That's Off The Chain!
Season 1, Episode 18
Snapshot 2009-02-12 21-29-40
First aired (CAN) September 11, 2012
First aired (USA) September 11, 2012
Challenge(s) Build a bike or motor vehicle from scratch then race fellow campers.
Winner(s) Heather
Eliminated Lindsay
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"Hide and Be Sneaky"
"Hook, Line and Screamer!"

As the campers build their own bikes using supplies and race them in a dangerous motor cross, one person takes somebody who has never learned how to build or ride a bike on a joy ride. In the end, one camper betrays her "best friend," leading to an explosive, controversial elimination due to technicalities.

The EpisodeEdit

"Last time, on Total Drama Island!", Veronica said to kick-off the episode, "I hid some things of Chris' across the Island, and the Failures of Life were put to a challenge of Hide and Seek from Chef IT, or join his Gorilla Tactics capture other Losers.Some had failures of Hiding Spots while others won invincibility! Meanwhile with some subtle nudging the Men and Cody managed to form an Alliance which in the end managed to defeat the Counselor in Training Courtney for the second time around! Will the Boys be able to Keep the Alliance going? Will the Girls be able to form one of their own? Will be Chris be stuck hosting shows like this for the rest of Eternity? Find the answers, on this episode of Total, Drama, Island!" Following Veronica's Recap, came the intro sequence and then came the episode itself at last. The Episode itself began with a came of frisby, showing Gwen's hand catching a Frisby, and then showing him tossing it back at Duncan who caught it with a jump catch. It was shown that LeShawna, Harold and Geoff were playing as well. The scene then shifted to a fly being swatted at by Lindsay, who attempted many times to swat it with a swatter, but was unable to her. Near her was Heather, and both were on the docks with Heather lying down. Of course, soon enough their came the moment that Lindsay accidentally hit Heather with her swatter.

"Can I see that for a sec?", Heather asked as she was now woken up, and Cody now walked onto the scene, Lindsay happily gave Heather the swatter only to be hit in the face more lightly but repeatedly with it, "Now make yourself useful and clip my toenails!", Heather put a foot up to Lindsay's face, revealing rather nasty and unclipped toes. Of course, Lindsay was disgusted. It then went back to the game of Frisby, when an angry yell was heard, which distracted Harold and got the frisby to hit him in the back of the head.

"I CAN'T BELIEVE THIS!", it was the sound of Veronica's voice, coming from the Confessional stall.

"That sounds like that Russian Chick!", LeShawna exclaimed, of course noting that it was Veronica's voice.




Veronica then angrily slams open the Confessional door, only to fix herself up and put on a fake smile before walking away. Cody was wickedly smirking at Veronica showing her true self in the confessional, while the other campers showed either contempt or surprise.

"Is it me, or is that girl totally a phony?", LeShawna replied, in response of course to Veronica's anger.

"Ya think?", Gwen replied, "All celebrity girls famous from Sex Tapes are like that."

"Oh please, Goth Girl.", Heather said from the Docks, "You are quite quick on making assumptions like that, you know."

"Oh please, it's true.", Gwen remarked, Heather smirked while she rolled her eyes.

"Only because you think it is.", Heather retorted, "I mean, she had a reason to be that angry, she didn't get what she wanted! I mean, it's like Guys' Alliance, Veronica needs her resources like her Father and Lawyers if she wants to keep her Job, like how Duncan needs all the Guys' votes to stay in the game."

"Hey!", Lindsay began, "Maybe we should consider making a Girls' Alliance Again!", Heather then smacked her on the head with the Swatter, "Or Not."

The scene then went to Veronica, angrily walking through the woods of the Island, clearly enraged with not getting her way. As she walks, she soon gets an idea, and smirks at the thought of it.


Veronica - "Okay, so, since my Father can't get me to have his Company Dump all over this Hell Hole and torture the Campers even more, I've gone to my other idea of messing with the Game. I have only a slight amount of time to do it, though, as it is very risky...and Illegal to the Game Rules!"


The scene then goes to show Duncan gesturing the Guys onto a slight meeting, just as Veronica then approaches both Heather and Lindsay.

