Hide and Be Sneaky
Season 1, Episode 17
First aired (CAN) September 10, 2012
First aired (USA) September 10, 2012
Challenge(s) Play a game of hide-and-go-seek and avoid being shot by Chef Hatchet's water gun when he finds you.
Winner(s) LeShawna and Heather
Eliminated Courtney
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"Search and Do Not Destroy"
"That's Off The Chain!"

The campers play an extreme game of Hide and Seek with someone who hunts them down one by one with a huge water gun. Some campers start an alliance as the other campers are slowly hunted down. One camper's amazing hiding spot and another joining the other side wins them invincibility. An unexpected camper is voted off thanks to the new alliance.

The EpisodeEdit

"Previously on Total Drama Island!", Chris opened up for the recap, "Campers searched treasure and yours truly put on a impressive performance as a pirate. but THIS, was no oridinary Treasure Hunt. Some Campers put their lives on the line to snag their booty! Except Geoff, who put his stomach on the line doing something that would make most people hurl. But in the end, the campers who went the limit were rewarded with treasures that, in hindsight, probably weren't worth much effort at all. Except for Heather, who for the first time of likely tons more, won invincibility. This meant she avoided getting voted off entirely. Meanwhile, Trent and Duncan's love train went right off the rails thanks to Heather's scheming. And so, it was Trent, who walked the plank. Who will be the next unlucky camper to walk the Dock of Shame?", the cameras then showed Chris to the camera, "Who will loose their cool? Who will loose their Lunch? Find out, on the most shocking episode yet! On Total, Drama, Island!" Following in suite with the previous episodes, the intro came right aftee the recap. The Episode itself opened up with Heather (no, sewage is not on her) and Lindsay sitting by the cabins, likely the girls cabin, with Lindsay drinking out of a purple bottle and Heather (clearly annoyed), holding up a torn and ruined shirt.

"I am so glad they included grapetastic pop in your reward last night, Heather! It's totally my favourite! It's the only thing I've really been craving for on the Island!", Lindsay happily exclaimed, refferring to her drink.

"I can not Be-Lieve, that LeShawna shredded my clothes!", Heather angrily said referring to the shirt she was holding, "she is SO gonna pay for this!"

"Well, you did steal Duncan's boyfriend, that's pretty Major.", Lindsay replied, refferring to the events of the previous episode.

"Shut up.", Heather quickly remarked, and then she swiped the pop from Lindsay's hands, drank a bit herself, but then spit it out of her mouth in disgust, "How can you drink this sugar water?!", she then tossed the bottle right to the ground as all Lindsay could do was gasp in horror.


Lindsay - "Heather is my best friend on the Island, I mean sure she steals my food and borrows my clothes and calls me names, but that's what BFF's are for! Best Female Friends!"


Heather - "Who cares about friends? In this world, there are shepards and there are sheep, and Lindsay is a major sheep, Baaaaaaa!"


Lindsay - "I think she really respects me and my Strategical Ideas!"


Heather - "I've got flip-flops with more brains than her, but hey. She's useful right now so I'll keep her close, but when I don't need her anymore...I'll Dump her!


Following this, Cody walked up to Heather and Lindsay, sitting right next to Heather, and with Conker on his Shoulder eating a nut.

"So Heather, you didn't REALLY mean to Kiss Trent, right?" ,Cody asked, showing great worry. Heather rolled her eyes at his question, as should be expected.

"Cody, for the last time, No. You have asked me that-"

"Fifty.", Cody answered.

"Times, and you're getting annoying with it, so Stop It!"

"Okay, Heather. Sorry for annoying the way, you look hot today."

"I know I do, Cody."

The episode then went over to Gwen and LeShawna, who both were on a bed inside the cabin, with Gwen clearly depressed over Trent's Elimination.

"Girl, you've gotta put Trent outa your Head!", LeShawna said to Gwen, the best intentions in mind for her friend on the Island.

"I know.", Gwen said in her depression, "I just not ony hate he won't love me, but now he's gone....I miss him so much already!", she revealed.

"Well Baby Girl", LeShawna began, "Huh, nothin' heals a broken heart, like Revenge!", both LeShawna and Gwen then gained Scheming looks on their faces. Following this, all of the remaining Ten Campers (Courtney, Lindsay, Harold, Gwen, Geoff, Eva, Cody, Heather, Duncan, and LeShawna) were all gathered by the Docks with Chris and Veronica standing infront of them. Obviously, the challenge was about to be explained.

