Not so Happy Campers - Part 2
Season 1, Episode 2
First aired (CAN) August 28, 2012
First aired (USA) August 28, 2012
Challenge(s) Jumping off the cliff then transporting crates filled with hot tub supplies to assemble a hot tub back at the cabins.
Reward(s) Hot Tub Party
Winner(s) Screaming Gophers
Eliminated Ezekiel
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"Not So Happy Campers - Part 1"
"The Big Sleep"

The two teams face off in their very first challenge: jumping off a one-thousand foot cliff into a small safe zone surrounded by shark-infested waters and building a hot tub out of materials they find in crates at the base of the cliff. As one team bonds rather quickly, the other team already finds themselves falling apart, with one person finding themselves on the chopping block, but it is someone's sexist views that gets him voted off the island first.


Now, all Twenty-Two campers of Total Drama Island were on the cliff. Chris was standing near them, and a few (Beth, Geoff, Tyler, Lindsay, and Bridgette) were looking down from the cliff to the lake below. "Are you sure this is safe?", Bridgette asked, Highly concerned.

"Don't worry, they test the challenges on these shows so I'm sure we're fine!....right?", Geoff replied, turning to Chris for confirmation on his assumption.

"Yep, that's right!", McLean confirmed for Geoff, "We make sure they are safe enough!", Chris then remembered when he and Chef were testing the challenge. How Chef was abotu to jump off of the cliff,

"Why in the hell do I have to do this, Chris?", Chef yelled at Chris as he was on the near-edge of the Cliff, "I mean, don't we have Interns for this shit?"

"Yeah we did, but they're not available right now, now just jump. Unless, you're chicken!", Chris joked and then followed by making insulting chicken sounds which eventually managed to convince Chef into jumping.

"I don't get payed enough for this, man.", Chef then jumped down. He screamed as he fell, and eventually landed into the water. He was happy that he had no Sharks come after him, and smiled. "Hey look, Man. No Sharks! I'm safe haha! I made it!", he then lost his happiness, when something brushed by his leg "Yo, somethin just brushed by my leg.......oh hell. I'm gettin outta here"!, he then scrambled from the water just as a Shark came up to try and bite him. Back on the top of the Cliff, Chris was looking over all of this and smiled as he wrote down on a clipboard.

"Seems safe enough."

Back in the present time, all Twenty two of the teenage campers were now about to jump instead of Chef. Though, that was going to be after Chris explained the challenge, that is.

"Okay, So", Chris began, "Here's how it's gonna go down, you guys will jump off this 1,000 foot drop down to the shark infested water below. There are two areas, the safe zone and the danger zone. In the Safe zone there are no sharks and a boat will come in and take you to she shore where you will await for the second part of the challenge."

"What if we don't want to jump?", Courtney asked curiously.

"Then you get to wear a Chicken hat for the rest of the day!", Chris revealed happily.

"Ewwwww!", Lindsay said in disgust at the idea, "That is totally not fashionable!"

"Doesn't matter!", Chris replied, "Anywho, who's gonna jump first?". After that question, everyone on both teams looked at eachother, none of them wanting to jump at all.

"Wait, before we do this, I must ask of something myself!", Justin opened up, Chris listening with attention, "I have a feeling that my team may not be...worth it for me, and would like to swap. Is that allowed?"

"Well, can't see why not, Justin and Duncan you guys can switch teams.", Chris replied. Justin and Duncan then swapped places with one another. The Gopher girls were shown to be quite dissappointed by this while the bass girls smiled. Duncan didn't seem to care about the switch at all, of course, but did give a smirk in the direction of Heather and Trent. Heather reacted, rolling her eyes and swapping her hand away from the grip of Cody. With the team switch out of the way, Chris returned attention to the challenge. "Now, who the heck will jump first! Bass?"

Bridgette turned to her team, and then to the cliff's bottom. She was nervous, and scared, but knew that if she wanted her team to win then she would have to jump sooner or later. She chose the option of sooner in the end.

