Screaming Gophers
Killer Grips
Team Amazon
Gender Male
Hair color Brunette (Brown)
Eye color Teal
Eliminated TDI: "Are We There Yeti?"
TDA: "2013: A Space November"
TDWT: "Finale Down Under!"
Place TDI:4th
Relationship Heather (Attracted to),
Justin (Attracted to),
Sierra (One-Sided Attraction)
Family Blaineley (Mother), Veronica (Cousin), Aunt, Uncle, Father, 2 other cousins
Friends Blaineley, Duncan, Heather, Justin, Trent, Harold, Noah, Tyler, Katie, Beth, Lindsay, Gwen, LeShawna, Owen
Enemies Courtney, Veronica

Cody Emment Jameson Anderson, labeled The Geek, was a camper on Total Drama Island as a member of the Screaming Gophers. He returned in Total Drama Action when he managed to be one of those that qualified, and was placed on the Killer Grips team. He also returned as a contestant for Total Drama World Tour as a member of Team Amazon.


Cody can be considered the polar opposite of his mother and eldest maternal cousin. Cody is a flirtatious tech expert with a sugar addition. He joined the show primarily to be with the "cool" kids, his own kind (so he thinks). His self-named "manly charms" and "smooth moves" are famously not so smooth, failing him around the females and true cool contestants, such as Trent. Cody's usual tactic of getting women involves him using pick-up lines that sound irresistible to him, but irritating to everyone else. Most of the girls he flirts with usually end up annoyed or amused. Despite the act, Cody seems to be aware that it's actually a façade and that he isn't the Cassanova he desires to be. He admits in a season three confessional that the most success he usually has with girls is getting to buy them soda and listen to their problems. It is highly suggested through Cody's huge crush on Heather that once he becomes truly interested in someone, he will be loyal and will do whatever it takes to make her happy - even cause cause someone else's elimination and give up his place in the competition for said person. Cody is a very sweet boy, but with it comes tendencies that are perverted and somewhat stalker-like. He shifts to the receiving end of a major fixation in Total Drama World Tour.

At the same time, it is shown that he has to put up with arguing parents and a very fame-mongering cousin back home. It is very possible that the reason he isn't like his mother is due to her lack of being around for him, or because she makes sure he has a good public image. His cousin is also shown to directly upstage him and prevent him from getting far in most things besides those deemed "nerdy" by popular culture, even pushing him out of the way in a hurdles competition and tricking & distracting him during a soccer game.

He also has a major weakness to high levels of pressure, he gets too nervous and finds it difficult to continue when put to too much pressure to do something.

Total Drama IslandEdit

When Cody arrives on the island in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1, he is greeted by Chris as the "Codester" and the "Codemeister." He happily notes that a girl had already arrived, but then questions if said girl is even a girl at all, slightly offending her, but it is likely he didn't mean to. He also greets Eva, only for her dumbells to be dropped onto his feet. Cody gets placed on the Screaming Gophers, and later walks into the girls' cabins to tell Heather that she is smart, hot and that he "feels that." When Heather told Cody he was supposed to be on the boys' side, he grins eerily at her. His answer causes him to be thrown out of the cabin by Heather.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, Cody was scared by the fight going on between Heather and Leshawna. As his team got their turn at the challenge, Cody was extremely frightened when he jumped off the cliff, flailing his arms and legs and screaming as he fell. Despite this, he succeeded in landing in the safe zone. He said that bringing
the supplies over to the campground was easy, due to the advantage his team received, and was pleasantly surprised that they got there so quickly. Cody quietly assists his team in winning the challenge for the rest of the episode.

In The Big Sleep, Cody is one of those that Heather recruits into her alliance early in the episode with the others being Lindsay and Beth. He is the only one actually okay with Heather's alliance rules. Later he was about to fall asleep hugging Heather, but was woken right up when she shoved him right off of her. Sometime later, he fell asleep far away from Heather and was instead next to Noah. Noah was kissing Cody's ear while still asleep. Cody doesn't notice this at first, but once Noah wakes up and begins screaming, Cody screams as well, and they both run away from each other in a panic after the awkward situation.

