Gender Female
Hair color Blonde (possibly dyed)
Eye color Blue
Eliminated TDWT - "Not Always Greener"
Place TDWT - 4th
Relationship Cody's Father (Divorced)
Family Cody (son) , Veronica (niece), Sister, Brother-In-Law and 2 nephews
Friends Josh, Veronica, Cody
Enemies Bridgette, Geoff, Heather, Sierra, Margery, Chris, Alejandro

Mildred "Blaineley" Stacey Andrews O'Holleran is a television host, formerly of Celebrity Manhunt and currently of the Total Drama Aftermath as of Total Drama World Tour. She is also the mother of Cody and the aunt of Veronica. It is confirmed in The Am-AH!-Zon Race that she and Cody's father have been divorced for an unknown amount of time.


Blaineley is obsessed with gossip and fame. She will instigate fights between people and stresses to Sierra to get the "dirt" at the Gemmie Awards. She will also fake sadness if it means earning more fans. Given that she was the original choice to host Total Drama above Chris, she is apparently considered very good at what she does. Blaineley is conceited, mean, and disliked by whomever she meets. The sole exceptions are with Josh, who actually reveres Blaineley as his boss and is "lost without her", Veronica who is Blaineley's niece and similar in personality, and of course her son (and only child) Cody who is the only person she treats kindly besides Veronica.

That said, it is stated that she often schedules Cody waxing and salon trips, resulting in his young appearance despite being one of the older boy contestants. Thus it is possible Blaineley is highly obsessed with her son having a good public image. She is also not a highly responsible parent, as she couldn't even remember a single special moment she and her only child had together.

During the third season of the show however, Blaineley showed at first her normal side, more obsessed with ratings and gossip on the Aftermaths than anything else, even going as far as forcibly sending Bridgette to Siberia in her place to stay on camera on the aftermath. Once she was tricked into becoming a contestant though, she showed her more caring side towards her son and niece. She even caused her own elimination just to make her son happy and forgive her for forgetting his birthday so many times. This shows she is willing to do anything to keep her younger family members happy, though it is implied she has a slight rivalry with her sister; the Governor General of Canada.

Total Drama IslandEdit

Blaineley first appeared in Cody's video message from home, in which she talked to him from the Celebrity Manhunt studio. She couldn't remember anything special her and Cody did together. She also said she didn't agree with him being a contestant on Total Drama, but since he wants to she is allowing it. She then told him to not get injured again in a second bear attack as she couldn't be paying the bills for it anymore for unknown reasons.

She made a second appearance in an actual episode in Total Drama Drama Drama Drama Island, in which she was found with her sister, brother-in-law, nephews, Higgins and Veronica at a pool party near the island at a beverely hills esque mansion by Courtney. She mocked Courtney when she found the island was fake, and told her to tell Cody she said Hi. Later at the end of the episode, she and her sister both arrived on the dock after Chris announced the second season, Blaineley standing by while her sister got Veronica her job back as co-host.

Total Drama ActionEdit

Blaineley made her third and more important appearance in Celebrity Manhunt's TD Reunion Special, in which she and Josh were hosting Celebrity Manhunt during the Gemmy Awards. Blaineley first commented on Courtney and Mephiles's relationship, talking about how her father is very objecting to the relationship and also assuring that Courtney would show up wearing something fabulous during the gemmy awards given that she is now a queen. Her and Josh then both mocked Eva for "breaking a sweat valve" on the next topic. Later, when Owen showed off his massive amount of lost weight and now having a deflated look, she was puking in a garbage can along with Josh. They went over DJ and Momma DJ's failed restaraunt attempt and mocked them a bit for causing actual death, which resulted in said failure, and then looked on in shock with Katie was "interviewed" at college when her teacher was punched in the face on-camera. She then commented on Heather, saying she "makes septic tanks look bad" and then commenting on a blog war involving Heather, Gwen and LeShawna. During the blog wars segment, Blaineley revealed she was on "Team Gwen and LeShawna". When Chris, Chef, Veronica and Pennywise arrived, she was kind and cheered Veronica on when she did the commercial sign-off, while seemed to be annoyed with Chris initially not remembering the Total Drama cast. Her and Josh also lied about still having Chris' Audio CD. They then talked about how Duncan had become a deliquent role model for Gay teens everyhwere, and both joked about how Dustin Beebler is possibly one of the most influenced by Duncan. They then talk about Geoff and Bridgette, in which Blaineley called them "amateur" hosts and said that they needed to earn gossip creds, or else she's "changin' the channel". During the Drama Direction segment, she admitted she had a crush on Justin, and she also seemed to dissapprove of their pool party skinny dipping stunt, likely due to the bad publicity it generated for her son's public image. When they mentioned Izzy, Blaineley claimed she never thought she'd get "that" crazy. She also said that Leshawna's worst career move was her "Largest Loser Weight Loss" show appearance because Leshawna trimmed down her "perfect booty." After Sierra became a Celebrity Manhunt interviewer, Blaineley complained that Sierra wasn't "digging up the dirt" with former castmates at the interviews live on the red carpet and this possibly started the formation of a one-sided conflict between the two. While the bus chase was going on in between the Total Drama cast and the cast of Total Drama Dirtbags, she was watching it intensely along with Josh, even eating popcorn as they watched the cast head towards a cliff and be chased by a Carnataurus. After informing Geoff, Momma DJ, Owen, The RTV cast members, LeShawna and Harold that they did not make it to season three because they left the main group and returned to the studio (or in Izzy, Courtney and Katie's case not even at the red carpet) , she tells the public that she, along with Josh, will tune in to watch it.

