Eternal's Stoked is a reimagining of the Fresh TV series Stoked. Like Total Drama, the reimagining has a bit more adult humour in mind, though this series has it be more toned down than the original Total Drama series. Rather than a competition story, Stoked (Both the original and the reimagining) is set up like a sitcom of sorts, every major character is usually in every episode, and on that subject, there are also indeed desginated main characters as opposed to Total Drama which attempts to put every character as something of a major character. Though due to this limiting how original the story can be, Eternal adds OCs and Pseudo-OCs (OCs based off other show's characters but aren't actually the character in-story). to make things different. He also changes the plots of episodes while still being essentially the same, only very changed up and twisted around.

The main characters:

The Minor and Major Supporting Characters:

The Original Characters and Pseudo-Original Characters added in for flavor:

Season 1Edit