"Well, someone has to.", she said. With nervousness in her voice, she managed to force herself to jump from the cliff. "Geronamooooooooooooh!", she yelled as he fell. Much to everyone's happiness she managed to reach the safe zone, at which the bass sighed of relief.

"Well, now it's my-"

"Izzy Next!", Izzy said in response to seeing Bridgette's safe jump, interruppting and pushing Tyler aside as she ran off the cliff, jumping down to it. "YEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!", she yelled excitedly as she fell down to the waters below. Like Bridgette, Izzy ended up in the safe zone.

"Alright! NOW it's my turn!", Tyler yeled out loudly, "YEEAH!", he screamed as he jumped from the cliff, As he fall he thought he would make it safely, and while he did reach the safe area, he instead landed on a buoy instead. "Owwwww...", he remarked as he slid into the water of the safe area. The other campers saw and did in-deed make faces showing they felt for his pain. Following, the rest of the killer bass jumped from the cliff.

"Cowabungah dudes!", Geoff let out as he fell down to the Safe area.

"Look out below!", Eva yelled out as she herself landed into the safe zone.

"Booyah!", Harold yelled out as he himself fell down towards the water. However, he landed in the danger zone. Despite this, he landed on his groin in the water which everyone winced in pain at seeing. As he sunk into the water in pain, the Sharks actually decided to spare him out of sympathy, agreeing on doing so. Though they didn't help him up, in-fact it is unknown who did. Following Harold's jump, it was Ezekiel's turn to jump.

"This is awesome, Eh!", the homeschooled boy said as he dropped. He eventually hit a part of the cliff and shot at the shores of the island like a dodgeball. His team-members dodged him, which meant he landed directly into the sand. This did not count in Chris' eyes as a safe zone jump.

"Katie, Sadie, you girls wanna go?", Chris asked now that Katie and Sadie were next in line. The two girls looked to eachother and smiled.

"Let's go together Sadie,like BFFFFLs!"

"Yeah! That sounds great!", Sadie replied to Katie. The two then jumped off of the cliff holding hands, and both landed in the Safe Zone. Chris then turned to Justin and Owen, the last two members on the Bass left to jump. Justin decided to be the next one to jump. He silently jumped off of the cliff and gracefully landed in the water. Despite his grace, he landed into the danger zone. Everyone gasped at this as he came up out of the water to have the Sharks swimming towards him.

"Look out!", his fellow campers cried out, prompting him to turn around. Upon seeing his face, the Sharks were automatically struck with beauty, and actually helped him back to shore with care and love. Justin smiled proudly at this.

"Time for you owen."

"I'm going to die now, I'm going to Freakin' die now.", Owen said as he walked to the cliff. Due to his weight, everyone was really scared of this, even the Sharks were.


Heather : "Okay, so that lard-ass Owen was about to jump. I swear to god he has like the fattest body ever. Anyway, I'll do anything to get off this damn island!"

Geoff: "So I'm looking at this guy like, there is no WAY he's gonna make it."

Cody: "Owen seems pretty cool to me, I'm sure he'll be just fine!"


"Okay, I'm gonna do it. I'm going to do it....Chris can I have a few words before I go?", Owen asked. Chris seemed to give a little bit of thought before his response, which was of course:

"No.", the host then actually shoved Owen down. The large boy screamed as he fell, directly for the Sharks. The Sharks of course saw this, and in response they hugged eachother in fright. The Campers both on the shore and on the cliff were even a bit shocked, but nothing saved the ones on the shore from the massive wave of water than came up even higher than the cliff when Owen landed. Everyone of the other bass was washed up into the sand or a bit uneasy, the Sharks were now up in trees, and the Gophers were all cowering in a group hug.

"Okay, as awesome as that's still not in the Safe Zone so.....yeah.", Chris revealed. The Bass groaned in response, "So yeah, Gophers it's now your turn as soon as we get the Sharks back down from the Trees!"

"There is no way I'm Jumping! I just got my Hair done", Heather said sternly in response.

"If she's not jumping then I'm not jumping either!", Lindsay added in, after which her and Heather smiled at eachother.

"Same here!", Cody said in response to Lindsay, then looking at Heather flirtatiously to which she gave a disgusted look at.