"Heather!", Veronica greeted, "Lindsay, you two are looking really Good today if I don't say so myself!"

"I still can't believe you're on the show!", Lindsay happily exclaimed, "I love your Music, and I even got my Hair like totally inspired from yours!"

"I see that.", Veronica replied, "Anyway, I was just thinking, since you girls are running out of Alliance Members compared to enemies, maybe I could help you two pull some, ya know...strings?", Heather then became interested,

"Wait, you mean cheat in the game, like form an Alliance with you or something?", she replied, Veronica nodded her head sinisterly, "Uhh, I think that would be highly against the rules, and I still have both Cody and Lindsay on my side. Cody can easily get the Guys to not vote me off, so I have nothing to worry about."

"Oh come now, Heather!", Veronica replied, "I know you're a fan of me too, thing about, I'm your Idol here! Without my existence, you might still know.", Heather gasped.

"You....know?", she sounded as if she was in complete terror at hearing this, and even more so when Veronica nodded, "Okay, fine. How is this gonna work?"

"Well, basically I won't be helping you during Challenges, but I will pull strings to get you not Eliminated. I can also inform you of the Day's Challenges, so that you can easily be prepared for them, and then we can maybe even get Chris off of the show and replace him with me!. Are you in?"

"Fine.", Heather replied.


Heather - "Okay, Veronica IS my Idol, and I will admit, knowing the Challenges before-hand is a bit low of me. But hey, I've sunken lower before. Besides, I would totally love to see Chris go." [CONFESSIONAL ENDS]

The scene then went to Duncan, Harold, Cody, and Geoff who were seperated from the others, and of course in a small meeting of the Alliance.

"Okay, so we got Courtney off.", Duncan began, "Our first strategic move is done, now who should we target next?"

"I'd say Eva.", Cody suggested, "I mean, she's extremely powerful, nearly like a dude, and very very scary! I mean, she has made the cabin doors get repaired like eight-teen times just on the first week! Even more after that! Either her, or LeShawna."

"NO!", Harold exclaimed, "Not LeShawna!", of course the other guys were shown to be confused and surprised by this sudden outburst. "I mean,......How about Heather?"

"NO!", Cody exclaimed, "Not Heather, anyone but her! She could REALLY be an Asset to us! I know she kissed Trent and all, and dude you have every reason to be mad Duncan, but she could still be useful to us."

"You're only saying that because your with her too!", Harold pointed out,

"Okay, everybody calm down!", Duncan said, which got the group to settle down once more, "Look, as much as I am mad at Heather, Eva would be a better person to get off at this point. Everyone who wants to vote Eva off the Island say I."

"I!", Cody, Harold, and Geoff each said in agreement. Suddenly, just then came the Loudspeaker, with Chris' voice controlling it this time.

"Morning, Campers!", Chris' voice began, "You're next challenge awaits you at the Arts and Crafts center!", the scene then went to Chris walking up to a small building, with the remaining Nine Campers (Lindsay, Harold, Gwen, Geoff, Eva, Cody, Heather, Duncan, and LeShawna), Chris then explained the building, "Welcome to the Arts and Crafts center".

"More like the Arts and Crap center.", Duncan remarked in response to the Building.

"Yeaah.", Chris replied, "It used to be an outhouse but now it's where chef parks his roadhog.", Chris then kicked down the door to reveal Chef's Motorcycle which was quite well made and had flame decalls. Of course the remaining Guys enjoyed seeing it. "Which brings us to your next challenge, building your own wheels!"

"Sweet!", Cody replied, happily ready to begin the challenge.

"You'll find all the parts you need in our bike depot.", he then gestured to a pile of Bicycle parts that were not near the quality of Chef's bike.

"Bicycle parts to make Motorbikes? How does that work?", Harold asked, of course, Chris didn't seem to care and just completely ignored it, "I mean, why don't we try building Hovercars or something?", most of the guys rolled their eyes at this.

"Once You've Collected the Basis, you can trick them out anyway you want using props from the Arts and Crafts center.", Chris explained, then got back onto his fourwheeler, "The Best Design wins! And, since I'm a nice guy, I'm even throwin' in a bike manual!", he then tossed to the campers a bike manual which Heather caught. It was very moldy and filthy.

