Lovin' Time is the second song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in Norway, No-Way! Part 2 by all of the contestants (except Ezekiel who raps) as they try to calm and bewilder a pack of wolves during their "mating sessions" (breeding/sex time), in order to try to avoid getting mauled by them. It almost works, but then Ezekiel interrupts the song by rapping, thus ending it and forcing everyone to flee the area.


Alejandro: No need to get crazy! It's lovin' time at last!

Alejandro, Cody, Noah, Tyler, and DJ: You don't wanna eat us up!

Duncan: (Is doing bare minimum of what is required as singing.) We're mostly skin and bones.

Veronica, Heather and Sierra: It's mating time, for wolves!

Eva: So just start humping now! (As that happens two wolves just begin to enter "suggestive positions".)

Gwen: Just ignore us humans

All Contestants: And just fuck 'til the break of dawn! It's lovin' time, lovin' time, lovin' ti-i-ime!

Trent: Wolf mating season!

Cody: It's lovin' time!

Heather, Veronica and Sierra: Lovin' time lovin' ti-i-ime!

Alejandro: Wolves, get busy now!

Noah: Wolf mating season!

All Contestants: Lovin' time!

Cody: (He and his team are walking away from the wolves) It's Lovin' time!

Heather, Duncan, Veronica, Sierra and Eva: Lovin' time, lovin ti-i-ime!

All Contestants: doing the same along with Amazon, Wolf mating Season!

Ezekiel: YO YO YO, I'M EZEKIEL! I'M HERE TO HAVE MY OWN RAP SOLO! (The wolves get angry that the rhythm has been broken) YO WOLVES, IT'S TIME FOR ALL Y'ALL TO FUCK! SO LISTEN TO US, THE SMARTEST SPECIES, AS WE SING FOR YOU TO DOGGY STYLE LIKE MOST MAMMALS, CHIGGY?! (At this point all of the wolves growl angrily, mainly at Ezekiel.)