"Today's Challenge is a good ol' fashion game of Hide and Seek.", Chris explained, "You all get ten minutes to Hide before Chef Hatchet comes looking for you!"

"With his Military Background, and a advanced degree in man-hunting, he is uniquely qualified to make this game excruitiatingly hard!", Veronica added in, as Chef pumped up a water gun.

"Water Gun? That's the best you got?", Duncan sarcastically asked, as a red light then went onto his forehead, which distracted him.

"The Lifeguard Chair is homebase.", Chris explained, "When he finds you, Chef will try to spray you. If you make it to homebase and escape his blast, you win Invincibility. But if he catches you, he douces you!", Duncan then looked at the gun, with Chef sadistically smiling all the way.

"Ooooh, so we're gonna get splashed by a bit of water now I'm terrified!", Duncan replied sarcastically. Chef was not pleased at all.

"Why don't you demonstrate, Chef?", Chris suggested. Chef then pumped up the Water Gun, but ended up firing it at Chris instead, sending a massive (really massive) blast of water right at him and sending him far away into the distance. Of course, Veronica was amused by this, and Chef was surprised. "Not on me, Dude!", Chris yelled out from the distance he was in.

"What are the Rules to win?", Courtney asked, "Because I am READY!", Courtney and Heather both then glared at eachother, with Lindsay and Cody both becoming worried.

"You have three options.", Veronica explained as Chris (soaked) walked back over, "один; Don't get discovered in your hiding place. два ; run to homebase before Chef manages to blast you. три", the cameras showed Chef smiling with the gun in his hands as Veronica finished, "Once you have been captured, help Chef find other campers!"

"Do any of those", Chris explained, "And you win Invincibility. All Clear?"

"Ahhh", Lindsay began, but she was never answered back.

"You have teen minutes to hide!", Veronica exclaimed, "Go!"

Suddenly all of the Campers ran from the docks with great haste. Lindsay was left, though, and upon noticing this she ran herself screaming. Soon enough, Chris was shown walking near the cabin areas, and then shown inside one of them with Lindsay on one of the top bunks, very poorly hidden underneath the covers.

"Uhhh, Lindsay!", he said aloud, "Couldn't you do any better than hiding under your covers?"

"Fooled you! This isn't even my bunk!", Lindsay replied from underneath her covers.

"Ohhhh Chef Hatchet!", Chris called out. Seconds later, Chef came bursting into the door, with water gun in hand. Lindsay screamed of pure terror and jumped out of the cabin, likely from a open window, and screamed around the camp as Chef watched. The next scene showned LeShawna in her swimwear, getting down into the lake from a ladder by the docks. Using a Lilipad snorkling device, she hid herself underneath the lake's water. The scene then went to the washrooms, with Chris walking in following a door being closed. Of course, it was the screaming Lindsay, who now hid in one of the stalls of the room, her head clearly showing from the top. Chris soon came in and knocked on the stall door.

"Knock Knock!"

"Who's there?"

"The entire viewing world."

"The entire viewing world who?"

"You're gonna have to do alot better than that, if you wanna avoid capture!", Lindsay then ran out of the stall, screaming once more. "My Guess, she's a goner."


Veronica - "Okay, so I have FINALLY come up with the perfect revenge on Chris!", she then holds up a pot that held a Venus flytrap in it, "He calls this thing larry, I've decided to steal it from the Staff area, and hide it somewhere on the Island. I mean, what is the worst that can happen? It's not like my Dad's Nuclear Waste Comapny's going to get involved or anything!"


The scene then suddenly shifted to Harold, who was nervously walking towards the cave. Once at a certain amount of being close, Duncan's arms pulled Harold inside the cave, where all of the guys (Duncan, Cody, and Geoff) were sitting down in.

"Ssshhh!", Duncan gestured to Harold.

"Sweet Hiding Place guys.", Harold whispered, "Chef won't think to look in here!"

"Listen up boys, we're in trouble okay.", Duncan began, "There are Six Chicks on the Island and only Four Dudes!"

"I know!" Cody (Conker on his Shoulder) exclaimed, "Nice Odds, Huh?", Dunncan then slapped him though.