"EW!", Heather complained, "It's furry!", she then tossed it away, with Eva catching.

"Stop complaining, baby.", Eva replied, insulting Heather. She showed no fear or disgust to this. "This challenge is going to be so completely Easy anyway, I won't need this.", she then tossed the book away herself. Heather glared, but then turned to Lindsay (and Cody).

"We get first dibs!", she quickly said.


Duncan - "Finally a Challenge I can get behind. I used to build bikes back home with my brothers all the time....okay so I used to steal them from the Dweebs down the street and crash them into the school wall but point is, this is something I know."


The scene then went to show Duncan and Cody at the Bike Depot, picking out the parts for their bikes of course.

"This is gonna be like, SO awesome!", Cody announced, "My Bike is totally going to be like, the most awesome one of them all! Awesome! I'm gonna make the Bike of my Dreams!", Lindsay then walked over, hearing Cody say this.

"Oh my Gosh, me too!", she happily said, "Every year at Christmas, I asked for a Sunset Sally bike, but never got one."

"Awwww", Cody replied, feeling sorry for Lindsay, "Man, that is messed up."

"Aw man, that totally is, man!", Geoff replied in agreement with Cody, and both looked like they were actually about to cry. Duncan however then came in to interrupt this.

"Guys, this isn't a Christmas Wish contest.", he reminded them, "If we wanna vote the Chicks off then our bikes have to kick butt! Cappesh?"

"Right!", Harold came in to say, "We gotta make the BEST bikes of them all!"

"Yay, Guy's Alliance!", Cody cheered, raising a fist up in the air, "Wooh!", the scene then went to Heather, standing right by the Arts and Craft center.


Heather - "The Guys think they're so stell, building their own alliances. It's kinda cute really. But Cody is gonna side with me no matter what, and why work on your own bike when you could get someone to do it for you?"


Following this, LeShawna was shown patting Lindsay on the shoulder when Heather came up and took Lindsay by the arm.

"Could I just borrow her for a sec?", Heather then took Lindsay to a more secret conversation, of whispers, "See that Motor thingy with all the fancy exhausts?", she then handed Lindsay a wrench, "Dismantle it, and make it fast before Chef gets back."

"But, what about my bike? I want to win too.", Lindsay replied.

"Of course you do.", Heather said back, "But look at it this way, how else can I save your butt unless I win! We're BFF's remember? Would I steer you wrong?"


Lindsay - "Okay, maybe I'm navy, but Heather's been trustworthy to me before...that I know of."


Lindsay was then shown happily hoding up the wrench, ready to help Heather out in the plan of winning. Heather then took Lindsay by the shoulder, put her into the Arts and Crafts Center, and closed the door as LeShawna, Gwen, and Eva walked up to it. Heather of course stopped them right there.

"Oh, Uh-Uh. We're going in first, you'll just have to wait your turn!", of course Eva and LeShawna should the most anger in this, "Or, you can save yourself the effort and not even bother.", just then a seaqull that sat on the roof took what is called a dump onto Heather's head. This of course sent Heather screaming and running from where she once stood. LeShawna, Eva, and Gwen all smiled at this occurance, LeShawna even nodding her head.

"Gotta love Karma,", Gwen commented as she saw this.

The scene then went to the boys. Geoff was sketching Bridgette on a canvas for a design, Duncan was hammering on a wheel, Cody was confused on how to put the bike together as he was tampering with the body part, and Harold was looking at what looked like a Pod-Racer from Star Wars and thinking of how to make his bike look like that.

The Episode then went to LeShawna, holding up a peddle in her hands, and was confused as to one problem.

"Where does this go?", she asked as she held it in her hands.

"That's the peddle.", Gwen explained as she carried a crate of supplies, "Haven't you ever ridden a bike before?"

"Of course I've ridden a bike before!", LeShawna answered, "I've just never built one from scratch. That's all. There's too many pieces."

"Well you better start reading the Manual because the Guys have an Alliance Going.", Gwen replied, "And it looks like Heather and Lindsay are still sharing a brain. Which means it's us against them."