"Oh, You're Jumpin!", LeShawna replied angrily back at Heather for not wanting to do the challenge.

"Says Who?"

"Says Me! I am not gon' let us lose this challenge cuz you just got yo hair done ya spoiled little daddy's girl!"

"Back off you Ghetto Punk Rap-star wannabe!"

"Snobby Preppy Bitch-ass little Mean Girl!"

"Hmph. At least I'm Popular.", once Heather said that, all of the gophers seemed to be ready for the fight. Only Duncan and Noah were not worried about this happening.

"You're Jumpin'!"

"Make Me!", following those words LeShawna literally picked Heather up and threw her off of the cliff. Cody, worried for Heather, actually ran after her as she screamed down the cliff.

"Heather!", Cody screamed as he too fell off of the cliff. He actually fell directly into Heather, and both rolled in the air until they hit the water. Once both resurfaced, they looked up at LeShawna.

"Great! Now my Hair's all messed up AND I'm with this Geek!"

"Hey! I threw you into the Safe zone, Didn't I? Now I just hope that I can make it in!", LeShawna then jumped into the Safe Zone herself, and smiled triumphantly at doing so.

"Okay...well...I'll go next...but I thought this was going to be a Talent Contest!", Lindsay said as she prepared to jump. Chris laughed, then shoved her off the cliff. She screamed as she fell, but did manage to hit the safe zone. Following Lindsay came the other Gophers.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!", Gwen screamed as she fell. She landed in the Safe Zone.

"Yeaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!", Trent yelled as he fell. He landed in the Safe Zone. Following him, Duncan silently fell down to the safe zone with arms crossed, not even caring. Noah followed by screaming in complete terror, and that left only Courtney, Beth, and DJ.

"I'm going to not jump on account of Medical conditions.", Courtney told Chris.

"What kind of Medical Condition?"

"Um, not wanting to risk death?"

"That's a very serious one, and I understand, but it's either that or wear the Chicken Hat.", Chris replied.

"Their team has four outs, we only have three left. We've already won anyway so theres really no point in doing this.", Courtney answered, to which she did have a point on. Of course, Chris was still going to give her the chicken hat. "I'll take the hat, I'm not jumping."

"I'm with her man, no way am I jumpin' off this!"

"So I guess you two are chicken huh?", Chris then made fake chicken noises. Despite this, Courtney and DJ ignored this, and with their hats on they walked down to the other campers on the shore. Beth then looked nervously at the smirking Chris, "Yes or No?"

"Umm...okay.", Beth replied nervously. The geek girl then jumped from the cliff, though at a very slow pace. She covered her eyes and screamed, and then started flailing her arms like a bird to attempt getting back up. Regardless, she landed in the safe-zone.

"That is so lame....right?", Lindsay said to Heather on the shore as the two looked up at the cliff.

"Yeah, totally Lame.", the meaner girl said in response.

"Yep! Unlike me!", Cody said happily, holding Heather's hand without her consent. Heather swiped her hand away and glared at him. Cody backed up with a sheepish smile. Once all Twenty-two campers were on the shore, it was time for the second half of the challenge. The campers then noticed there were crates present on the shore, about which Chris came in to explain.

"Okay! So now that all of you are on the shore it's time for the second half of the challenge! To bring these crates to the campsite, and then open them. Following that you will actually build your own hot-tub!", the campers were happy once they heard those words, "Since the Gophers won the first half, they get the head-start so GO!"

The Gophers then got all of their crates and moved on down the shore of the island. Chris eventually allowed the bass to go as well. As time passed, the campers began to know eachother some-what more. Starting with the bass team.

"Hurry up!", Eva replied, tossing one of the massive crates to the ground in-front of her with ease, "We have to catch up to them!", the bass was going rather slowly, to which she was not happy of. The Gophers were far in-front of them and they were struggling to carry the boxes.

"Are you sure you're a Girl?", Ezekiel asked, questioning Eva's strength.

"Yeah, why would you wanna ask that?", Eva replied, rather offended and angry at such a question being asked, "You think girls aren't strong or something?"

