The Big Sleep
Season 1, Episode 3
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First aired (CAN) September 1, 2012
First aired (USA) September 1, 2012
Challenge(s) Stay awake for a day-by-day period
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Katie
Episode guide
"Not So Happy Campers - Part 2"

The two teams set out on a twenty kilometer race and eat a buffet, only to discover that wasn't the actual challenge. They must compete in "The Awake-A-Thon," a challenge testing your endurance and seeing how long you can stay awake. The camper who is the last one awake wins for their team. As the first alliance is formed, another camper is voted off the island, due to an opposing team member's meddling.

The EpisodeEdit

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Chris McLean introduced as he stood on the docks of the Island, "The Twenty-Two campers arrived on the island, and the teams were formed. During the first challenge, Heather got into arguments with both LeShawna and Courtney, Cody made countless passes at Heather, some went into chickens, and the Bass failed. In th end, Ezekiel was eliminated first due to his offensive views on women. What will the next challenge be? Who will be voted off next? Will anything interesting happen? Watch to find out, on Total, Drama, Island!"

Following the recap and the show's intro, at last it came to the episode itself. Morning had just come to the Island camp, and all of the Twenty-one remaining campers were asleep in their beds. That is, of course, until Chris blew a loud horn that made it's sound through-out the entire camp. As all of the Campers awoke, LeShawna banged her head on the bed above her own, and was angered because of this.

"Ugh", he groaned, "Can't a girl get some beauty sleep? I mean, it's way too early to be doin' this crap!", soon after both she and all of the other campers got out of their cabin, standing infront of Chris as he was about to give them their next challenge.

"Okay, so heres the challenge for the day!", Chris exclaimed, "You will around the camp and then into the Mess Hall to get to your breakfast"

"Is that some kind of a Joke?", Eva said a bit angrily, "Are you serious? You trying to be funny here or something?!"

"Eva, calm down! Control your Temper!", Bridgette pleaded to Eva, which Eva glared at as she was retrained by Geoff, Tyler, and Owen.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?", Eva asked to Chris. The host smiled in response, and his response was also quite obvious.

"A Little", he said with his smirk, "I mean, it's not like I'M the one going through this torture, but anyway. Yeah, you have 30 seconds to start the run!"


Courtney - "I really think my team has a pretty good shot at winning again, since the bass are busy with rage-aholic Eva and most of them are loser like characters, but even then I wouldn't pu my guard down, always expect the unexpected!"


"Okay, so, time for the Run! Now, GO!", Chris announced. Not very happy about it, all of the campers left into their run to do their part in the challenge.

"Sadie, we should like, totally stay together for this!", Katie said to her best friend as they both started their run.

"Yeah, like toally Katie!", Sadie replied. Her and Katie held hands as they ran. While most of the campers did indeed break into a run, not all of them did. Owen did, though eventually lost his breath and full to the ground to lick a puddle.

"Out...of...Breath! Must...Have...Condition!", Owen panted. Near him was LeShawna, who was panting at a Tree. Soon, Heather walked up to him. Of course, Cody was beside her.

"Yeah, maybe if you would stop eating so much you wouldn't have that condition!"

"Oh shut skinny,...annoying...phew! Too tired out for Insults!", LeShawna panted. Heather kept up a smirk, and stepped through the puddle that Owen was licking, with Cody following behind her and making smiles at her. Sometime later, the campers made it to the Mess Hall, awaiting for the last of their members. The Gophers were missing Noah, LeShawna and Owen while the bass was missing Harold.

"Okay, so we only have one person left", Bridgette pointed out, "Where is Harold?"

"Probably off being a nerd somewhere.", Tyler suggested.

"All we need is LeShawna, Noah and Owen", Heather brought up at the Gopher table, "We're going to lose, because those fatties are going to take ages to get here.

"Aw come on, I'm sure theres a chance they'll win. Besides, I don't see why YOU'D want us to win, after all your complaining back at the first challenge!", Duncan pointed out to Heather.

"Hey, we're ALL stuck here. Besides, it's a competition.", Heather replied.

"Yeah", Cody said in agreement with his crush. Heather once more rolled her eyes. Soon after this, LeShawna arrived in the mess hall, the others urned to see them arrive.

"Oh, we made it! It wasn't easy either now!", LeShawna said, barely having regained her breath.

"We need a table, stat!", Owen said with worry in his voice. In his hands was a seemingly knocked out Noah, and immediatel he was placed on the Gopher's table to be given CPR. All of his team was worried as this happened, but soon came the relevation.

"Hold on!", Gwen pointed out, "We have all of our team here, and they don't...WE WON!". At this announcement the entire team cheered, even Noah, and the Bass was quite annoyed by this. Once Harold walked in, using his inhaler desperately showing his lack of breath,

"You cost us the challenge!", Eva exclaimed, "You total slacker nerd!", Eva was about to beat up Harold but was restrained by both Tyler and Geoff once more.