"Alright Alright, how hard can it be?", LeShawna replied.

"Not Hard at all.", Eva proudly replied, and then it was revealed she had completed her bike before anyone else. LeShawna was pretty surprised.

"How'd you do that so Fast?"

"Oh, it was easy. It's really not that hard to build these things at all, I would barely call it a challenge.", Eva replied, "So, you wanna take it for a test drive?"

"Alright, you're on!", LeShawna replied to Eva, ready for Eva's Challenge.


LeShawna - "That Girl might be Crazy and All, but I wasn't 'about to pass up an Oppurtunity to win this race! Her Bike, looked fine!"


Following that, LeShawna was shown getting on the driver side of Eva's bike with Eva in the riding end.

"You're larger size will certainly add to the speed.", Eva explained. LeShawna didn't know whether or not to be offended.

"Uhhh, I'm just gonna take that as a Compliment."

"Whatever.", Eva then began peddling, with all of her strength. Of course, this meant the Bike practically zoomed away with speeds that easily passed up the cameras, LeShawna screaming could be heard. The two even rode straight down a cliff.

The scene then went to Heather (cleaned up now), waiting outside the Arts and Crafts center while Lindsay dismantled Chef's Hot Rod. Soon, Lindsay came out holding a doll in her hand.

"Hey, Look!", she exclaimed, showing Heather the doll, "It's an Ugly Doll with Pretty Hair just like you! I'm gonna use for my bike!", Heather was of course not happy.


Lindsay - "I think sometimes I say the wrong thing. Once I told my old math teacher his new hair piece looked like my Dog's butt. But he totally took it the wrong way! My Dog has the cutest, curliest little butt! It was a Compliment!"


Following this, Heather was (fakely) laughing,

"HaHaHa, cute.", she lightly laughed, "Just don't forget to build my bike first so I can protect you from the vote.", Heather coldly reminded.


Lindsay - "This other time I got trapped in a three-way calling attack and I told one friend that the other one was cheating on her boyfriend or something, anyway, she totally got dumped that day! It was so random!...I wonder if it had something to do with the call."


The scene then went to Cody, who was just finishing his bike, and painting with colours that were similar to Heather's clothing. The main body was her shade of red, and the rims were green like her shorts. He sighed with happiness at seeing it.

"Heather....", he said as he sighed, "Oh, Heather."

"Hey.", Harold began, "Do you guys remember your first Bike Ride?", he was then shown to be with the other members of the Guys' Alliance and parts for Bikes of course.

"Ohhh yeah.", Duncan began, "I wiped out so bad I popped my collar bone, you could see it sticking right out of my Shoulder, that was wicked."

"I flew so far over my handle bars that I skid for a mile. Heh haha, skin was hangin' off me in chunks.", Geoff added in. Cody then added in his own story,

"That's nothing!", he exclaimed, "I actually fell off mine so hard, that I was put in the Emergency room for weeks, I feel face-first into concrete. It took so long for my face to be fixed up, and I lost my tooth too!", the three boys that told stories then smiled and sighed.

"Good Times.", they each said in unison. Harold however, had actually become worried from this, scared if anything bad was going to happen to him. Chris' voice then came up, to announce what was to go down next.

"Campers!", he said, "Time to Judge your Bikes! Put your Peddle to the Metal, and Meet me at the crafts center!", the scene then went to Chris' judgements, "Well Campers, we gave ya the parts so let's see what you came up with!", he then walked to Heather's bike which was rather well designed for speed, "and excellent Areodynamics, Heather.", he commented.

"It only weights two ounces!", Heather proudly replied.

"Like her brain.", Gwen replied back, standing by her own bike which had make-shift wings on it and looked quite gothic, Chris then walked over to her as Heather showed offense in the comment.

"Spooky, yet practical.", Chris commented, "Well done!", Chris then went over to Duncan's Bike, which had a skull in the front and looked quite similar to a Motor-bike as well."Wicked mad max mobile, du-ha-ude!", Chris said as his judgement. He then went to Lindsay's bike, which had horse directions on it.