Total Drama World TourEdit

Blaineley, along with Josh, return in TDWT Aftermath I, in which her and Josh co-host the Aftermath along with Geoff. They first introduce Harold, LeShawna, Momma DJ, Izzy, Owen and Courtney as the peanut gallery. She then asks the peanut gallery about whether or not they're bummed to not be competing in Total Drama World Tour, to which they appear to be content with not going through another season of Chris's craziness. She then pesters Geoff about Bridgette being flirted with by Alejandro, even getting him into a short round of "Truth or Hammer" over it. Afterwards, she then reveals that Duncan has gone AWOL, being last seen in Norway. She then says Duncan was being looked for by everyone. They then go on-location in Sweden where Owen is shown doing nothing but eating food instead of doing any sort of reporting. After that, Justin is brought out rather than going to a segment about Bridgette like Blaineley wanted.


Blaineley does however approve of Justin doing the music number Baby with his fellow Drama Direction member Harold and two stand-ins for Cody and Trent. Infact, she even faints during the song, wanting Justin to marry either her or Cody.When Blaineley welcomes back the show, Geoff said she went crazy over the band, to which she then replies that she has to show enthusiasm. Geoff then insults her, calling her not as cool as she thinks. She then asked Courtney about the riot The Drama Brothers caused. She then continues trying to bring up the Bridgette and Alejandro topic, but Geoff stalls further and brings out Lindsay instead. All that is revealed is Lindsay's new "relationship" with the Chinese Tyler and her new chinese outfit. After that, Blaineley is furtherly stalled when Geoff quickly starts the "That's Gonna Leave a Mark!" segment. Blaineley then finally tries to play clips of Bridgette and Alejandro, but Geoff replaces it with random clips of other couples instead. Finally, Geoff interrupts her final attempt with a video guest, with whom she is annoyed with and abruptly turns off. In the end of episode, when Geoff reveals they have reached the end of their time limit. This causes Blaineley to start having a fit of rage, which includes throwing a television set and a chair across the stage. Two burly interns arrive to restrain her and drag her away. She kicks one in the groin and punches the other square in the face, but neither intern seems fazed. They take hold of her and escort her off-stage, with Blaineley vowing to never do the show again, to which Josh follows her and agrees with.

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Blaineley later took part in a surprise call-in during Can't Stop Failing in Louvre, in which she called Chris and got him to force Sierra to switch teams from Team Amazon to Team Chris is Really Really Really Really Hot immediately following the song Oui, my Friends. She also implied Sierra was guilty of playing "Hard to Get" and threatened Chris with something worse than a lawsuit to him. She called a second time as well, in which she made Chris make Sierra unable to touch Cody or his things (if they were attached to him) until the teams merged.