"Woah Woah Woah! Like, seriously we all need to like, Chill!", Izzy said as she got inbetween Eva and Harold, "that and this!", she then punched Harold square in the face and to the ground. As the Gopher's cheered and the bass blamed Harold, Chris came into the Mess Hall.

"Actually, the run was not your TRUE challenge!", Chris revealed, "THIS IS!", he then revealed a massive buffet of food on a table that made all of the campers happy and water come from their mouths. It was made ofTurkey, energy bars, cooked beans, maple syrup, gravy, and much more. "Now, EAT!"

Within minutes, the campers had devoured all of the food of he buffet, and many of them were now on the ground with bloated stomachs filled with the devoured food. LeShawna, Owen, and Sadie were passed out from it, with Katie on the ground next to her best friend.

"After a week of those disgusting meals, FINALLY some real food!", Courtney exclaimed happily.

"I know, right!", Lindsay replied.

"So, now the challenge is over, right?", Beth asked curiously to Chris.

"Nope!", Chris revealed much to the camper's confusion, "Now, it is time for the Awake-a-thon!"

"Awake-a-thon?", Geoff asked in confusion, "What is an Awake-a-thon?"

"Basically, you stay awake as long as you can!", Chris revealed to the campers he was just beginning to torture.

"Wait, so the run and the buffet was really part of some diabolical part for us to have a hard time staying awake for the actual challlenge which is TO stay awake?", Gwen asked once she finally realized the true challenge they would have to go through this time.


"Man, he's Good."

"Alright!", Chris spoke to the campers, "Let's all go back to the main camgrounds, it'll be easier for me to pull off the challenge from there."

Once in the main campgrounds, all of the campers were frowning and slowly getting more and more tired as time moves forward. Duncan decided to walk over to Trent, putting one Arm on the other boy's shoulder.

"So, Trent, how long you think before everyone's out cold?"

"Well...I'd give it about an Hour myself.", Trent said in response as a drooling owen walked by, "Maybe Less, actually.", both Trent and Duncan then laughed. As Trent and Duncan had their own bonding, Gwen was away from the two alone and drawing on her notepad alongside Noah.

"So, wish to be alone don't you?", Noah the Goth Girl.

"Yeah, I do.", Gwen said back to Noah.

"I understand completely, people can be annoying at times."

"Yeah.", Gwen sighed. She then smiled as she gazed at Trent. She couldn't really deny it in her mind that she liked him, though of course would want to do so vocally. Soon enough, twelve hours passed into the challenge.

"Twelve hours have now gone on into the challenge, and still all campers are still awake.", Chris said though he was unseen on the screen, and also as Owen passed out and fell asleep, "Well, Tweny Campers remain awake, and it is still quite boring over here, as nothing interesting is really happening."

"This, has got to be the most brutal thing I have ever done in my entire life.", Gwen complained following Chris' words. She was unaware that near her location Heather was plotting her plan on winning the show.


Heather - "So, though I initially just wanted to get out of here, I have to admit that I might as well play the game. Though, if I'm going to survive in this thing I'm definitely going to need an alliance. Cody's a given, but who else would be desperate or dumb enough to join with me?"


Following this confessional, Heathers looks over to her right and sees Cody waving at her, with Lindsay and Beth standing on their heads together.

"What are you doing?", Trent asked the two girls.

"We're standing on our heads so that the blood will go to it and we'll stay up!", Lindsay happily exclaimed.

"Yeah!" Beth added in. Heather smirked wickedly at this.

"Perfect.", the mean girl said to herself, "Cody, Lindsay, Beth, would you all come here for a minute?", the three went over to Heather in complying to Heather's wish.

"What is it, Babe?", Cody asked with a smile. Heather didn't bother replying to that flirt and instead kept her smirk on and proceeded with her plan for an alliance.

"I was thinking, we should totally team up.", Heather opened to the three, "Like, an alliance. We can totally make it to the final four together!"

"Or the final two!", Cody said with a wink to Heather. Heather once more rolled her eyes in response, but continued to smirk.

"Okay, so here are the rules. I can use your stuff but you can't use mine at all, and NO dating people on the other team at all."

"I'm cool with that.", Cody responded, which Heather expected really.

"Um...okay.", Beth nervously replied with a confused look to her face.

"No dating?", Lindsay asked, looking over to tyler, "But...I like..."

"NO! It could give away our weaknesses. Get over him now.", Heather replied sternly. Lindsay submitted to Heather's will, just as Eva realized she had to use the bathroom.

"I'm going to the bathroom", Eva replied, "Don't lose while I'm gone.", as Eva walked out, Heather noticed an object fall out of he pocket. It was an MP3 player. With a smirk, she went over and casually did what looked like stretches to grab it from the ground and then make it back to where she was previously sitting.