In Dodgebrawl, Cody, Heather, Lindsay and Beth talk at breakfast about the alliancr rules again, with Cody remembering the rule of no dating those on the other team. He was then present in the first round of the Dodgeball match, and ended up being one of the last ones left, against Geoff and Bridgette. He got Geoff out by giving a boomerang effect to a dodgeball, and by rubbing the ball on his shirt, he caused it to build up static electricity, making it impossible for Bridgette to avoid, since it was like a homing missile. In a later round, he was knocked out by Eva and nearly crashed through the floor itself. Later when Courtney considered waking Duncan up, Cody was the one who objected to the plan, warning that he would be "pissed" if they did it. Eventually, it was down to just Cody and Harold in the game, and despite Cody's skills Harold managed to catch the ball flawlessly. In the end, Harold managed to defeat Cody in the final round of the game, Cody holding his head down in shame at the defeat-likely due to Heather having been watching. He was safe from elimination that night and likely threw his marsmhallow at Noah with everyone else.

In Not Quite Famous, Cody, Beth and Heather all looked blankly at Lindsay when she suggested the challenge would be a musical. Him, Lindsay and Beth also supported Heather when she declared herself captain of the team against Courtney. When Heather let Courtney replace him as a talent judge, he was sad but accepted Heather's choice. He was then shown playing his electronic keyboard, which was accepted by Heather but objected by Courtney. Cody then stood behind Heather as she asked if Lindsay could keep a secret, and said that he could keep one. As such, both he and Lindsay were told to spy on Gwen and Courtney respectively. Some time later, he approached Courtney as she was practicing her violin. He asked her if she liked anyone at camp, to which she said she wouldn't tell him and continued telling him that she easily deduced that he was working for Heather. Cody then backed off and told Heather via walkie-talkie that she was onto them. Heather then had him distract Gwen, during which he got her to show him her notepad drawing of Trent. Cody admitted in confessional he felt bad for Gwen, as she knew Trent was getting closer to Duncan instead. He then instantly told Heather of the notepad picture. Cody later helped Heather during the performance, pulling a rope for her that sent a stagelight down on Courtney's violin, breaking it while Heather made it seem like Bridgette pushed her. Later, Cody peformed his keyboard talent and earned a seven out of nine on the Chef-O-Meter. Off-screen, it was later revealed that Cody actually stole one of the votes, making Courtney have more votes against her instead of Heather during this episode's events.

In The Sucky Outdoors, Cody was quiet for the most part of the challenge, though he did comment that Heather could eat him up when she complained about there being no food, to which she said she'd pass on. He then told her there was no rule against dating on their team, making her facepalm. In the confessional he persisted that she liked him, and that he could see the burning lust in her eyes. He then insists on getting food for his team, but they don't believe in him. He assures them that he can do it, flexes for Heather (who rolls her eyes) and then sets off despite his team's disbelief. He later returns with two fish, and assures Heather that they can heat them up. He also reveals to Gwen & his team that he learned fishing tricks from his uncle in Russia, and that he has an
aunt, uncle and three cousins there as well, and that he is a citizen of both Canada and Russia. At night, when Duncan tells his horror story Cody hugs onto Heather in fear and for once she doesn't push him off of her, and remains in her lap in fear after the story is done. Sometime later, a bear showed up at their makeshift campsite and made both him and Lindsay pee themselves. Cody and the others then watched in shock as LeShawna actually beat up the bear. He and his team were then all happy win they won the challenge.

In Phobia Factor, Cody and his team offer gifts to the bass for their failure, and when DJ is freaked out by what he thinks is a snake, Cody assures him it is nothing but a gummy worm. When everyone goes over their fears, he says his fear would be having an overly obsessive fangirl, but that he's also a afraid of being under heavy pressure. He also mocks Duncan into revealing his fear of Celine Dion standees, as well. Cody also helped DJ with his fear of snakes, telling him to think of the snake as if it were a slimey bunny in need of a bath. Cody later faces his fear; his stuffed emu Jerry being strapped to an electric chair and he must try to save it. Later, is revealed that though Chris counted him as failing, Cody did manage to save Jerry from being destroyed, hugging him tightly as he did so. Later, Cody then points out the odds are 7-3 in the Gopher's failure to the Bass.