"Go Ahead, Ring the Bell!", Lindsay said to Chris, and he did comply with her wish of him ringing the bell, as he did it made normal bike bell sounds, "The Real bike has sound-effects like this!", she then proceded to Niegh as if she were a horse, happily doing so. Then, came Cody's bike. It was similar to Heathers, but less designed for speed and painted in her colours.

"I based it off of Heather!", Cody replied nervously and sweetly. Heather facepalmed.

"Aww, that's really sweet, and....obssesive.", Chris said as his judgement. Then, came Geoff's. It had his picture of Bridgette up front and did highly resemble a real bike. "Now this, is a Hot Rod!", Chris smiled, "Ni-Ice!"

"I call her..", Geoff then started to Cry, "Bridgette."


Geoff - clearly sad from the loss of Bridgette, "Bridgette! Bridgette I'm sorry, I should've found out who got you off! I totally miss you, I love you Bridgette!"


Then came Harold's bike, it was literally a ground version of Anakin's pod racer from Star Wars though nerfed down a bit in size.

"I call it, the Skyrunner!", Harold happily announced.

"Well Harold, it's Geeky!", Chris replied with a smile, "Hey, where's Eva and LeShawna?", suddenly it is revealed that the two are riding down a large Hill, LeShawna screaming of fear while Eva out of excitement. The scene then goes to Chris again, finally the challenge was about to begin, "Ah well, their loss. Cuz this is where it gets Good! We're gonna race these babies! Hard!"

"Ha! Awesome!", Heather happily exclaimed while smiling, "Because my bike is built for speed! Right Lindsay?"

"Totally!", Lindsay added in

"Yeah, Unfortunately you won't be riding it Heather.", Chris revealed with a smile, "You'll be switching bikes! Yeah, Cruel twist huh? Alrighty then! See ya at the Beach!", of course, Heather was not pleased with this at all. Once at the beach, Chris and Chef along with all of the campers left except LeShawna and Eva were then gathered at the Beach, for some reason Veronica was not present. "Okay, so heres how this works. Everyone picks a name out of the helmet to see who's bike your riding. If YOUR Bike makes it across the finish line, then you get to ride it in the final round for invincibility."

Of course, Heather was still not happy at all with this outcome, and of course crumpled the paper in anger. Lindsay and Cody then both walked up to her, smiling.

"Hey Lookie, I got your bike!", Lindsay revealed, and Heather was of course happy. She then went aside, with Lindsay (not Cody) to discuss the rest of the plan.

"Excellent! If you cross the finish line on MY Bike, then I get to ride for invincibility. So if it looks like you're losing, just press the red button.", then a red button was revealed to be in the center of the handle bars on Heather's bike. The scene then went to Chef, holding a red flag as Chris was about to start the challenge.

"Now before we start, has anyone seen LeShawna or Eva?", Chris asked, still curious as to where the two were. They were riding now over a river on the Island, LeShawna still screaming. Back on the beach, all of the remaining and competiting in the challenge campers were prepared. Heather had Gwen's Bike, Lindsay had Heather's bike, Duncan had Lindsay's Bike, Geoff had Cody's Bike, Cody had Duncan's bike, Harold had Geoff's Bike and Gwen had Harold's bike. "Alright Racers, On your Marks!........Get Set.........Paramedics on Stand-By.......aaand, DRAG!"

The Race Began

All of the racers began, except Cody.

"Uhhhh, where's the peddles?", Cody asked, confused on how to start Duncan's bike. For the others though, the race was on. Heather and Gwen were nearly head to head with eachother on their bikes, with the two angrily glaring at eachother, and Gwen literally hovering in the air with her bike for no explained reason. Duncan on Lindsay's bike though, was actually ahead of them.

"Okay, this is messed up...but Yeee-haw this is one boomin' ride!", he commented on Lindsay's bike as Lindsay caught up to him.

"I know right?", Lindsay said happily in response to Duncan.

I then went to Harold, on Geoff's ride. Of course, he was happily smiling as the wind brushed to him and behind him, and he was going quite fast. Geoff then spoke, using Cody's bike.