"Isn't that like...Eva's MP3 Player?", Lindsay said once she noticed what Heather had in her hands.


"Won't she get like, really mad?"

"That's what I'm hoping for.", Heather replied with an even more sinister smirk on her face. Soon Enough, it had been Twenty-Four hours had passed and more of the campers were now asleep.

"A Full day has now passed in the challenge, and now more of our campers have fallen under the pressure.", Chris said with his more silent voice, "Noah, Izzy, and Tyler are now a-sleep with the others being barely awake"

"Ugh, I can't take much more!", Bridgette exclaimed as she finally fell down asleep.

"Add Bridgette to that.", Chris narrated. Geoff seemed quite sad that Bridgette had just failed. However, the challenge went on. Cody was about to fall asleep, hugging Heather's body and closing his eyes. Of course, he was unaware that Heather was still awake. He was easily awoken when Heather shoved him off of her. He sheepishly smiled at her scowl. Also in he camp ground, Justin remained in place with odd looking eyes, and Courtney was constantly moving to avoid falling asleep. The other awake campers were lying miserably awake. Soon enough, Chef arrived. The Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy began playing, and Chef arrived in a ballerina like tu-tu. This freaked out many of the campers, but as he danced he spread glitter that worked like sleeping powder in their way, which made many of them yawn. DJ attempted to tie himelf to a tree, but fell victim to the sleeping powder regardless and his tree fell to the ground. Courtney's own attempts to keep moving, also ended in her falling asleep due to Chef's dance. Shortly after that, the dance finally ended. Duncan was once more sitting near Trent, much to Trent's confusion, but for some reason Trent was now more comfortable with this.

"So, Trent, any hobbies ya got back home?"

"I dunno man, I really just like to work on my bike and write music."

"You're a musician?"

"Yeah, I am, I write my own songs and everything."

"Sweet! So, any movies you like?"

"I really like any movie, really. Anything I can find good."

"You should try Bloodbath 2: Summer Camp Reign of Terror."

"A horror movie?"

"Don't knock it til you try it", I was while this conversation was going on that Owen walked by the two, completely naked. Both Duncan and Trent had wide eyed expressions and didn' reply to it at all.


Owen - "Did that buffet have baked beans? Funny thing about baked beans....they make me sleepwalk!"


In his sleepwalking, Owen managed to walk all the way off of the cliff of the island, which lead him to swimming with the salmon of the Island's rivers. While this went on, Lindsay and Beth both fell asleep at the same time, as did Katie and Sadie. Following their end in the game, it was at last the fifty-hour mark in the challenge. It was then that it was finally brought up that Justiin's way of standing still the entire time was just odd to everyone.

"How in the earth can he stay perfectly still?", Gwen askedm referring to Justin.

"I don't know." Trent said in response. Following that, the two attempted to wake Justin up by making noise. Eventually, it woke him up, with his eyes moving revealing they were painted. Eva noticed this, and was offended at his cheating.

"Hey! His eyelids are painted I saw it"

"No way!", Chris exclaimed, "Oh I have got to see this!", the host then went over to Justin to inspect his eyes. Justin sheepishly smiled at the host, and of course blinked thus revealing his painted eyelids. "Well, it's a very clevery strategy, but also cheating and therefore you're disqualified from the challenge!". Justin's head looked towards the ground upon this reveal. Meanwhile, Owen was still swimming with the Salmons, only to be caught by a bear. Once noticing what he had in it's mouth, the bear dropped Owen to the ground and allowed him to Sleepwalk back into the forest. The bear went on to wash it's mouth out.

Soon enough, the night ended and morning was reached, with it being eighty-five hours into the Awake-a-thon. Harold lied on his back, when Duncan placed his fingers into a warm glass of water. Soon enough, the groin of Harold's pants were soaked. Duncan smiled and laughed at this.

"Ha It worked! Dude peed his pants!", Duncan said with a laugh. Harold awoke, and looked down. He covered his groin in shock.

"Idiot!", the nerdy red-head shouted as Duncan fled the scene. Also on the island, Noah and Cody managed to fall asleep near eachother. Noah happened to be hugging Cody, and also kissing his ear. During this, both boys woke up and looked at eachother. Noah of course noticed what he was doing first, and getting up from their sleep both boys screamed in horror and ran off.

"Okay. so now we are nearing the end here so all of you that are no longer in the challenge can go wash up. Like really, it's starting to stink around here!", Chris pointed out. All of the eliminated agreed to this, especially Harold who did not want anyone to see the front of his pants now.

By the 100 Hundred hour mark, only Heather, Eva, Duncan, Trent, and Gwen were left in the challenge. Chris noticed this, and finally decided that it was time to do his last resort.

"I never wanted it to come to this. I said that to Chef Hatchet last night. I said, "Chef, I don't want it to come to this." But darn it, you campers are tough! And so, I've come up with the most boring, sleep-inducing activity I can find!"