In Up the Creek, Cody initially wanted to partner with Heather for the canoe challenge, but when she said she had Alliance plans he was very willing to them instead. She then tells him to partner with Gwen and sabotage her, which of course he agrees to do. Gwen initially objected and twisted Cody's arm in response, but upon seeing Duncan go with Trent and LeShawna go with DJ, Gwen allowed Cody to pair up with her. He then says in the confessional that he's always liked mean girls, except for his cousin. He says that even though he's nice to them he still gets rejected. Cody then tried to the push the canoe in the water, but ended up in the water himself instead. During the challenge, Cody talks with Gwen and tells him that he understands what she's going through, and tells
her that even if Trent is gay, that there are tons of other fish in the sea. Once they hit Boney Island, it is Cody that notices the woolly beavers. Once they ran away, Cody looked on in sympathy as he saw Gwen was looking at the bonding Trent and Duncan. When they found the massive geese, Cody pulled bread from his pants that he was going to save for Heather, but ended up having to use them against the geese instead. During the fight with the Reality TV cast, Cody and Heather both had a canoe knocked ontop of them and were mostly un-involved in the fight. Later, he joined with Heather, Lindsay and Beth with betraying Gwen's trust by voting her off with her. He was shown to be ashamed of doing this though, looking down at the ground with a large frown.

In Paintball Deer Hunter, Cody was the only one who was excited on his team that he was a deer, and even complimented Heather on how she looked in her costume. Eventually, he was left with Heather when his team separated, and was being held back from hugging her due to this. Later on, Heather sends Cody and Lindsay both out to get berries, which they do. When he was in the confessional, he was shown after he was mauled by the bear, even before the attack, implying that the only confessional was in the camp site. At one point, he ran into Beth and they talked about how it was going, and also about Cody's crush on Heather. Once Heather and Beth began to argue, Cody took the chips and ran. As he called Barbecue the "King of Chip Flavors," he left crumbs on
Phobia factor (2)
his way, and didn't notice there was a hole in the bag. Once he found berries, a bear found him by following the crumbs and mauled him. This left him with a full body cast, a black eye, several scratches, and a wheelchair. He voted off Beth for Heather. Despite this, it was thanks to Veronica secretly being on the island for rigging the votes that DJ was eliminated instead of Cody. Due to his injuries, Cody did not participate in the group hug his team gave DJ.

In If you Can't Take The Heat..., Cody and Trent start off the morning by having a small friendly talk about how Cody's healed up quickly and nicely and whether or not the challenge will need his arm or not. For the challenge, Heather assigned Cody with molasis. Later, he and Lindsay were working together on the flambe, but Cody was unsure if he could do it with only one good arm. Later on, they reveal to Heather that they couldn't get it to start, during which Cody reveals he never took Home-Ec, and Heather learns they never even lit it in the first place. When Heather complains about her team being mostly morons, Cody is the one who comforts her about it. He was also the only one who went to get Heather's make-up bag when Beth refused to do so. Not only that, but he also ran into the fridge after her when LeShawna, Beth and Lindsay threw the bag into it. Cody assured Heather that while they were in the fridge, they still had eachother (to which she said "shut up, Cody"). Only near the end of the challenge did Lindsay come back and free them, both of them being turned blue and shivering from the cold. He was with Heather when she threatened Lindsay for the fridge incident, and then voted off Beth for Heather's sake too. He was the first one to receive a marshmallow at the ceremony.

In Who Can you Trust?, Cody was back to full health and was fully healed from his bear attack. While he was walking outside, he eventually found an injured squirrel, which he felt bad for and picked up with a promise to keep it safe, and also to take it with him for breakfast. When he sat with Heather and Lindsay, he called the squirrel his pet, and used puppy eyes to convince Heather to let him keep the squirrel, making both Cody and the squirrel happy. The Squirrel remained on Cody's shoulder through-out most of the episode following this. Cody was then paired with Lindsay during the blow-fish cutting challenge, which ended up resulting in Cody being poisoned by Lindsay's horrible cooking, and also recieve CPR from Chef Hatchet. Cody also had to a receive a needle for his illness as well. Cody remains absent while his squirrel helps his team with the challenge.