"Woah Woah Woah, come on now!", Geoff came in, trying to be the peacemaker, "We have a challenge to deal with, let's get that over with first!", Eva agreed with Geoff, and focused back on the challenge. Ezekiel looked at the girl a bit scared, then went back to trying to pull his own crate.

"Okay, well, that was.....close.", Bridgette said in response to the fight that the team almost had.

"Yeah, like totally close!", Katie commented.

"Yeah, Super Duper Uper Close!", Sadie replied.

"Uper? Is that even a word?", Katie asked, confused why Sadie said that word.

"Well, it is now!", Sadie said back happily.

"Okay then, BFFFFL!", Katie and Sadie then giggled together and happily dragged their own boxes. Bridgette did the same.

As the Bass moved more slowly, ahead of them were the happy gophers. The Gophers were happily singing, except for Duncan, and dragging their boxes along the beach of the Island.

"Ninety-Nine bottles of Pop on the wall, Ninety-Nine bottles of pop! Take one down, pass it around, how many bottles of pop on the wall? Ninety-Eight bottles of pop on the wall!", the Gophers, except Duncan, chanted as they went down the shore towards the camp ground.

"So, do you think we can win this?", Beth asked to Courtney, "I mean, I don't think this will really be as easy as this!"

"Whatever Chris throws at us, we should fight like a team and win!", Courtney replied, "I mean, it's like he'll tell us to get lava from the sun itself or something!"

"Okay.", Beth replied. As Beth and Courtney's conversation came to an end, the team still neared the Camp ground.

"So, Trent, whatcha into?", Duncan asked Trent, which confused him.

"Well, I'm into some Music, mostly.", Trent was confused, "Why you asking me?"

"Just tryin' to make conversation", Duncan replied, then turned away. Trent remained confused, then went over to Gwen.

"That was odd.", Gwen pointed out, "Why would he care?"

"I don't know, but I don't really care that he asked.", Trent revealed. As this went on, Cody made another pass at Heather, holding her hand once more. Heather rolled her eyes and groaned.

"So....Heather....ready for tonight?"

"What the HELL do you mean by that?"

"Our night in the Hot-Tub, all to ourselves!", Cody said flirtatiously. Of course, Heather imagined this, and was a bit hesitant to reply because she was scowling at his line.

"Seriously, stop this. I do not like you.", Heather said sternly, "I won't ever like you, and just stop it!"


Cody - "I'll get her. She may not be ready for the Codemeister yet, but she will be!"


As the Gophers came closer and closer to the campgrounds, the Bass remained behind them. Once more, Ezekiel got involved in not so kind conversations with some of the Island's girls.

"So, Bridgette's your name right?", he asked to the Blonde surfer of the Island.

"Yeah, why?"

"You sure you don't need help with that box there? I'd be happy to help, eh!"

"No No, I'm good."

"Ya sure?"

"Yeah", she then turned to him confused and wondering why he was asking the question, "Why are you asking me for your help anyway?"

"Oh, I was just bein' Nice! My Dad told me to be nice to the girls here, eh! Give 'em help if they needed it!", Ezekiel explained. Bridgette raised an eyebrow at this, but went on pulling her own crate by herself. She did not question what Ezekiel meant by this, and only said one more thing in response.

"Okay then."

As Bridgette and Ezekiel finished their small conversation of awkwardness, Katie and Sadie enjoyed time walking behind Justin together. Justin even smiled and strutted his assets for them as well. This of course, made them happier. They were even followed by Owen, though Owen smacked himself in the head once he realized what he was doing. Soon Enough, both teams reached the campgrounds. Once there, they were to pull open the crates with their teeth.

"That's it, Campers!", Chris yelled out once everyone was there, "Pull open the crates using your Teeth! No Fingers or Hands!"

Trying to do this part was hard for the teens, as Cody had the rope slip through the gap in his teeth repeatedly, and some of the others would have great burns on their toungues. Regardless, they all kept on. Both teams' crates opened up at around the same time, and spilled out the parts for their hot-tubs.

"Okay, so, get to building!"

"We have to build these things on our own? Ugh, Great!", Heather groaned.