"Awesome ride, huh? I used top of the line bolts!", Geoff said to Harold.


Geoff - "Okay, so I forgot the bolts."


Suddenly, Geoff's Bike fell apart as Harold rode it, due to not having any bolts. It fell apart and sent Harold to the ground. One wheel flew right into Geoff's mouth, but Cody's bike actually went on without him as if someone was riding it. Of course, this was really Conker and a Chipmunk doing this, peddling like they were logrolling. The main part of the bike of course, was in Harold's groin area, much to his pain. Soon enough, Heather and Gwen came in, and were too busy glaring at eachother angrily to notice the rubble pile, and both soon crashed into Geoff and Harold, both bikes shattered due to this. The scene then shifted back to Cody, who was still puzzled as to how to operate Duncan's machine. He then got an idea, and pulled on the Skull, revealing it to be a mechanism to start the Engiene. Cody then smiled as the Bike finally started, now he was leaving the Starting line at last.

"Woaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!", he cried out, the bike so fast that waves of Sand were flying, and he even managed to bury Chef in sand. As Cody raced across the Island, Lindsay, Duncan, and Conker & The Chipmunk crossed the finish line.

"Ye-e-e-eess!", Chris called out, arriving on the scene with his fourwheeler, "We have four awesome wipeouts by Heather, Gwen, Harold, and Geoff! Four invincibility Race Winners! Cody's Heather Machine, Heather's Speed Machine! Lindsay's Sunset Sally, and Duncan's Lethal Weapon!", suddenly Cody came once more rushing towards the winners,

"HOW DO I STOP THIS THING?!", Cody yelled out, racing faster than ever.

"SLAM THE HOOD ORNAMENT!", Duncan yelled back.

"Got It!", Cody replied, and he did as Duncan instructed. The bike came to a halting stop and sent Cody flying from it. Right into Chef, which managed to knock both of them to the ground.

"Awesome Finish, Cody!", Chris remarked, "It's time to head on over to the TDI Motorcross!", Lindsay then walked over to the finish line as Heather also did so.

"Is the part when you save my butt from being voted off?", Lindsay whispered to Heather, smiling.

"Not Yet.", Heather quickly replied, "We have to make sure we win this part of the Challenge too.", she further explained, "So get your A-Game on!"

The scene then went back to Eva and LeShawna (still screaming), with them riding through a thorn bush with a chipmunk now on LeShawna's screaming head. Soon enough the chipmunk lost it's fur, and then it itself was blown off.

Back at the challenge, Conker & The Other Chipmunk, Gwen, Harold, and Geoff watched from ontop a minor height as Heather, Lindsay, Cody, and Duncan were on their own bikes and preparing for the final race.

"Nice Wheels, Lindsay!", Cody said in a friendly tone to Lindsay.

"I know right? And PS, I love yours.", Lindsay replied in an almost flirty manner. Cody lightly blushed.

"Heheh, thanks Lindsay! I worked on it myself!", Duncan rolled his eyes at this, and then shot Cody an almost angry glare, which made Cody change his focus nervously to the main challenge at hand. Chris then arrived on his fourwheeler, with Veronica this time, and was ready to announce the start of the final challenge.

"Campers! Welcome to the, MotoMotoMoto CrossCrossCross ChallengeChallengeChallenge!", that was done like it was on a College Extreme Sports show., "Using your OWN bikes, you'll race the course avoiding hidden pitfalls. Cue the Death-traps!", he yelled out to likely interns, "Theres dodging the landmines, manuevering through the Oil Slick, and finally, jumping the Piranhas!", a steak was lowered into a pool of hungry piranhas, it was all gone within seconds, "Oh! And one more thing, first one to cross wins invincibilty! Last one to Cross, gets Eliminated from the Island. No Bonfire, Do not Pass Go, Do not Collect a Marshmallow."

"Okay, so here's our strategy.", Heather said into Lindsay's ear, "We have to stick together so that one of us wins the race. So, you go first, and clear a path through the mines",

"Uh-Huh.", Lindsay was highly unsure,

"Then, go through the Oil Slick, so I can see how to get through it."