In Basic Straining, Cody is busy giving his squirrel a name, to which it agrees to go with the name "Conker". They then go to find Heather just as Chef reveals the boot camp challenge. During this, Cody leaves Conker in the cabin. During the canoe holding challenge, Cody assured himself it wasn't going to be too hard, and then made another pass at Heather, who told him she wasn't his girlfriend, he also pointed out that he was the only one willing to date her, to which she told him to be quiet and help with the challenge. In the confessional, Cody is sure that doing so will make Heather dig him, while she has other things in mind. When Chef made them eat garbage, Cody was with Heather in refusing to do so. Cody then made it through all of the major boot camp challenges. When Duncan brought back stolen food, Cody was enjoying all of the sugary ones without giving ones to much anyone else. Cody was eventually up against Eva in the final challenge, which he managaged to actually beat her in as well.

In X-Treme Torture, Cody was surprisingly quiet for the most part. He was assgined to be the skier for the Gophers, and told Heather that he didn't think she was a bitch when Duncan said she was. Cody was also one of the people Sadie questioned about the mysterious haiku. He said that though he learned about japanese culture, he did not write the haiku. Later, for the ski challenge Cody showed off a japanese speedo he was able to get with completely unknown means, and managed to win it for the Gophers. Later, when Owen revealed he managed to see someone's boobies before he left, Cody sighed in jealousy and sadness when he realized it was Heather's.

In Brunch of Disgustingness, Cody was often mocked by Veronica when she would separate his name from being with the rest of the boys to insult him. Cody also took part in the boys' party in their newly merged cabin, getting along well with them. Cody then cried a bit when he had to eat the bull testicles when the actual challenge started. However, Geoff's brief pep talk helped him swallow. However, him and Trent spit their meatballs out, losing the challenge. Cody was then the one to stuff the slice of pizza into Trent's mouth while Duncan held Trent down. He also was shown biting on a flip-flop with a smiley face on it. He and the other remaining boys then enjoyed their victory at the end of the episode.
Cody and trent

In No Pain, No Game, Cody and the other guys happily returned from their victory, and Cody offered the girls chocolate candies, which they refused. Cody then went right back to Heather as soon as the teams were dissolved. Cody expressed fear when Courtney returned to the competition, as she revealed he had actually stolen one of the votes, thus causing her elimination. He was also surprised when Gwen returned as well. He even clinged to Heather's leg in fear of Courtney. He was also shown eating ice cream fast, resulting in a brain freeze. Cody then voted off Sadie, as Heather did as well.

In Search and Do Not Destroy, Cody was handed the bear as his challenge, which Veronica said she was hoping he'd get. Cody first tried to get the key from it while it was sleeping, but ended up in it's arms instead. He eventually ripped the key off of it's neck though, but then had to immediately run for safety. Thus, he ended up seeing Heather kissing Trent, which made him so angry and sad at the same time that he punched the bear right in the face. In the end, his key didn't open any chests and he didn't win a thing. He angrily voted off Trent, highly jealous of him for kissing Heather.

In Hide and Be Sneaky, Cody approaches Heather and asks her for the 50th time if she really meant to kiss Trent, with which she says no, and she says she looks hot today. Later on, Cody, with Conker on his shoulder, was brought into the Guys' Alliance by Duncan along with Geoff and Harold. Geoff remembers when he and Cody overheard a catfight between Heather & LeShawna, and Cody himself denies the possibility that Heather would ever team up against him. Sometime later, Conker went missing and Cody looked for him, eventually running into Heather with Lindsay in the kitchen. They were shooed away by Heather, but soon enough all of them were caught by Chef when he returned to the kitchen, Conker returning to be on Cody's lap outside the mess hall. Heather also later refused to let them share credit for finding other people with her. Cody also later spoke with Gwen about why he likes Heather, and he explained to her that it's because he knows most mean girls come from outcasts and have a nice person underneath, and because he likes her personality. He also promises that after the show is over, he would set Gwen up with a guy if she wanted him too, and said that if he didn't like Heather he'd be with her himself. Cody was also the one to point out that LeShawna hadn't been found yet, which was fruitless as she had already won the challenge. Sometime later, he also revealed to Heather the existence of the Guys' Alliance as well, for obvious reasons. Cody was later shown agreeing with the other Guys about voting off Courtney.

