Everyone together" Mega-Season.

It is likely that due to the size of the cast, this Mega-Season would have full hour-long episodes in it instead of 22-minute ones.


1. "Team Totally In Super Duper Love": Bridgette, Geoff, Brody, MacArthur, Sanders, Sam, Crimson, Ennui, Stephanie, Ryan

2."Team Topher Would Make a Totally Awesome Host": Topher, Trent, Rodney, Shawn, Gerry, Laurie, Miles, Ellody, Mary, Ella

3. "Team Besties": Carrie, Devin, Lindsay, Beth, DJ, Mickey, Jay, B, Kitty, Emma

4. "Team Amazon 2.0": Anne Maria, Amy, Sammy, Izzy, Jen, Dawn, Jo, Kelly, Taylor, Tom

5. "Team Sparta": Brick, Lightning, Cameron, Duncan, Owen, Beardo, Spud, Rock, Dwayne, Staci

6."Team Failure": Ezekiel, Mike, Lorenzo, Chet, Pete, LeShawna, Eva, Zoey, Jasmine, Sierra

7. "Team Magic": Leonard, Noah, Dave, Cody, Harold, Sky, Gwen, Katie, Sadie, Tammy, Tyler

8. "Team Axis of Evil": Heather, Blaineley, Josee, Scarlett, Sugar, Alejandro, Justin, Max, Scott, Jaques, Courtney