"If you make through those two parts, then the third part is easy. Just Keep the Piranhas busy while I sneak through."

"Wait, then you'll win, not me!"


"I was thinking it would be really fun if I won a Challenge for myself for once!"

"Yeah, that's a great idea in theory, but then who would come up with all the strategies to get us through to the next week?"

"Uhhhhhhhh...Right.", unsure still, Lindsay still din't question Heather, "Okay!", she even nodded her head.

"Don't worry.", Heather replied, "If the Piranhas don't eat you then you'll definitely be second. Which means either Cody or Duncan get Eliminated and we make it through another Bonfire ceremony!"


Lindsay - "Heather is really smart! I'm lucky to have her as a friend!"


Heather - "I have no way of knowing if she'll come in second. The only thing that's really important is that I come in first! Invincibility is Everything!"


"I can almost taste the Marshmallows, can't you Lindsay?", Heather asked to Lindsay, who liked her lips happily.

"Mmmmm, Yes!"

"Racers!", Chris announced, "Take your position!", Veronica then schemingly looked at Heather and Lindsay, and then at Chris."Aaaaaaaaaaaand, GO!"

The Final Race began.

Cody didn't get far as almost immediately on the big up and down slope of the Landmines, the first mine blasted him away, once more flying into Chef, though Chef dodged this time, only to be hit with a wheel from Cody's bike. Duncan, Lindsay, and Heather however made it through the Landmines. Especially Duncan who was in the lead. The bikes jumped with every explosion, even Lindsay wo was flown into the air. Duncan however was soon gone, as once the Oil Slick was reached, his bike became stuck and he fell into the ground with it. Lindsay and Heather passed through though, with Lindsay using a broom on the back of her bike to Wipe away the Oil so her and Heather both could pass through. There then came the Piranhas, which concerned Lindsay. Stopping her bike, she managed to slide across the Pool, but was stopped at the very end completely. This Left Heather in, and she was determined to win. Smirking, Heather pressed the red button and started her Bike's own Engiene, making her Bike not only go faster but also jump over the Pool of fish and Lindsay, much to Lindsay's happiness. Heather then became the first person to cross the finish line.

"and we Have our Winner!", Chris announced, with Veronica and Chef near him, "Heather!", Heather was standing with her bike, smriking at her Victory. Cody was the only person who clapped for her, of course. The others high above were not happy.

"Yay!", Lindsay said, running up to Heather happily after bringing her bike to the Finish line, "You Won!", Lindsay even (friendishly) hugged Heather, "We did it! We're Safe!"

"That is not exactly true.", Veronica replied, with Heather smirking at hearing this, "Heather is safe because her bike crossed first, but since Cody and Duncan didn't even manage to cross the line in the first place, which means, Lindsay, you're the last person to cross the line....which also means....Dock of Shame Time, Doll!"

"Okay, I'm so confused!", Lindsay replied, no longer hugging Heather. Heather actually smirked on at this, practically happy at this twist of events.

"It means I can't save unless I give you my invincibility, but I can't do that! Too Risky!", Heather explained and then began to walk away, "You Understand.", Lindsay however, grabbed Heather's rist, still puzzled.

"But I won", she said to her 'BFF', "I even Built your Bike,", of course Heather took her arm back.

"Haha, I don't know what she's talking about!", Heather said to the Staff and then went back to Lindsay as the others went over to watch this from the Cliff, even Cody and Duncan (covered in oil), "You should just leave with your dignity in-tact. It'll make you seem so much cuter in this instant replays.", Gwen was shown gasping, and they all looked concerned for Lindsay, even Cody was not happy seeing this though stayed quiet.

"But we were going to the Final Four together!", Lindsay replied, "Err...Three.", she remembered the Alliance was now only Her, Heather ,and Cody.

"Guess we're not!", Heather uncaringly replied.

"Aren't you even Sad? We're BFF's!"

"Yeah, for the Contest! I mean it's not like we're gonna be best friends for life or anything!", Lindsay gasped at this remark. [CONFESSIONAL]

Lindsay - Gasps in shock, "I can't believe she said that!"