In That's Off the Chain!, Cody meets with the remaining guys and suggests Eva should be their next target in the alliance, and is defensive when Harold suggests eliminating Heather. In the end, it is Cody's idea that is accepted by the alliance. While he was fixing his back, he showed sympathy when he heard Lindsay never got the bike she wanted for Christmas, alongside Geoff, but Duncan quickly gets the two back into focusing on the alliance. Later, Cody finished his bike which was styled after Heather. Cody was then handed Duncan's bike for the challenge, and ended up having some trouble with it until Duncan told him to pull the skull, sending Cody super fast around the island's shore and getting Duncan into the last part of the challenge, and knocking out Chef due to sudden breaking. Thanks to Conker, Cody's bike also made it passed the finish line as well, getting Cody into the last part too. Cody complimented Lindsay on her bike, and she did his, but Duncan's glare stopped this from continuing. Cody didn't last long though, as the very first land mine sent him flying into the air and off of the track, the wheel of his back whacking Chef in the face. Cody also looked on in shock when Lindsay cursed Heather off, and received a friendly hug from Lindsay as she left, her saying he was her best friend here, and him saying she was a good friend too.

In Hook, Line and Screamer Cody is shown to be clinging onto Heather in fear due to the horror moving they had been watching, much to her annoyance. When Heather tosses him off of her, he confesses that scary movies scare him alot. When Duncan scares him with a hook, Cody admits he wasn't mad at Duncan for it, and that she should've expected it. Cody also peed his pants again during the film, this time while on Heather's head though, much to her further annoyance. He then promised to keep Heather safe, and went with her to the bathroom to help her with her showering and such, and even made further passes on her, all without much success. He even was willing to shave her legs for her, which Harold soon saw, scaring him away from the scene in a flash. Sometime later, both Cody and Heather were captured by "The Killer", which was really Chef in a costume. Cody later congratulated Duncan on beating Chef in the challenge, and then was the one to notice Gwen being with the actual killer. As such, he and everyone else ran to warn her of this, and watched her beat said killer up.

In Wawanakwa Gone Wild! Cody was first shown repeatedly asking Heather out, asking for Friday, Monday, Saturday and even Sunday, all of which were turned down. Soon enough, the two were also trapped in a tree (Heather) and a cage with the others (Cody). In the confessional, Cody admits he didn't expect to make it to the Final Seven, and that Veronica and his mother are the T.V. stars in his family rather than him, and that he wonders if he can actually win at this point. Cody then got a Chipmunk as his animal to capture and bring back to camp. Cody then got paper towels from the boat house, and him and Geoff shared a high-five as Geoff held up a burlap sack. Cody then offered to help Heather with her challenge and offered her his towels, but she still refused his help. Later, Cody actually got the chipmunk to happily get onto his head, only for Conker to jealously knock said Chipmunk out with a slingshot, but Cody brought it back to camp anyway and was the second person to complete the challenge with Conker on his shoulder again. Later on, Cody once more offered help to Heather, only this time she actually took it. Cody's plan was to put Heather into a deer costume, which she was against but she actually let this plan go on (possibly out of sympathy for what happened last time he was dressed as a dear in-front of a bear), Later, when Heather is shot by Eva with a tranquiler dart, Cody's only comment is that Heather has a cute butt. In the end, Cody votes off Eva alongside Heather and even ends up cleaning the washrooms in Heather's place as well.