"No Geekface, Bad odds! If I noticed it, chances are that sooner or later THEY'RE gonna notice it too, and when they do, they're gonna pick us off one by one! We've gotta do something about it!"

"Heather wouldn't do that to me.", Cody replied in self assurance, the other guys just blankly looked at him and rolled their eyes, "What?"

"Duncan, Dude, I highly doubt those chicks are really gonna do that, especially Heather and LeShawna.", Geoff added in partial agreement with Cody. "Remember this morning?"


The Flashback has Cody (Jumping up and down) and Geoff both waiting to use the Bathroom, while the sounds of a shower can be heard inside. Inside, Gwen and Courtney are taking showers while LeShawna and Heather do their makeup by the mirrors. Of course, Heather then turns the knob of a faucet, which gives Courtney and Gwen less enjoyable showers.

"Ahhh!", both screamed out in unison,

"Who turned the Hot Water on? Like, Really?", Courtney exclaimed from her shower.

"Sorry.", Heather replied in faux-apologeticness. Then, going back to her lipstick she lost her attention to LeShawa who was right next to her. LeShawna herself used one hand to smack Heather in the face, and send her to the floor. The two then glared at eachother, and soon enough the sounds of a fight could be heard outside of the cabin. Cody and Geoff looked up and seemed to be enjoying this, until the sounds of numerous bathroom objects could be heard, which is when the two then both left the area.


The scene then went back to the Guys speaking of what they were going to do to avoid Elimination from the Girls.

"Sorry Guys, but Heather is my Girl!", Cody exclaimed, "I would NEVER join an Alliance without her or her permission!"

"Let me tell ya the truth about women,", Duncan began, "They're all Sisters, and when push comes to shove, they're gonna stick together! Haven't you ever seen a chick flick before?"

"Yea.", Cody revealed, and Conker nodded his head.

"Look Man, now's the time while they don't see it coming. While WE have the Element of Surprise!"

"An all Guy's Alliance? No Women in? To get off the Girls? Which Includes Heather, Courtney, and Eva? Count me in!", Harold suddenly exclaimed happily.


Harold - "At first, I was skeptical of Duncan's idea, but I did switch the votes and got Bridgette off, so I was cool with it."


"Good!", Duncan was shown happy with the confessional over, "Guys Unite and Save our Butts from Elimination! Agreed?"

"Agreed!", Harold and Geoff both easily agreed, Cody however ,was nervous and didn't join in.

"Uhh, are you in Dude?", Duncan asked to Cody, who still didn't yet confirm whether he was in or not. Cody, nervously, put his hand in to show he was in on the Alliance plan.

"This is gonna be AWESOME!", Harold shouted out.

"Alright, now clear out!", Duncan suddenly ordered.

"What?", Cody replied, confused.

"I was here first, dude, this is my hiding spot."

The scene then went to Chef, who was searching hard through-out the woods, with Eva secretly following him within the bushes. Whenever Chef did a movement of aiming, Eva copied, and she hid where-ever she could when he turned around. The next scene was Conker, running without Cody, when a falling Acorn knocked him out. This acorn came from a tree that Geoff was standing on to Hide, and a bird even came and landed on his hat. Meanwhile, Gwen used a piece of fake Grass to hide herself as if she were part of the ground herself. She even punched a Squirrel (Not Conker) that came near her. The scene then went once more to Eva, who was paying very close attention to Chef, while remaining Hidden in the Darker parts of the trees and vegetation. When Chef turned around, she once more went into even deeper hiding. The scene then went to Harold, who smiled, and jumped right up the Mess Hall roof with Ninja-like jumping skills. Just happened just as Cody came into the area, looking around for Conker.

"Conker?", he wispered, "Conker where are you?", he then walked into the Mess Hall, still looking for his pet from so many episodes back. Soon enough, with Harold walking on the roof, Heather is shown running into the Mess Hall too, and Lindsay (hiding behind and like she is a tree) sees this too, and happily runs in after Heather. Meanwhile, it went down to Courtney, who was near the Campfire pit and puzzled as to where she would hide, walking around.


Courtney - "I knew what I had to do, think of a place Chef wouldn't think to look for first. I didn't take the lake, it would be too obvious, so I went with the second best option!"