Elimination Table/Recap


Participant Team Status Placing Reason Episode Location
Mr. Coconut None 1st Eliminated
in "Total Mayhem"
85th Place Pre-Teams An inaminate object "revived" by Chris & Chef purely to be the first thing eliminated. Canada
Dwayne Jr. None 2nd Disqualified
in "Uncut & Untamed"
84th Place It was revealed that the show does infact have age-limits, forcing Chris to immediately disqualify Junior. Canada
Dakota None 3rd Cheated Out
in "Chris, Whereart Thou?"
83rd Place Chris was upset in his inability to hurt Sam while she was around, and to hurt her due to her post mutant power, aswell as the fact he couldn't have the teams due to odd numbers. So he actually rigged the votes himself to cheat her off. Canada
Staci Team Sparta 4th Voted Out
in "The One Wherein Teams are Made"
82nd Place Pre-Merge Her constant talking/lying annoyed her team into inevitably voting her off first when they ended up losing thanks to her. Canada
Lightning Team Sparta 5th Voted Out
in "Galleria Madness"
81st Place His arrogance, idiocy, and constant wanting to rename the team annoyed Team Sparta before long, and cost them the win, making them vote him off rather swiftly. Canada (Galleria Mall)
Ezekiel Team Failure 6th Disqualified
in "Elementary, My Dear London"
80th Place Despite Team Failure winning, Animal Rights Organizations, Ezekiel's Parents, Laurie/Miles/Dawn, and other similar groups were concerned about Ezekiel.Fearing public hatred, he disqualified Ezekiel for him to return to the Fun Zone, now deemed a nature reserve. England, UK
Sky Team Magic 7th Voted Out
in "Great Loch o' Ness"
79th Place Still mad at the grief she caused him, Dave formed a "revenge on Sky" alliance with Cody, Harold, Katie, Sadie and Tyler, and also tricked Sky into even voting herself off as she was unaware of all the votes that would be against her. The rest of the team voted off Leonard for costing them all their wins so far. Scotland, UK
Gwen Team Magic 8th Cheated Out
in "Wales of a Tale"
78th Place While the Revenge on Sky Alliance falls part swiftly after it won in it's goal, Cody stays on Dave's side if only because he tries to use his mother's therapy skills to help soothe Dave. In the end, Dave is ultimately actually voted off, but the votes were hacked into and so Gwen left instead. Wales, UK
Leonard Team Magic 9th Voted Out
in "Four-Leafed Cloving"
77th Place With Harold leaving Dave's Alliance after getting back with LeShawna, Leonard is basically fully defenseless save for Tammy when his team decides to finally get rid of him for constantly causing their failures. Ireland
Harold Team Magic 10th Voted Out
in "For the Love of..."
76th Place Harold and LeShawna's rekindled romance is percieved as dangerous to their teams, and due to that Team Magic feels the need to vote of Leonard, even if it was Tammy who caused them to lose yet again. Bordeaux, France
Gerry Team Topher 11th Voted Out
in "Sweet Burgundy"
75th Place When Topher's Team finally lost a challenge, they voted out Gerry largely for being one of the team's weakest players. Dijon, France
Mickey Team Besties 12th Voted Out
in "Back in Louvre, Again"
74th Place During the challenge he became severely injured along with his brother, ultimately the team chose to vote him off over his brother, but Jay was in the bottom two so it was close. Paris, France
Amy Team Amazon 2.0 13th Voted Out
in "Call it Brittany"
73rd Place Her cruelty to Sammy annoyed the rest of the team, who supported Sammy in standing up to Amy. Finally, Amy was forced to face facts when she was voted off the team instead of Sammy. Rennes, France
Tammy Team Magic 14th Voted Out
in "T.D.I. Miami"
72nd Place Fed up with her causing them to lose all of the time, Tammy became an obvious choice for the next TM member to be voted off. Florida, USA
Kitty Team Besties 15th Voted Out
in "Sweet Home"
71st Place Alejandro successfully manipulates Kitty into getting the Besties team to lose and Kitty eliminated, though of course his attracts attention from other competitors. Alabama, USA
Alejandro Team Axis of Evil 16th Voted Out
in "Swamp Drama"
70th Place LeShawna forms the first ever inter-team alliance with all of the other teams in an effort to ensure that the Axis of Evil finally loses, but also get Alejandro eliminated first off the team. They accomplish the first part easily, and the second one by (un-intentionally) severely injuring him with help from Fang. Louisiana, USA
Zoey Team Failure 17th Quit
in "Where Everything's Bigger"
69th Place After Blaineley caused the breaking up of her and Mike's relationship (unknown if on purpose or not), Zoey feels angry and goes commando again, but this disrupts the entire challenge. In the end, she quits the competition rather than gets voted off. Texas, USA
Geoff Team TISDL 18th Voted Out
in "Viva La Mexico"
68th Place Wanting payback of her own, Blaineley uses her gossip skills to manipulate Geoff's team (barring the Police Cadets, Brody & Bridgette), into wanting to vote him off. Mexico
Bridgette Team TISDL 19th Cheated Out
in "Around Central America in an Hour"
67th Place Blaineley creates another illegal alliance again, this time the first act of the alliance is to get Bridgette cheated off of the show, which is successful. With Bridgette eliminated though, the Aftermath Show is able to start up again. Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica & Panama
Cameron Team Sparta 20th Voted Out
in "Colombia Day"
66th Place Voted out largely due to being the weakest member of the team. Colombia
Duncan Team Sparta 21st Voted Out
in "The Beatiful Shore of Venezuela"
65th Place He found himself another victim of the Axis of Evil Members, this time though a bit of a team-up against him, due to him being one of the more "popular" and "famous" Total Drama contestants intimidating the antagonist team members. Venezuela