In Trial by Tri-Armed Triathalon, Cody is the one who notices the Helicopter first, and is once more insulted by Veronica for being her "loser cousin". Cody was then paired with Heather for the challenge, much to his personal enjoyment. During the eating challenge, Heather forcibly made Cody eat the food, and complained when alot of it was dropping onto the floor. Amazingly, Cody and Heather were able to win the first challenge, Heather even hugging Cody for this as well. The hugg was awkwardly ended though, when Heather felt something (a boner) poking her and saw Cody intensely blushing. Cody then asked if Heather would kiss him repeatedly, but was turned down each offer, he also was worried she'd go for the wimp key, but she told him they would not be doing that. During the canoe race, Heather even used a chocolate bar to get Cody to use his inner strength to get the canoe into the water. He then asked if they were at least friends, to which she said they'd talk about it later. When they encountered the geese on Boney Island, Cody tried to protect Heather but both of them were scared away by the giant geese. During the elimination head order challenge, Cody compliments Heather when she goes over the heads of the previously eliminated, calling her hotter than Justin, smarter than Lindsay and Beth, and saying that her personality had no flaws when she badmouthed Gwen's. This actually made Heather smile, and they both agreed to simply win, though in the end it was LeShawna and Duncan who did. In the end, Cody voted Geoff off alongside Heather.

In Haute Camp-Ture, Cody's shorts are shown being snagged by Duncan via fishing line, much to Cody's embarassment before focus goes to those eliminated previously. During this, Courtney still shows that she is still upset with Cody and wishes to ring his neck. Noah was also teased a bit for having kissed Cody back in the third episode.
Cody-Am-AH-zon Race

In Camp Castaways, Cody is actually in the confessional in which he comments at how he's most likely going to go next due to the other three (Duncan, Heather and LeShawna) being better compeitiors, and also that he hopes he gets to see Veronica leave before he goes. Later, he is trapped in the confessional when high rains send him and everyone else casted away on a seemingly deserted island. He is initially frightened, but once he hits land he thanks the lordy jesus until he saw a Tyranosaurus Skull placed there by Veronica on purpose, once more wetting his pants from the sight and in fear. Eventually he rejoins with Heather, and is soon joined by LeShawna as well. When they find the skeleton, Cody is the only one who thinks Heather is smart for thinking this is a survival challenge. Cody and Heather then both stayed in the shelter when the Final Four all split up. Eventually though, NaTasha from Reality TV found the two and were joined by her along with Duncan & LeShawna in the shelter when a snake fell right next to them. In said cabin, all of them shared various secrets that they agreed to not share with anyone ever. They there all then led by NaTasha into fighting against what they thought were head hunters but really was just Veronica and Chef partying in the staff camper area, revealing they had never really left camp in the first place. At the campfire ceremony, Veronica revealed she had chosen who was eliminated, much to Cody's surprise, however Chris and NaTasha came in and exposed Veronica wasn't a legal citizen of Canada, leading to Cody happily watching Veronica be deported, as he knew he was the one she chose to be eliminated.

In Are We There Yeti?, Cody was paired with Duncan for this challenge, and once more had Conker with him early on. Cody was worried when Chef told them of Sasquatchenawkwa. Cody and Duncan then went over what they had once they were away from the girls, where Cody was impressed with Duncan stealing Chef's night vision goggles. Cody then failed to notice the map was being held backwards and lightly argued with Duncan over the direction they were to be going, but went with Duncan's plan anyway. Cody then saves Duncan from falling of the cliff, but Duncan assures him he didn't need the help. Cody then insists the possibility of Sasquatches, which Duncan refuses to believe. Only when LeShawna mocked them from below and revealed she had a compass did the two boys realize they were going in the wrong direction. Duncan and Cody then jumped (Duncan pushed Cody) off of the cliff and onto a
Cody 6
raft to go down the river so they could beat the girls. On said raft, both Cody and Duncan farted twice, and both were impressed by this for some unknown reason. Cody was then shown to be caught by a trap the girls layed by using a candy bar and getting Cody tied to a tree, Duncan rescued him but the girls stole their stuff. They then got them back with another plan though, resulting in Heather scaring them as a mummy, various candy bar stealing among other things. Soon enough, all of them ended up being scared by the Sasquatch, being ran into a dark cave and than chased back out by bats with said Sasquatch, and eventually Heather and LeShawna, mainly Heather, tricked Cody into giving her his and Duncan's map, angering Duncan greatly. Cody however then smelled baked foods, so he and Duncan headed in that direction. Cody eventually beat Heather and LeShawna to the campgrounds, but he went first for the sticky buns. As such, Cody grabbed the sticky buns and literally tossed them right at Heather and LeShawna tripping them and allowing himself and Duncan to win the challenge instead. At the ceremony, Cody and Duncan were immune, making Cody worried for Heather. As such, when Chef announced that Heather was voted off, Cody actually interrupted this and gave up his immunity in place of Heather. In turn though, Chef revealed this meant Cody was instantly eliminated in her place. As he was leaving, Heather actually ran up and kissed him on the cheek, saying that he could call her an actual friend at the least. As such, Cody left blushing and somewhat fainted in the boat of losers. He also however, left Conker on the island by accident, making Conker sad as Cody left.

