Rowin' Time is the third song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in Norway, No-Way! Part 2 by the contestants who are crossing the lake, all while trying to avoid the sharks who are currently trying to kill them.

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Alejandro: Mmm-mmm! Giant Shark seniorita! What you're so angry for?

Sierra: We didn't mean to kill you!

Veronica: Lord let us get to shore!

Reindeer: Makes Reindeer noises in a worried tone.

Sadie: Oh god Katie help us!

Noah: Just bop them on the nose! (Justin then looks at the stick) Harold likes to annoy people with facts, he said that this would help! (Justin tries to use stick, the shark takes it, but then both come back up and takes him underwater with their fins, but they were actually kissing him instead of attacking him. The stick just floated in the water once they were done.)

Alejandro: It's Rowin' time!

All contestants: (As Justin breaks free from Sharks and swims for his boat with his clothes except underwear now off) Breakin' Free, Breakin' Free-ee! Giant Shark Season!

DJ: It's rowin' time! Rowin Time!

Noah, Gwen, Bridgette, and Sadie: Giant Shark Season! (Just then Scarface sends an electric pulse to their boat, destroying it in a puff of smoke.)

DJ: And now we're sinkin'!

Cody: Yeah it's Rowin' time!

Duncan, Sierra, Heather, Veronica and Eva: Singing it, Singing it!

Alejandro: "It's Rowin' time!", suddenly Team Amazon is the first to break free and quickly get to the shore with Alejandro carrying Ezekiel, leaving CIRRRRH as just being let go instead as Scarface goes underwater.

Heather, Duncan, Cody, Sierra, Reindeer, Eva, and Veronica: It's Rowin time, Rowin' ti-i-ime!

Sierra: Till the Amazons



  • This is the only reprise (so far) this season.