She returned again along with Josh in TDWT Aftermath II, again reprising their roles as hosts due to possibly getting Geoff sick with a cold. They also go over that due to the Jumbo Jet now being crashed in Antartica due to a loss of money, they need to raise $1,000,000 to get the season continuing. Blaineley wasted no time in getting the newly eliminated Bridgette onto the stage. However, when she does, Bridgette does not come out. Lindsay comes back and says that Bridgette wants to sing, so Blaineley says that she'll sing. Blaineley obviously wanted Geoff and Bridgette to fight and have some sort of conflict due to Bridgette falling for Alejandro. After Bridgette sings I'm Sorry, Blaineley shows a recap showing her falling for Alejandro's charms and asked Bridgette if she wants to play "Truth or Tractor Trailer." Bridgette tells Blaineley she wants to do viewer mail and Blaineley & Josh play a clip of a pole, voiced by Blaineley, asking Bridgette to kiss her to which Bridgette then retaliates by telling Geoff that "Ale-Heinous" put her up to it and they get into a fight. Blaineley brings out a new segment called "Total Smackdown," in which Bridgette and Geoff start to fight, but eventually make up. However, Josh keeps Blaineley from being mad by showing they raised money and they change the subject and then go singing a duet song Save this Show after which they bring out DJ as the second guest. When DJ's initial gift of a dinner with he and his Momma fails, Blaineley brings out the animals that Sierra had been killing the parents of and also the lionesses that Veronica got to maul DJ and the Anaconda that terrorized Team Victory.
Momma DJ objects to her son petting any of them, but Blaineley still reeleses them all anyway, resulting in them attacking her and everyone else in the set. Blaineley's neck is seen to be squeezed by the snake, causing her to wear a neck-brace for the remainder of the episode. When Sadie is brought out, Blaineley lightly mocks her for her current situation and when LeShawna offers to dance her and Josh both say she should just sing, resulting in the song Sisters. Following that, Blaineley brings up Sierra's old blog Total Drama Passion when she learns Coderra is the most talked about pairing at the moment. She reveals that Sierra only cares about Cody for his looks and money, that she has thick armpit hair, and that she wants Cody porn despite him being under-aged. This of course makes Margery, Sierra's mom, promise she would get Blaineley back for this. Blaineley then shows a clip of Alejandro, squirting lotion on himself, and then running on the beach in order to stir up more drama with Bridgette and Geoff. Bridgette avoids the video by putting a paper bag on her head and Geoff kisses her for that, much to Blaineley's disappointment. However, Josh cheers when they reach the Million Dollar goal and successfully sign off the episode together. Only then is it revealed that they tried to get their old jobs back, only to be turned down.

In TDWT Aftermath III, Josh and Blaineley were supposed to finally become the roving reporters of the show, but traped Bridgette, Margery and Rebecca the Intern into a bag, tranquilzed them, stuffed them onto a plane before take-off and made them take their spots in heading to Siberia instead. She also explains if her and Josh try to leave for any reason other than being killed accidentally or fired, they would get sued, and that they won't get payed if the show runs late. As such, the two managed to make Geoff extremely angry through-out the episode, especially when Geoff saw Bridgette's situation. When Trent, Eva, Ezekiel and Beth are brought out after having been the previously eliminated, Blaineley and Josh show the former two's interviews with Josh on screen but talk to the latter two live. Blaineley gets annoyed with all of the interviews when they don't produce any good gossip at all. When Gwen and Duncan get on the stage though, the two bluntly refuse to give them interviews and Blaineley immediately goes into the That's Gonna Leave a Mark segment before finally announcing the Second Chance Challenge of the episode, which is won by Momma DJ, Izzy, Lindsay, LeShawna and Beth. Shortly after all of them are assembled, Bridgette comes back on the feed and the Super-fan she was meeting with demanded Geoff and Drama Direction (Justin, Trent, Harold and the Saquatchenawkwa to replace Cody) to sing a traditional Russian song for Blaineley. This prompts them to sing Her Real Name isn't Blaineley, a song insulting Blaineley and revealing her true name to be "Mildred". The fan was enraged, as an angry Bear appeared on the screen and attacked the camera. This only got Geoff even more angry, though. After a commercial break, Blaineley and Josh return to explain the board game the five challenge winners would play, only to then have Geoff come in and show clips revealing Josh to have a small penis and make out with life-sized dolls and Blaineley to have some gross habits.

How Blaineley trims her toes.