"I can't believe you just said that!", Lindsay exclaimed, "But we pinky swore!", Heather rolled her eyes, "You mean, I've been helping you all this time and you didn't even like me?!"

"Uh, Truth?", Lindsay nodded, "Not Really, No.", Lindsay once more gasped as Gwen, Harold, and Geoff angrily looked down at Heather, Cody just gave a look of worry on his face instead, "What? We're not hear to make friends! We're here to become Celebrities, Remember?"

"That's Cold, Brah.", Duncan commented to Heather in response to this.

"Oh, like your such a team player.", Heather replied to Duncan, "All you do is go around scaring the crap out of everyone!"

"At least I'm straight with people!", Duncan exclaimed in response, showing some anger towards Heather.

"Whatever.", Heather remarkd, "I have Invincibility,no-one can touch me!", she then began to walk away again. Gwen, Harold, and Geoff continued their angry glares.

"This Week.", Gwen coldly said in response to Heather's comment on being Invincible.

"You really are Mean!", Lindsay exclaimed, hurt by this, and then into anger, "And all that Bad Stuff people say about you is TRUE! Like all your a Two Faced Backstabbing Bossy Lying Little-", then as she gave middle finger,"[BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE- EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP]", Cody just became shocked, Chris smiled while Chef and Veronica looked on in surprise, Gwen also smiled while Harold was also surprised, as was Heather, "I always told them they were wrong, I stood up for you because I thought we were BFFs! But they're RIGHT! You really are a Two-Faced Backstabbing Lying Little-[BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!]", this time Duncan was shown to be surprised, as was a Loon and Chris continuing to smile, "And Guess what! I don't want to be BFF's anymore, I'd rather spend the day staring at Harold's Underwear than shopping with you! And PS, your Shoes are Tacky!", Heather gasped.

"Yeah, you tell her!", Gwen said as Harold and Geoff laughed, along with the Loon also laughing at this. Cody and Conker however, looked on worried, and (Conker on Cody's shoulder) Cody walked over to Heather.

"Oh, go Jump in the Piranha pool!", Heather said to those on the hill, then walked off with Cody (and Conker) behind her and following her. Suddenly, Gwen heard LeShawna's screams as her and Eva neared the area where this all went down.

"Woaaaahhh, get me offfa this thing!", LeShawna cried out, her and Eva suddenly coming up. LeShawna let out one final scream as her and Eva then ended up flying from a ramp into the lake of the Island.


Lindsay - "I don't know what came over me, Oh wait! Yes I do! Heather is a TOTAL [BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE-EEEEEEP!]"


Now, it was at the Dock of Shame and at Sunset. All of the now remaining campers gathered as Lindsay and her luggage came up, many of them were not happy at Lindsay leaving.

"Thanks for all your support, Greta"!, Lindsay said to Gwen, "I love you LaQuisha!", she said to LeShawna, and the two (Lindsay and LeShawna) hugged.

"Take care, girlfriend.", LeShawna said to Lindsay, "If it makes you feel better, we would've kept you on!", the hug then seperated.

"Really? Thanks!", Lindsay replied happily, "Kick Heather's butt for me!"

"My Pleasure!", LeShawna replied with a smile. Lindsay then walked over to Harold ,Duncan, and Geoff.

"By Guys! See you at the Finale!", Lindsay said happily to the three boys, they smiled when she did so. She then went over to Cody, who was actually visibly sad to see Lindsay leaving despite liking Heather who had just betrayed her, "Awwww,I think I'm gonna miss you the Most!", Lindsay then gave Cody a Hug, much to him smiling.

"Thanks, Lindsay, you were a great friend here!", Cody replied, smiling from the hug. Lindsay then went over to Heather, still of course snobbily glaring.

"Good Luck Heather.", Lindsay said to her (former) friend, "I hope you get Everything your Karma owes you!", she then finished her goodbyes, "Okay, I'm ready!", Lindsay then walked onto the Boat of Losers, and left Total Drama Island. Everyone except Eva and Heather waved her Goodbye, and the Episode Faded out at the boat going farther and farther away.


  • With this episode, both of the Finalists of the next season, Total Drama Action are eliminated.