"How are we going to do that?", Lindsay asked.

"Who the hell cares?", Gwen replied, "Let's get this challenge over with."

"Okay, so I'll be our supervising officer, since I am the only one around here who was an actual C.I.T.", Courtney replied, "So let's organize all of the parts."

"Um, so you think you can just say you're captain just like that? Hello, I'm the head cheerleader at my school and head of the debate team!", Heather said angrily as she was offended Courtney was acting like she was the team's leader.

"I was an actual C.I.T, and I am Student Council President at my school too so you can just be underneath me.", Courtney said sternly in response to Heather.

"No, if anyone is going to lead this team it will be me!"

"I thought you didn't WANT to be here."

"I still don't want to be here, but if anyone's going to run this team it will be me!"

"Well, I'd make a better leader so I say me!"

"Oh yeah? Says you!", the rest of the team just watched as Heather and Courtney continued to debate who would be the team's leader for this challenge. As this happened, the bass members were also going through the process of deciding how they were going to handle the construction of their team's tub.

"Okay! So let's get to this DUDES!", Tyler shouted, ready to construct the Hot-Tub.

"How are we going to construct a Hot-Tube without blueprints?", Harold asked, questioning the fact that they were given no way of instructions on the final part of their challenge.

"Don't worry! Us Guys will figure it out, eh!", Ezekiel exclaimed. The girls of the team cocked eyebrows at this, but Owen didn't even think of questioning it.

"Yeah! So true, dude!", the more larger boy exclaimed in agreement with the homeschooled one. The bass decided to ignore these remarks, and then proceeded on starting their boat construction. Noticing the Bass starting on their hot-tub was Noah, who then turned to see Heather and Courtney still arguing over who will run the team.

"I'm going to run the team, I'm more qualified."

"No, I'm going to run the team because I could do it better!"

"Um, Girls?", Noah asked, they both angrily turned to him.

"What?!", Heather and Courtney both said in unison with animosity in their voices.

"Sorry to end this debate over who will run the team, but the other team just started on the actual challenge and I just thought you two would like to know that.", the bookworm said in a cynical manner. Heather and Courtney both then turned to the other team and then realized that they would have to work fast if they wanted to beat the bass.

"Um, how about we just work togetha and win this thing y'all? I'm sure all we gotta do is build the better tub.", LeShawna brought up.

"Good plan! Let's just get this finished now!", Courtney responded. The gopher team then got to work on their hot-tub.

The Gopher's method for building their hot-tub was actually more team-work oriented. All of them worked on building the body of the tub carefully and even making sure it was stable, and even worked on putting together the parts neeeded for bubbles and the heat of the tub. They then each worked on putting the water from the lake into the tub to finish it. Their tub was very well made and looked nearly perfect.

The Bass on the other hand were more clumsly. Bridgette wacked Harold with wood three times, one in the groin, one on the back, and another on the shoulder. Izzy placed the bubble and heat modules upside down and put the boards going sideways, and due to their lack of knowledge their hot-tub was only held together by rope and could barely hold in it's water.

With both Hot-tubs now complete, Chris was now present at the campgrounds to inspect the hot-tubs. He inspected the Gophers' first. Each member of the team was nervous as he did so, inspecting it silently. He then tapped the body of it, and was impressed that it didn't fall apart.

"Cool! Nicely made!", he complimented. The Gophers sighed of relief. Then, came the Bass. As soon as Chris looked at it, he tapped it. It immediately fell apart, and it's water spread out on the ground, "And...Not so Nice.", the bass groaned at their loss. "So, yeah! The Gophers win and get to keep their tub for the rest of the season! The guys are going to be sending someone home tonight!"

The Gophers cheered, happy at their victory over the bass. The bass however, were shown to not be so happy. Though, Owen kept on a smile despite their loss.

"Hey, don't worry guys!", the large blonde boy said, "There's always next time!"

After the challenge, both teams were in the mess hall. The Gophers were happily talking about their lives and likely their victory, while the Bass were talking of who they were going to eliminate.