Courtney is then shown running straight for the Dodgeball court from the third episode for her hiding spot. The scene then goes back to the Mess Hall, with Lindsay nervously opening the door. Heather is then shown, hiding under a table in Chef's kitchen, when both Cody and Lindsay pop up behind her.

"Hey, Heather!", they both happily exclaimed, causing Heather to bump her head on the table.

"What a coincidence!", Lindsay exclaimed, "We're just like all destined to Hide Together!", Heather then got up from her hiding spot, annoyed with both Cody and Lindsay once more.

"What, What are you two doing here?", Heather was clearly angry, which worried Cody but Lindsay remained oblivious, "Can't you find your own hiding place?!"

"I'm looking for Conker, and then saw you, beautiful.", Cody sheepishly replied, Lindsay herself replied before Heather could;

"I was just looking for a Hiding Spot.", Lindsay herself as a bit confused.

"Well", Heather said and then went back into anger, "This Challenge is called Hide and Seek, not Hide in Groups, and Seek!", Lindsay was upset and confused when Heather said this, not understanding the truth behind their Friendship.

"But.", was all she said.

The scene then went back to Courtney, who was sitting right behind the Bleachers of the Dodgeball court, still showing signs of nervousness. Of course, once a Bear came into the court, it sat right ontop of where Courtney was at, and began to (slowly) crack the bleachers from it's weight and the Bleachers' age combining. The scene then went back to Heather, who was angrily speaking to Lindsay and Cody.

"Go Dig Yourselves a Hole, Disguise yourselves as canoes I don't care!", she exclaimed, "Just do it, somewhere, else!", suddenly the lights came on, and all three of the Alliance looked to see Chef, right there, by the door. Smiling, Chef laughed at catching the three.

"This is my Kitchen!", the Chef said loudly in exclamation, "Also known as, Forbidden territory!", as Cody, Heather, and Lindsay were in surprise, Heather got a plan.

"Take her!", she said as she pushed Lindsay right into Chef, and Cody then followed her as she ran out of the mess hall. Chef tried to then catch Lindsay, but the blonde girl screamed and ran out of the mess hall too. Of course, Chef kicked open the door and looked for them, seeing the three running right for the Dock of Shame and the Lifequard chair. He briefly gave chase, but they proved too fast for him. Once they reached the dock, they all screamed, which were each heard by LeShawna underneath the waters. However, they failed when Chef used the water gun to spray them, knocking them all down into a pile on the Docks, and Chef standing in them in triumph. The next scene had Heather, Cody, and Lindsay sitting outside of the Mess Hall (Cody now had Conker on his lap), while Chef searched inside. Harold was still undiscovered on the roof, and Eva was most likely inside with Chef. Chef looked everywhere in the Mess Hall, even inside the fireplace that it had, and even underneath the tables, when Eva (hiding on the top), decided she had enough, and dropped down behind Chef.

"Screw this!", she yelled as she fell, and once she hit the ground, Eva quickly glared at Chef in a battle like motion, and Chef looked at his gun and then dropped it, also ready for a fight. Eva was surprised, but kept her battle like glare. The two then had their stand-off. Both clenched their fists for the battle, Eva even cracked her neck for it. Soon enough, the two ran for eachother and then got into a punch fight, repeatedly punching at one-another until Chef then pushed Eva away, revealing her to be covering her mouth (Chef smirked), but then moving her arm and hand away revealing herself to not be hurt (his smirk left his face). Eva then got back into a battle stance, and Chef was surprised by this. Chef ran right to Eva and once more got into a Punch fight with the strong butch teen girl, and eventually made a big punch that Eva dodged, by ducking, and then giving Chef an Uppercut right in the jaw. The Upper cut sent him into the air and hurling back down, followed by Eva ramming straight through the door (breaking it off), "YOU'LL NEVER CATCH ME!", she cried out, running towards the dock with all her strength and Determination. Chef hurriedly came out too, though, with gun in hand., "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!", Eva yelled, running to the dock.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!", Chef also yelled out like a battle cry, chasing Eva with his gun. Heather, Cody, and Lindsay followed after him, also running. The scene then switched to a slow-mo of Eva with great determination running straight for the Lifequard chair, with Chef gaining on her. Eva then went into a slide, but Chef then fired his gun. Eva screamed in anger filled defeat as she slid over the puddle Chef created, and into the waters of the lake below. Eva then angrily croosed her arms as she had to settle with not winning the challenge, when she looked over however, she saw LeShawna. LeShawna pointed upwards and bubbles came from her (slightly) opened mouth, likely meaning she wanted to know if Chef was up there or not and that Eva would be willing to keep LeShawna's hiding place a secret. Eva (surprisingly) nodded her head, and LeShawna gave her a thumbs up.