Beardo Team Sparta 22nd Voted Out
in "Revenge of the Pain Forest"
64th Place The team voted him out largely due to, well, being a weak member of the team overall and his constant sound effects. Brazil
Owen Team Sparta 23rd Voted Out
in "An Argentinian Brunch"
63rd Place He is voted off of Team Sparta largely due to eating all of their food in the Cooking/Eating part of the challenge, thus losing the challenge for the team. Argentina
Anne Maria Team Amazon 2.0 24th Quit
in "Chili in Chile"
62nd Place When she ends up being the hair victim of the season and goes bald, she angrily quits the show in humiliation as a result. Chile
Izzy Team Amazon 2.0 25th Voted Out
in "Chaos Down Under"
61st Place She is voted off of her team largely due to giving the other teams outright advice on how to win the challenges, earning especially Jo's disapproval. Australia & New Zealand
Taylor Team Amazon 2.0 26th Quit
in "Total Komodo Islands"
60th Place Pushed to her bratty limit, she tells off Chris and quits the show after getting annoyed with it for long enough. Indonesia
Carrie Team Besties 27th Voted Out
in "If You Please"
59th Place She becomes eliminated due to the Villains Team distracting her team into splitting up, causing her, Lindsay and Beth to get lost particularly long, costing the challenge. Thailand
Devin Team Besties 28th Voted Out
in "To Trust Thy Team"
58th Place Devin is voted out due to his "phases" making the team lose, and freaking them out too. Myanmar/Burma
Miles Team Topher 29th Voted Out
in "Bollywood, Here they Come!"
57th Place Miles is unable to cope with animal rights violations in some of the cuisine of these countries, and their cultural habits, and as such she makes such a fuss about it her team automatically loses for offending people. As a result, she is voted off. India
Dwayne Team Sparta 30th Voted Out
in "Pakistani Couch Problem"
56th Place He is once more voted off the team due to largely being the odd one out more than anything else. Pakistan
Laurie Team Topher 31st Voted Out
in "Into the Heart of Tibet"
55th Place Laurie is still feeling guilt for eating meat and uses a series of helping animals to make up for doing so, including the famous Yeti and helping to bring an extinct animal back to life. However, these acts hold the team back and cause them to lose. She is voted off. Tibet (China)
Rock Team Sparta 32nd Eliminated
in "Hong Kong Connection"
54th Place He accidentally offended a Chinese public official during the course of the challenge, and as such Chris was forced to count Rock as instantly eliminated regardless of vote. Hong Kong, China
Heather Team Axis of Evil 33rd Disqualified
in "Downfall of a Nation"
53rd Place The show got taken over by the Chinese government, and due to that the challenge became overthrowing China's communism. In the end, Heather became disqualified when she was crowned the first empress of China's newest imperial dynasty. Beijing, China
Spud Team Sparta 34th Eliminated
in "Manchu, You!"
52nd Place When Team Sparta loses yet again, Spud ultimately loses the tiebraker challenge against Brick. Manchuria (China)
Blaineley Team Axis of Evil 35th Disqualified
in "When in Russia..."
51st Place Blaineley ends up catching the eye of the President of Russia, who falls in love with her. She convinces him to crown her the Tsarina of all Russia after restoring the monarchy using this love (and to some extent intimidation from Bruno). Russia
Brick Team Sparta 36th Eliminated
in "Ukraine shall not Perish!"
50th Place Inevitably, Team Sparta (just Brick by this point), loses the challenge again, and Brick is automatically eliminated as a result. Ukraine
Courtney Team Axis of Evil 37th Disqualified
in "Byzantine Proportions"
49th Place Courtney becomes disqualified when she is able to actually come up with a strategy the Greeks could use for reclaiming Constantinople & the Byzantine Empire aswell as proving herself a leader for her team (Somewhat). As a result, she is crowned the Queen of Greece and is expected to reclaim Constantinople and return Orthodoxy to Anatolia despite not even being Greek or Orthodox. Greece
Sammy Team Amazon 2.0 50th Eliminated
in "Great Macedonia"
48th Place Chris is so angry that Sammy made the 'Top 48' that he eliminates Sammy himself just for getting a boyfriend in B and being 'inferior' to Amy. This earns him hatred from everyone else, but he doesn't care. Macedonia
Dawn Team Amazon 2.0 51st Cheated Out
in "A Serbian Episode"
47th Place Scarlett, who is beginning to become a major villain again, decides to get rid of Dawn to forward her plans due to Dawn's aura reading abilities. She orchestrates events that culminate in Dawn being effectively cheated off of the season. Serbia
B Team Besties 52nd Eliminated
in "Live in Croatia!"
46th Place Scarlett got B eliminated by manipulating Chris into getting mad that he made Sammy happy, thus triggering Chris' bias and getting B unfairly bluntly eliminated from the Season. Croatia
Emma Team Besties 53rd Voted Out
in "Hungry for Hungary!"
45th Place Scarlett uses Emma and Noah's love for each other to play with Emma's mind during the challenge and make her team question her true loyalties, as well as orchestrate the Team's failure. In the end, Emma is voted out due to this meddling done by Scarlett. Hungary
Jay Team Besties 54th Injured
in "A Traditional Bulgarian Time"
44th Place Scarlett meddles with the challenge, causing Jay such a traumatic and extreme injury that he is forcibly eliminated from the competition. Bulgaria
Beth Team Besties 55th Forefeited
in "Great Swiss Cheese"
43rd Place Scarlett nearly tricked Lindsay off of the show, however, Beth forefeited her win so that Lindsay could stay on longer. This however, was actually part of Scarlett's plan to get rid of Beth before Lindsay. Switzerland