"So, I'm saying we vote off one of the people who didn't do well in the challenge at all!", Tyler said loudly, "I mean, they weren't much help."

"He's right.", Eva pointed out in response.

"Yeah, but Owen could be useful to us!", Bridgette replied, which made Owen smile.

"Aww, thanks!", Owen said with smile.

"Well, look, we have to vote off somebody!", Geoff pointed out.

"And I say we vote off one of the losers!", Eva said in response, referring to Tyler's idea of course. It was then that Ezekiel finally said something that ultimately sealed his fate.

"I just don't get why we lost, eh. They're the ones with more girls on their team.". The moment that was said, Katie and Sadie along with Bridgette, Izzy, and Eva became offended. Katie and Sadie froze with eyes wide with surprise while they were eating, with Tyler and Owen backing up from them. Eva, Bridgette, and Izzy went over to Ezekiel angry at what he had just said.

"What is THAT supposed to mean.", Eva said angrily as she pounded her fist on the table.

"My dad told me to watch out for the girls incase they get into trouble or something, like girls normally do!", Ezekiel pointed out. Izzy and Bridgette glared at him even more angrily, as Eva pulled him by the neck into the air.

"We don't need your help, homeschool!", the tough girl said in a highly menacing tone. It was then right there that Geoff once more came in as the peace-maker in this argument.

"Okay, Everybody chillax!", he came in with, Eva dropped Ezekiel to the ground, which was most likely a bit painful for him. "I mean, it's not like he said that Guys are Smarter and better at sports than girls are!"

"But, they are!", Ezekiel said as he rose from the ground. Rather than speak of the response to that line, let us instead cut to the bonfire ceremony. All of the Bass members were gathered infront of a fire, with Chris standing before them holding a plate of marshmallows and all of the girls glaring with evil smirks at Ezekiel.

"Okay, so heres how this works.", the host began explaining, "In my hand are the Marshmallows. Throughout the world they are a good snack food, but here on TDI they represent LIFE. Now, I will call the names of those who are safe. The one person who I do NOT call, will be the eliminated, you will walk the Dock of Shame, and leave Total Drama Island, for Good via the Boat of losers. No Returns, EV-ER. Now, for the Ceremony.", Chris had on a nearly evil look on his face as he said that, "Eva", he called out. Eva was thrown her marshmallow, and was not very surprised with this, "Bridgette", Chris followed which got Bridgette her marshmallow, "Geoff", Geoff was then thrown his, "Tyler", Tyler was then thrown his, "Katie AND Sadie", both girls hugged and eed upon recieving their Marshmallow, "Justin!", Owen smiled as his was thrown to him, "Izzy!", Izzy cheered and also caught her marshmallow in her mouth, "Harold!", Harold boo-yahed once he got his. This, left only Owen and Ezekiel. Both looked nervously at the final Marshmallow on the plate. "Owen, Ezekiel, you both are now the final two. The last safe person is....................................................................................................................", the long pause went on for what felt like hours. Chris used hand signs to add to the tension, lifting in the air then pointing to the two over and over again repeatedly, then closing an eye as if to aim. Eventually, however, he opened his eye and smiled. "Owen.". Owen sighed with a smile that he was safe, and finally got his marshmallow. "Well Zeke, it's time for you to go. To be honest, not really surprised."

"Oh was fun while it lasted, eh.", Ezekiel said as he walked down the dock of shame with his hands in his pocket and then boared the boat of losers to be taken to a place that was unknown.

As Ezekiel left the island, the Gophers were parting near and in their hot-tub. Heather, Lindsay, Duncan, Courtney, Cody, and Trent were in the tub while the others were around it. Cody lifted up a glass as if to toast.

"To the Screaming Gophers!"

"To the Screaming Gophers!", the rest of the team cheered in response. Following the cheer, LeShawna got up and started doing her own form of a dance.

"Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go Gophers! Go Gophers!", she cheered repeatedly. Noah and Beth joined in with her cheers. As the Gophers partyed, the Bass walked by them in the bushes. Once the cameras got to Justin, he looked at the Gophers, rolled his eyes, and silently followed his team-members. This was followed by the end of the episode.