Blaineley and Josh then try to move the show along as quick as possible to not run late but Geoff gets in their way. Momma DJ and Beth are quickly taken out by Booby Traps and LeShawna fails to write a haiku complimenting Heather, leaving it down to just Lindsay and Izzy -who due to being struck by the peanut cans is now an extremely intelligent genius- in the challenge. Lindsay manages to not get turned on by Alejandro while Izzy makes it to the final square with her perfect calculations. Izzy even got to the final question, where she struggled to come up with the right answer as it wasn't actually a mentally challenging question. Blaineley, losing her patience due to Geoff's song, clips and stalling, says the name of Duncan's Leather-based Punk Band instead, making her the winner of the challenge instead of Izzy.
IMG 0861

Blaineley wins the mini-contest.

As such, she is set to become a contestant in the following episode. She of course protested, but three interns chased her down and managed to capture her, to make sure she successfuly goes whether she liked it or not. She continued to complain on the way there, of course.

Blaineley makes her debut singing Blainerific in Niagara Brawls. Afterwards, when she asks what team she is on, Chris chooses that very moment to reveal the teams are merging in this episode. As soon as this happens, Blaineley immediately stops Sierra from getting any sort of kiss from Cody, which further sours their relationship. Later, Veronica makes a deal with her aunt and Blaineley reveals all of what Alejandro had been doing during the season to her,  giving Veronica one of the best edges in Total Drama history. After that, Blaineley is paired with Tyler for the challenge.Though they don't do the best in the challenge; Blaineley falls into both a pudding pool and a cake (reuniting her with her long lost "friend" sugar), they still manage to get Blaineley the dress and compete in the second part of the challenge.  During the second part of the challenge, Tyler had to carry Blaineley over a tight-rope across the Niagara Falls. There was a small scene where Blaineley farted, but she and Tyler quickly agreed that nothing happened.  In the end, Cody and Sierra had to go back, and as such they ran into Blaineley & Tyler. Sierra got Blaineley to make Cody say "I Do", which in her mind meant they were married. Just as this happened, though, Scarface the shark grappled onto Sierra's ponytail, getting all four of them knocked down into the water. Sierra however soon saw Cody Jr. on a rock nearby, and swam towards him. Blaineley, Tyler and Cody tried to stop her, but Blaineley and Tyler also had to restrain Cody from swimming after her. In the end, Sierra was killed by Scarface before their eyes, and the wave caused by the down-splash sent Blaineley, Cody and Tyler to safety with Heather & Alejandro. At the ceremony, Blaineley mostly just silently watched as Veronica was revealed to be voted off, but then be saved from elimination due to Sierra's death. It is likely she voted for Alejandro, given that she would not have voted for Veronica or Cody, and would have voted with Veronica.


Blaineley makes an alliance with Chef.

In her second episode as a contestant, Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan, she immediately kicks things off by making an illegal alliance with Chef right off the bat, saying that she always thought he would do great on his own show and that Chris is just holding him back. Later, when the challenge is first started in part one, she karate chops Heather in the face and has two confessional shout-outs; one to her personal trainer and another to her hand-to-hand combat instructor. She then jumps into the Smart K, and asks Cody if he would like to join her, but Veronica pushes him away and has "girl time" with Blaineley instead. Off-screen, Chef pulls the car for the two as they take a tour around Japan, shopping and everything, yet still make it back before anyone else finishes the race. She gave her son Cody a hat from their shopping trip, but not anything else. Blaineley also takes part in the Japanese Quickie song inbetween the two parts of the challenge. She later cheats during the second part of the challenge when Chef somehow attached the Smart K car to the inside of her pinball, allowing her to easily win far beyond the point goal. However, she was quickly exposed by Heather, and while she got to keep the car after the show was over, she still had all of her points removed, and Veronica was deemed unable to compete in the challenge too. She was however, picked by Cody to stay in First Class with him when he was deemed the winner of the challenge. During the ceremony, Blaineley once more said little, just watching with a smirk as Alejandro was exposed as the main antagonist by Veronica and as both Heather and Tyler were shoved off of the plane. It is likely that she was happy about Heather being eliminated. At the end of the episode, after the ceremony, she was spending time with Cody in First Class, only to begin immediately talking to him about various celebrity gossip and upcoming movies, that was not interested in until she brought up an upcoming Sonic related movie.