Lindsay Team Besties 56th Disqualified
in "Bavarian Meatdown"
42nd Place When Lindsay comes up with a way to actually solve all of the European Union's problems, Angela Merkel intervenes in the show and orders Lindsay's elimination before she threatens her own position. Chris, not wanting Germany to declare war on Total Drama, obliges and forcibly eliminates Lindsay at the demand of the German government. Bavaria (Germany)
Tom Team Amazon 2.0 57th Forefeited
in "Ulming Out Story"
41st Place Scarlett learns that Tom actually is indeed Homosexual, and uses this to her advantage. In the end, she reveals this to everyone discreetly in an attempt to humiliate Tom with their mixed reactions. When Tom shows no humiliation from this, she instead uses Sierra to reveal Tom's interest is none other than DJ. This humiliates and scares Tom. In the end, DJ is up for elimination but like Beth with Lindsay, Tom forefeits himself to save DJ from elimination. DJ actually decides to give Tom a chance much to everyone's shock. Ulm, Germany
DJ Team Besties 58th Eliminated
in "Last Night in Berlin"
40th Place Scarlett sabotages him in the challenge to get him eliminated, and since he is the last remaining member of Team Besties, DJ is naturally automatically Eliminated Berlin, Germany
Noah Team Magic 59th Voted Out
in "Gossiping Dames of Denmark"
39th Place Scarlett tells Sierra that Cody might be LGBT too alongside Tom/DJ, and this gets Sierra enraged at Noah despite her lack of evidence that he and Noah are actually together. Sierra spreads gossip that Noah is cheating on both Emma and Cody and thus gets Noah hated by everyone, and even Cody feels so weirded out by the whole thing that when it causes none of the teams to win, Noah is voted out by everyone. This was part of Scarlett's plan to get rid of him due to his intelligence. Denmark
Ella Team Topher 60th Voted Out
in "Week in Sweden"
38th Place Sugar finds out about Scarlett (and Max)'s scheming and the Axis of Evil Team all ends up against itself until all of them agree to work together with Scarlett - though Sugar adds the condition that Ella be the one they sabotage out of the competition first. They do so, and due to making it look like Ella lost the challenge for her team, they cause her to be voted off by Team Topher. Sweden
Sam Team TISDL 61st Voted Out
in "Noway, Norway!"
37th Place His Game Guy breaks causing him to go into withdrawls, aswell as him having done basically nothing of importance up to this point, in relative to everyone else, makes him the odd one out in the elimination ceremony and ultimately voted out. Norway
Jen Team Amazon 2.0 62nd Eliminated
in "Finland Couture"
36th Place Due to their low numbers and Jen's own struggle with Finnish fashion, Tam Amazon 2.0 loses the fashion challenge and faces a tiebreaker which Jo inevitably wins against Jen on, thus leaving Jen eliminated and Jo the last member of the team. Finland
Brody Team TISDL 63rd Injured
in "Iced Up in Iceland"
35th Place The Axis of Evil Alliance plots on Josee (and Jacques)'s plan of getting rid of the Police Cadets. Their first order of business is to cause Brody an extreme injury as to forcibly eliminate him from the competition, to "weaken the defenses". It actually is successful, in getting Brody off at least. Iceland
Scott Team Axis of Evil 64th Quit
in "South Africa Shark Hour"
34th Place In the shark related challenge, Scott is naturally terrified of Sharks, so he quits both the show and the Axis of Evil alliance due to not wanting to face Fang again, making him be the one eliminated for this episode. South Africa
Stephanie Team TISDL 65th Voted Out
in "Oh my Ghana!"
33rd Place Her and Ryan get into another situation which causes their team to lose. Due to her more agressive nature, she is chosen to be voted off over him, much to her of course, shock (and anger). Ghana
Sanders Team TISDL 66th Disqualified
in "The Nigerian Problem"
32nd Place Thanks to the Axis of Evil Alliance, Chris is caught by the Police Cadets doing a Nigerian Prince scam (among his various other technical crimes). When they try to arrest him, however, the Producers inform them that their contracts make them unable to do so, much to their chagrin. Chris, being generous, only disqualifies Sanders instead of both of them, but gives MacArthur a severe penalty for the next three challenges. Nigeria
Jo Team Amazon 2.0 67th Eliminated
in "Return of the Morroco"
31st Place Team Amazon 2.0 is so disadvantaged due to the challenge and Chris' general unfairness, that it is inevitable that Jo loses the challenge, and of course promptly be automatically eliminated. This ends Team Amazon 2.0. Morroco
Rodney Team Topher 68th Voted Out
in "Dat Chad"
30th Place The Axis of Evil Alliance uses his shtick for falling in love constantly to trick him into losing the challenge for Team Topher and getting the Axis of Evil to win. This in turn, makes the rest of Team Topher promptly vote him off. Chad
Shawn Team Topher 69th Voted Out
in "Egyptian Mayhem"
29th Place The Axis of Evil Alliance manipulates the rest of Team Topher into being convinced that Shawn is more loyal to Jasmine than to them, and also convince Shawn that a Zombie infestation is present in Egypt. All of this works together to make his team vote him off in the end. Egypt
MacArthur Team TISDL 70th Disqualified
in "Sudanese Vengeance"
28th Place Finding out the truth behind the Axis of Evil, MacArthur works to expose them whether Chris wants her to or not, they of course put up a powerful resistance. In the end, MacArthur is able to thwart Chris and expose the Axis of Evil as the Season's villains - with the help of others like LeShawna, Ellody and Mary - though Chris reveals MacArthur is still disqualified now due to the arrest she attempted on him in Nigeria. Sudan