The scene then went back to the dodgeball court, with the Bear continuing to break the bleachers that Courtney was hiding underneath. Courtney of course, was nervous as she looked up to see Chef (with Cody, Lindsay, Heather, and Eva too) walking outside of the court. She laughed at seeing the losers.

"Ha! Heather, Cody, and Eva all lost!", she mocked, "Wait til they see ME on that Lifequard Chair, all I have to do is win invincibility by staying hidden, and I win this game!",

"Rawwwwwwwwgh!", she was startled by the Bear's yawn, Courtney that is.

"What was that?", she asked, scared now. Suddenly, the Bleachers finally gave in, and the Bear came crashing down on her. Courtney screamed in pain and terror, and the entire set of Bleachers (in-fact it was the Gopher's side). Several Boards flew, one knocked out the other bleaches, three knocked down the goalie tower, and several went to each of the top corners, causing the entire glass wall of the court to fall to the ground. Chef and the losers no doubt noticed this, and their eyes just looked on widened with surprise at the sight. As the bear got up and walked away, Courtney got up in pain, and Chef was right there infront of her with her far too close to him to make a run for it, and in too much pain.

"Courtney. ya played hard, but ya lost in the end.", Chef commented, refferring to Courtney's hiding attempt. Courtney groaned in defeat.

"I'm guessing I lost, huh?", Courtney replied, Chef nodded his head and then she groaned. Heather looked on with a smirk on her face, happy to see Courtney's defeat, "Don't even start, Heather."

The scene then went to Harold, who was still on the roof. He was doing his best to keep balance, but suddenly a bird came in, chirping.

"Hey, Back off.", Harold warned the bird, but then another one came, "I said, back off!", he then started doing ninja like motions at the birds, trying to get them away. Soon, the birds became bigger such as a Loon and a Duck arrived, all of them looking at him, "Why won't you go away? Like", then he noticed the birds all flying away, scared. "That's more like it-", suddenly Harold saw he was underneath a large shadow, and nervously looked in the other direction to see one of the massive Canadian Geese from Boney Island, roaring angrily at him, and he gasped in fear, "Oh Crap!", he cried out, as it swooped right at him, "GOSH!", he shouted out once he dodged it. The Goose flew into the skies above, and Harold fell right off the Mess Hall to the ground below. Of course, Heather soon arrived on the scene to see Harold on the ground.

"Dweeb, you are SO busted!", she said to Harold upon catching sight of him.

"Hey, I've got an Idea!", Lindsay said as she and Cody (with Conker in hand), walked up to Heather, "Maybe if we share the credit, Chef will give ALL of us Invincibility!"

"Hey, I've got an idea!", Heather exclaimed, "Find your Own!", she snapped back at Lindsay. Lindsay and Cody both seemed to show fear, even Conker did, and Heather then walked off (with Cody & Conker following her), Lindsay remained confused, though.

The scene then goes to show Chef walking through the woods with Eva and Courtney behind him. He is about to come up right to where Gwen is, still hidden like she were Grass. Chef soon arrived, and stepped on one of Gwen's leg parts. Gwen stood up in pain, of course.

"OW!", she cried out, and of course with a tap on the shoulder, she knew of Chef's presence. Following this, Heather (with Cody & Conker at her side) arrived on the scene.

"I just found Harold by the lodge", she explained as Harold was miserably behind her, (with Lindsay too), "So I guess I have invincibility now!", she of course said this with a smirk and began walking away, "My Job here is done!", as Conker then jumped onto her torso, she then saw Gwen, "Gwen, Looking Fetch as always!", Gwen of course angrily glared at the snobby Heather (and Conker). The next scene then had Chef with all of the losers (except Heather) so far, and he was right at the bottom of the tree that Geoff was ontop of. He kicked it, and it rattled it to the point that Geoff had a series of very painful falls, that even the other losers winced in pain for. Soon, he reached the bottom, and wincing in pain he looked up at Chef.

