Come Fly With Us is the first song in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung by all of the twenty contestants throughout various locations inside the Total Drama Jumbo Jet, in Norway, No-Way! Part 1. It is sung describe how the contestants feel about flying in the sky and singing for the new season.


Veronica, Beth, Sierra and Lindsay: Up, up, up, up!

Trent, Cody, DJ and Tyler: Sing, sing, sing, sing!

Veronica, Beth, Sierra, Lindsay, Trent, Cody, DJ, Tyler, Heather and Sadie: We're flying, and singing, we're flying and we're singing!

Sadie: And miss Katie!

Sierra: Come fly with us!

Cody and Sierra: Come fly with us!

Eva: We've got a lot of stupid songs to sing because of Chris.

Bridgette: (is in first class with Lindsay) Come Fly with us!

Bridgette & Lindsay: Come Fly with us!

Alejandro: It's a pleasure, and an honor, and a must! (Bridgette and Lindsay both blush and giggle, he smirks and raises one eyebrow at the camera)

Duncan: Dudes, this is messed, you're singing in a plane.

Justin: Well, this isn't a problem for me! I was also a pop singer

Gwen Yeah, but guys, you're singing on TV!

Heather: (comes in doing ballet around the two, surprising both Gwen and Duncan) Haven't you always wanted to? No wait, it's just meeeeeee!

DJ: Come Fly with us!

Sadie: Come miss Katie!

DJ: Come Fly with us

Veronica: Can't you fucking steer this thing?!

Chef: I try! (Is spraying Windex in an intern's eyes) Don't worry, dear Joshua, I have the soluuttttiooonnn! (Takes out a rock and starts beating Joshua with it.)

Ezekiel: Hey yo, yo, yo, yo, homies, ya man Zeke here, droppin' the bomb cuz you talkin' to the victor! Yeah, hmm-mmm! Harold things he's all that, but I'm the real rap-pah! No one else thinks so, but Zeke knows so cu- (Eva suddenly arrives and smacks him in the face with the frying pan.)

Noah: Come Fly with us, come die with us!

Sadie: Flying? We're flying now? Someone call Katie, please! (Eva then comes in and knocks her out with the frying pan again.)

Heather, Veronica, DJ and Trent: Come fly with us! Come sing with us!

Duncan & Gwen: No!

Chris McLean: Will anyone care for a copy of the Season 3 rules, because in-order to escape instant elimination-

Veronica: All contestants must sing in each show!

Cody: Duncan, come on! Don't wuss out!

Noah: Gwen, just do it. Let's go!

Gwen: I don't wanna go home. Come fly with us, come Fly with Us, come and fly, with uuuussss!

Cody: Duncan, dude come on!

Duncan: This suuuuuuuccckks!

Everyone (besides Ezekiel and Duncan): Yeah!

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