Cody then made a brief appearance in I Triple Dog Dare You! in which he and all the other previously eliminated contestants are shown hearing Heather's cry of defeat from Playa Des Losers.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, Cody was the only one who said Heather looked great despite her hair still being ruined after it had been shaved. He also blushes when Duncan suggests Heather's thinking of "riding" him (Cody) later. Cody, along with Heather, were on the Duncan supporting side of the finale. During he episode, Cody helped Heather with her plans of ruining LeShawna's chances, first by helping her push a giant fan into place. Eventually, this fan came into use in ruining LeShawna's wrestle match with November Kox, but it backfired on Heather (Gwen turned it around and it rendered Heather fully bald) and LeShawna still won the match anyway. Despite her baldness, Cody still called her beautiful. Heather then took Cody onto her second plan, spreading a rope out across the final path-way, to trip LeShawna. However, Bridgette knocked out Heather and Gwen actually kissed Cody on the lips (likely for revenge on Heather for kissing Trent) to try and backfire this plan. In Duncan's Ending, Cody and Heather tecnically succeed, while in LeShawna's Ending the sabotage Gwen and Bridgette did actually worked instead. At the end, Cody is one of those cheering when Chris is dunked into the lake, when afterwards he approaches Heather and gives her her first wig to keep, much to her thanks.


In the Special, Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, Cody is first seen playing frisby with Tyler, falling into the pool during so. When the now bald Heather comes out, Cody of course takes the time to compliment her as he always has before, but she once more turns him down. When Izzy teased Noah about the ear kiss, both Noah and Cody denied romantic involvement with eachother, and Cody blushed & smiled when the others reminded Heather of the moments she accepted Cody's advances. When Chris came in with the million dollars, Cody silently agreed with the others, and did join in with everyone else when the race began. Cody initially teamed up with DJ, Tyler and Owen in all guy's team, though this was short-lived when Heather walked up and offered to join them. Cody initially wanted her to do so, but the others objected, ultimately resulting in Cody joining with Heather instead of them. As usual, Cody didn't believe Heather would betray him at all. He didn't comment when Heather refused to let Harold join them, and let her lead him away on the hunt. During their search, Cody asked if Heather knew where Conker was, to which she said he would be of no use to them, as Cody didn't know squirrel language. Soon enough, the two saw that DJ, Tyler, Owen and Harold had found the case, and the two plotted to take it from them by sneaking up to them, but it didn't take long for them to spot Harold betraying his group and running with the case. As such, Cody chased after and fought against Harold for the case, but ended up losing when Owen's farting disgusted the two and allowed Harold to kick Cody off of him, landing the case into Tyler's hands instead. However, Cody later came back and stole the case while Owen had to use the bathroom with DJ and Tyler being tied to him. Later on, Cody constructed a hand-glider on the cliff, and was prepared to set off with Heather when she betrayed him, stealing the case and the case before flying off, only to fall into a beaver dam, propelling Cody into chasing after her with her wig in his hands. Cody later saved Heather from the beavers, and was there when Harold canoed up to them, and comforted Heather when Harold gave her an emotional and understanding speech, even implying her junior high past and such. The two then both got in with Cody, but Cody was the only one of them actually serious about being Harold's friend at all. The three later encountered Veronica's hot air balloon, with Cody angry/determined enough to grab onto the rope on bottom of the balloon and actually use it to climb up to the top with Heather & Harold following him. Once in the top of the balloon, him and Veronica actually had a physical fight for the million dollar case, going on until a bear climbed up with them, making Heather, Harold and Cody jump along with Veronica's butler Higgins. Veronica herself jumped soon after, though. When all of them were on the diving board, Cody (along with Heather, Harold and Katie slid down a hill on the diving board like a sled rather than fall into the pool of green jelly, ultimately leading them to catch Justin and eventually slide into Lake Wawanakwa. When a shark ate the million dollar case, this led to Cody qualifying to return as a cast-member of Total Drama Action