"You're done, son.", Chef said to the now defeated and found Chef. Following this, Chef was shown putting a tongue in his mouth and putting the finger into the air, trying to look for Duncan. He even sniffed, and then went down to the ground. He licked the grass, and as he looked up he saw on the ground was a single piece of Green Hair, the shade used for Duncan's faux-hawk to be exact. He picked up the hair, and smirked at his find.

It then went to Cody and Gwen, near the cave.

"I wonder where Duncan is hiding.", Gwen said, a bit sarcastically, but partially legit.

"Yeah, that Duncan sure knows how to hide!", Cody exclaimed in response, Gwen then turned to him, with a question to ask.

"You know. why is such a nice person like you going for someone like Heather?", she asked, which quickly got Cody's attention.

"Uhh, because I like her?"


"Because, I just like mean girls. Except Veronica, her I can do without, but Heather's hot, and I also just like a challenge when it comes to a girl. Nice Girls are too easy, but with Heather I know if she loves me I won't have anything to fear!"

"So you like her so you can just be protected in life?"

"NO!", Cody exclaimed defensively, "I LOVE her because she isn't really all that bad, most mean girls come from girls who used to be outcasts, and I bet if someone showed them love, they'd show a very nice caring person underneath! That, and I just like her personality. I can't really describe it."

"Oh...well, I just thought most people like you liked Goths or something.", Gwen explained, actually shown to be a bit depressed since no guy seemed to like her at all here, at least of the guys that were left.

"Hey, don't sweat it!", Cody replied, patting Gwen on the back, "I'm sure you'll get a guy! I mean, you're hot too! Trust me, if I didn't dig Heather so much, I'd be with you myself. In-fact, after this over, how about I go find someone for ya, deal?"

"You'd do that?", Gwen replied with a smile.

"Sure! Heather may hate you, but hey, I'll do it after the competition!"

"Thanks, for a Geek you really are a cool guy.", Gwen replied with a smile, and her and Cody shook hands right as Chef and the other losers of the challenge came out of the cave. Chef was carrying Duncan out by his shirt.

"Alright Alright Already you got me, sheesh!", Duncan exclaimed as she squirmed in Chef's grasp.

"I guess that's everyone then!", Geoff added in upon Duncan's capture.

"Uhhh, LeShawna's not here yet.", Cody corrected Geoff quickly. Chef then was surprised, realizing he had yet to find LeShawna in the challenge.

"LeShawna? But I searched everywhere!", Chef then thought of the only possible answer, "The Water!", Chef then ran across the woods once more, with all of the losers (again except Heather & Conker), towards the location of the Dock of Shame. Chef even pumped up his Gun, and made it to the Dock, but once he reached it, he had to stop himself, as he saw that LeShawna was sitting and smiling on the chair of victory.

"What took you so long, sugar?", she taunted as she sat on the chair of victory. As all of the campers, except Heather and Conker who were not present, ran over and cheered for LeShawna and her victory, Chef actually smiled and nodded, impressed by LeShawna's tactic.

"Alrighty Campers", Chris began, "Game's Over, time to big the loser and send them home.", as the cheers went on it is notable that LeShawna and Eva did double high-five eachother amongst everyone else's cheers, "Oh, and whoever sees Larry, do return him, Love that Guy, thanks!"

Following this, the Girls cabin was shown with all of the Girls inside of it, sitting around a bed.

"Okay, so I found out from Cody that the Guys are teaming up against us.", Heather revealed, "and as much as I hate to say this, we have to actually vote as a group if we want any chance of winning."

"Duncan!", Courtney exclaimed, "He is like, a total neanderthal, probably formed that Alliance, and as such is far too big of a threat to be let to stay much longer!"

"Sounds good to me!", LeShawna exclaimed, "but SOMEONE did kiss his Boyfriend.", LeShawna and Gwen then both glared at Heather, "but I still don't really trust that little criminal."

"Speaking of Trust, I don't trust that Geoff!", Heather confided, "He has like, barely reacted to Bridgette being Eliminated, and not to mention that Harold, I know someone did something back then and it wasn't me! I say Geoff, Lindsay?"

"Geoff, yeah!", Lindsay nodded in agreement, doing her nail polish.