Eva - "I can take anything he dishes out!"


"The history of Canada! A pop-up book, chapter 1! The beaver, national symbol of the country!", Chris revealed. As he began reading the chapter, Gwen and Heather immediately fell to the ground as sleep. The remaining three struggled against the boredom, and of course found it highly hard to do so.

"Well Trent, it's almost over now!", Duncan exlclaimed before noticing that Trent didn't reply, "Trent?", upon turning around he noticed Trent was on the ground asleep. Now, it was Duncan against Eva, with both glaring at eachother like true competitors.

"You ready for the rest of the book, punk?", Eva mocked.

"Ha! You kidding? I could handle the book twice!", Duncan mocked back.

"We'll see about that.", Eva said in response.

"Yep, we'll see soon, too.". Chris smirked himself at this, and finally ended Chapter 1.

"Okay, on to Chapter 2! The History of Canadian Forestry!", Chris of course then began reading from the book many pointless information on how the wilderness of Canada was formed. Eva and Duncan tried their best to stay awake through all of it, even when Chris began yawning himself. As the time went on, however, it was clear who was he victor. Eva finally fell, on the very last word of the chapter. "And Duncan has one the challenge for the Gophers!", Chris announced. Duncan raised his arms into the air in triumph, before falling to the ground asleep himself.

Later that afternoon, Eva noticed that she was missing her MP3 Player.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH! WHERE IS MY MP3 PLAYER? I NEED MY MUSIC!", she screamed as she tossed countless things out of the cabin, "NO-ONE IS GOING ANYHWERE UNTIL I FIND IT!", all of the bass members were worried as this went., cleary worried for their own safety against Eva's rage. During this, Heather snuck into the area with the Mp3 in hand, and placed it carefully into Katie's pocket before running off. As Heather ran off, Katie and Sadie both turned just as Eva popped her head out again. Eva gasped. "My Mp3 player! SHE STOLE IT!", she pointed directly at Katie and stormed out of the cabin. Katie was completely confused, taking it out of her pocket.

"I never stole it!", Katie pleaded.

"Yeah! I would have seen!", Sadie also pleaded in agreement. Luckily, Geoff, Bridgette, and Tyler restrained Eva before she could reach Katie.


"I would have seen it go into her pockets!"


"NOT IF YOU WANTED TO COVER IT UP!", Eva yelled, "You are DEAD!"

Later that night, the votes had been sent out and all of the bass gathered at the campfire pit to have their second Elimination ceremony. Chris once more stood before them with the marshmallow plate in his hands.

"Okay, bass, this is your second time here. As we stated last time, the marshmallows here represent whether or not you continue the competition, or ride in the boat of losers. There are Nine marshmallows on my plate, but only ten of you. The votes have come in, and heres who's safe.", Chris smirked as he said his, and prepared the first marshmallow, "Geoff", he then threw it at Geoff who caught it with a smirk, "Tyler!", Tyler then had his smack him in the face, "Bridgette!", Bridgette caught hers which made Geoff happy, "Izzy", Izzy caught hers with her feet, "Owen if he were here", Chris threw his marshmallow into the woods, "Harold!", Harold hen caught his, "Sadie", Sadie then recieved hers which caused her and Katie both to hug eachother in great worry, "Justin!", Justin then silently but happily caught his marshmallow, "Now...Eva and Katie, you two both remain. Who will be Safe? Who will go to the boat of losers? The Answer, is in the votes, and is.........................................................................................................................................................Eva!", Eva then recieved her Marshmallow at last. This left Sadie completely devastated.

"NO! NOT KATIE! ANYONE BUT HER!", Sadie pleaded.

"Sadie, listen!", Katie turned to Sadie with both girls looking at eachother, "You have to go on without me, I know you can do it!"

"But I don't want you gone!"

"We'll still be BFFFFLs! I promise it won't be long!", Katie was then taken by Chef away towards the boat of losers.

"I'LL MISS YOU!", Sadie said as she ran to the boat, crying.

"I'll miss you more!"

"No, I'll miss you more!", this continued until Katie was no longer able to be heard. Sadie remained crying on the dock over her friend's elimination.


Heather - "Now, originally I was going to go with getting Eva off, but Katie and Sadie just had too much of a Friendship to let it go on. I HAD to get rid of it."


As Katie left the Island, Owen was naked and asleep in a cave filled with sasquatch-like beings. The animals were confused, and one of them poked him with a stick. Once he farted, they were disgusted by this and threw him out, after which he farted once more. The Episode ended shortly after that.


  • This is the first time Heather causes someone else's elimination, in this, Katie's.
  • This is the lowest Katie ever ranks.
  • This is the first non-two parter episode.
  • This is the first episode without Ezekiel appearing in it.