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The Real Cody Edit

In the premiere episode of the series' reboot, Cody appears as a contestant for Total Drama Island yet again. However, it is quickly evident upon his arrival that he is back to his original self in the "real" universe. His Peter Oldring voice is back intact, and it is also evident that he is not related to Blaineley due to lack of interaction or such relationship being mentioned or brought up at all.

It also revealed via exclusive clip, that the Cody depicted here is actually the figment of a girl named Maria Susan's imagination, having been a fanfiction-within-a-fanfiction character all along. In hindsight, this does explain why he became the richest person in the world (a trillionaire), changed voices so drastically (to someone not even Canadian), and other such incidents.


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For his audition, Cody created a beat on a music/sound FX board while singing a song. His father told him to quit because he was making too much noise. This portion of the video is very similar to Beth's audition tape. Cody then
Cody audition
apologizes to his dad and states that he will be "even bigger" than somebody, but he does not specify who due to the camera being shut off before he could say the name.


  • Cody was the second contestant to arrive on Total Drama Island, and was the first male to do so. Coincidentally, he was technically the last male to leave as well (As Duncan was a finalist and never was eliminated).
  • According to Sierra, Cody has been revealed to:
    • Sleeps with a stuffed Emu named Jerry (Though Veronica exposed this to Chris in Phobia Factor)
    • His full name is Cody Emment Jameson Anderson.
    • He is born on April 1st.
    • Is Italian on his Father's Side and Russian on Mother's Side.
    • Had his tooth knocked out by Veronica with a soccer ball, resulting in the gap between his teeth.
    • Was pushed away from winning a hurdles competition by Veronica in second grade.
    • Was distracted and tricked into scoring for the wrong team in a soccer game by Veronica.
  • Cody's underwear colour was questioned by Veronica in The Am-AH!-Zon race, and was later confirmed to be green in the following episode, African Warafare Safari
  • Cody, as of Total Drama World Tour, has outranked all of the other season 1-2 contestants at least once, as he made it to the final 4 in Total Drama Island, and out-ranked the three who got farther than him in the following season. He also technically outranked all of the ones who got farther than him in Total Drama Action, as he outranked Justin and Lindsay in World Tour, and neither Courtney or Katie managed to qualify for said season.
    •   Though he had already outranked Lindsay, Justin, Courtney and Katie once before either way.
    • Out of the season three contestants, the only ones he has yet to outrank are Veronica and Alejandro, who are the remaining contestants alongside him in the season. He will at least outrank one of them if he makes it any farther though, as the other will be a finalist with him if he makes it to the Final 2.
  • Cody is, so far, the only contestant to actually give up their immunity for someone else. He also did so twice, first for Heather and second for Justin.
  • Despite coming here a failure in love, Cody has had plenty of moments where he suceeds in getting some kisses from both girls and boys:
  • Cody is the first and currently only contestant to have two family members be contestants in the competition with him, in his case it's his cousin Veronica and his mother Blaineley, both in Total Drama World Tour
    • He's also, so far, the only contestant to be related to a host of both the main show and the Aftermath show, as Veronica hosted both at one point before being a contestant, and Blaineley hosted the first three TDWT Aftermaths.
  • Cody appears to have bladder problems, as he wet his pants several times during his run in Total Drama Island.
  • Cody's closest friendships seem to be with Duncan, Trent, Justin, Gwen, Katie, Lindsay, Harold and Heather.
    • And his biggest conflicts seem to be with Courtney and Veronica.
  • Cody has so far made it to the merge in all first three seasons of the show.
    • He's also made it to the Final Five all three times as well.
  • Cody is the only contestant from the first three seasons to make it not only to the merge, but also to the Final 5 three times in a row.
  • It is likely that if he had never given up his immunity for his crushes, he might have made it to the Final 2 or at the least Final 3 of Total Drama Island or Action.