"Oh please, what could HAROLD possible do to ANY competition?", Courtney mocked, "Swap the Votes?"

"Don't doubt the Impossible,", Eva suddenly added in, "I hate to agree with Heather, but there is always that chance she's right."

"Okay, so have we all agreed on who to vote off."

"Girl, I ain't votin' off Geoff, that boy is way to dang nice to do anythin' to his girlfriend!", LeShawna replied, in resposne to Heather wanting Geoff off.

"Hey Gwen, I have a wonderful Idea, why vote together again? Be like, BFF's?", Heather suggested. LeShawna and Gwen both then glared at her though, along with Courtney and Eva.

"You mean like last time?", Gwen replied, "When you got me off? You'll probably just Dump me after the vote or completely betray me again!"

"It's true, she will.", Lindsay replied, Heather then hit her with her eblow, sending her (Lindsay) to the ground and spilling Lindsay's nail polish. Upon seeing the spilled nail polish, Lindsay gasped in horror as it spilled through-out the rug.


Lindsay - "Okay, that was a limited Edition, I'll NEVER be able to get that Nail Polish back! I'm starting to think, that maybe Heather isn't such a nice person after all."


"You with us?", Heather asked Gwen once more, but she shook her head angrily, now knowing better than to trust Heather, LeShawna, Courtney, and Eva also shook their heads as well. "Fine, then let the chips fall where they may!", she finished as she stormed off. LeShawna remained an angry glare as Heather slammed the door revealing she had walked out.

"Fine!", LeShawna said with her glare on.

The scene then went to the Guys, who were meeting at the Dock instead of in their cabin, they were also huddled together.

"So it's agreed.", Duncan said, "We vote Courtney off."

"Wait...why not Eva again?", Harold asked, confused.

"Because Heather has invincibility", Duncan said this with anger, "and Courtney's so much of a Rules Person she will start winning challenges soon, so it's better to take our chance now rather than try to do it when it's too late and Courtney's in the final three! Anyone agree!"

"Yes!", Cody replied, happily, relieved to be getting rid of Courtney who wants him gone herself.

"Yes!", Geoff replied, "She's a Bitch anyway."

"Boo-yah!", Harold said as his reply. Once more, the guys put their hands together to show they were in on it.

"That settles it.", Duncan said with a smile, "Courtney's getting the boot again!"

The next scene, was the Campfire ceremony. For once, the Ceremony was shown on airing to start when Courtney, Geoff, and Duncan were the bottom three, and everyone else was safe.

"There are only two marshmallows left on this plate,", Chris said to point out the obvious and already known, "You each racked up a lot of votes!", this angered Courtney of course, "One of you is going home to tonight, and this time it's for good! The next marshmallow goes to..........Geoff!", Geoff was then finally given his Marshmallow.

"Alright! Yeah!", Geoff cheered, and joined the other Safe campers, this left Duncan and Courtney as the bottom two of the episode.

"The FINAL Marshmallow of the Night goes to................................................", suddenly the suspense really went up, as Courtney became worried and Duncan was not, but Chris still went with the pause anyway to build this tension, "....................................................................................................................Duncan!", and then tossed the not surprised Duncan his marshmallow. Duncan ate it upon recieving it.

"WHAT?!", Courtney angrily yelled, getting up from her seat, "YOU GUYS VOTED ME OVER DUNCAN? REALY! HEATHER OUTRANKS ME?!"

"Well, Courtney, don't be surprised. You were gonna meet your end anyway.", Heather replied, happily smirking at this big reveal, "I didn't vote for you, but I kinda did see this coming.", as Courtney growled,


"Sorry sister, but we did all vote fairly.", Duncan revealed with a smirk, "You got voted out COMPLETELY Fairly this time, doll."

"UGH! FINE!", Courtney shouted once more, "But I'm not done HERE! I can PROMISE you that!", she then finally waked towards the dock of shame, completely enraged from her now second Elimination, and angrily sat onto the boat of losers. Watching Courtney finally leaving the Island on the boat, Heather smirked sinisterly, happy to see one of her main enemies leave for the second time.


Lindsay - "Like, Oh my Gosh! I just like, totally remembered something! Wheres Tyler at?"


The Episode faded out with Lindsay's confessional's final static.


  • This is the second time Courtney has been eliminated, the first being Not Quite Famous.