In Chris and the Chocolate Factory, Blaineley is first shown in First Class with Cody, sipping on a glass of red wine when he walks over to her to ask her something, but decides not to. She is shown to be very curious what it is and why he won't tell her, and even says that she will be damned if her son keeps secrets from her. Later, once the plane arrives at it's destination, she has a brief talk with Chef upon seeing his penalty parka for helping her cheat in the previous episode, she tries to continue their alliance but it is very ambiguous whether or not Chef is following through with that or not. Soon after, just after Chris reveals the first room of the factory, Blaineley is instantly eliminated from the challenge by Chris on the spot for her cheating last episode and for not being a teenager. She then goes back to the plane and is shown in first class sipping her wine again during the song Pure Imagination which she even has a solo in. She later appears at the ceremony for Cody to get his prize and pick someone to go to first class with him for him winning the challenge again. She watches as he gets his candy prize, but is extremely shocked when he picks Alejandro for first class instead of her, being unaware of Cody's secret strategy against him.

In Rapa Phooey!, Blaineley starts up at the recap, where she is in Chris' hot tub, and she even goes own to mock him when he tells her it is for hosts only, reminding him that she too is technically a host and actually finishes off the recap for him. Later, when everyone arrives at Easter Island, she purposely breaks one of Alejandro's eggs and also starts sucking up to Cody in the hopes he will bring her to First Class if he wins, including finding eggs for him. Though when Cody goes with Alejandro into the cave, she quickly goes with Veronica instead.  In the cave, she reveals to Veronica why she doesn't approve of Cody being with Alejandro; That due to Alejandro's nature he will only break Cody's heart, and most people in society care less about gay couples, so they would not care about Cody's broken heart much at all. She also has a brief chuckle later when the bird Cody Jr. hatches in Veronica's hand and actually takes a liking to her. They also of course, avoid the father condor with Cody and Alejandro by running out of the cave. When Chris reveals the second part of the challenge, she soon enough has her own part in the song Condor, though she is the thid person to fail in the challenge, while Veronica won. At the ceremony, she along with the others is happy when Alejandro is kicked off, but is not happy when the ceremony is revealed to be a reward challenge. She is also furtherly shocked and almost angry, when Veronica who won, picked Cody to go to first class with over her.
Blaineley Con

In Not Always Greener, Blaineley first has a brief argument in economic class with Alejandro, where she taunts him for being tricked by her son in the previous episode and for failing to get rid of Veronica at all, and actually reveals her sister to be the Governor General of Canada, Samara Artemeyeva. By the tone of her voice her and Samara might not get along much. Later, during the challenge, she is curious as to why Cody kept asking her about what day it was, until finally it was revealed to her that it was April 1st, Cody's Birthday. Not only that, but also that she forgot about his birthday yet again. Realizing this was on live television, the guilt began to finally set in. She tries to make it up to Cody by creating a large dinosaur in the theme of a broken heart with a birthday hat on it, and wins first place in the challenge and also gets Cody to half-forgive her for forgetting his birthday so many times. This gives her a large drill machine for the next and final part of the challenge, and she causes Alejandro to be scratched up quite a bit with ice rocks of Greenland with said machine. She also deliberately ignores him during the second part of the challenge aswell. She wins the challenge first, and gains immunity. However, she goes into the plane to bake a cake for Cody to truly make up for what she's done to him. Later, her, Veronica, Alejandro and Cody gather with Chris for a mock campfire ceremony, and Blaineley is of course given immunity so she is safe. Once it comes down to either Veronica or Alejandro leaving, Blaineley then interrupts everyone so she could go back into the plane and get the cake. When she brings out though, she fails to notice the oil drums that now were leaking, and everyone warns her about them. However, Cody ran in to save her, and did so just in time as the cake fell into the oil and exploded. Thus destroying the plane. Though Blaineley and Cody were perfectly fine. However, Blaineley was promptly disqualified from the competition by Chris, though she was barely upset about that happening. She also revealed to Cody the cake was chocolate; his favourite flavor. She was happy when Cody fully forgave her for forgetting his birthday so many times.

She is not in TDWT Aftermath IV, but she is mentioned during that episode, Geoff comments the only good things she did in the whole season were make up to Cody, blow up the plane (until he realized why it was bad thanks to Harold), and cause Alejandro to be injured for the first time in the season.

In Planes, Trains and Codymobiles she is rescued from being buried under rubble by Cody and Veronica, Chris having apparently gotten here into said situation. She is further offended by Chris when he rudely tells her find her own way to Australia, the final destination. She then helps Cody look through the plane for ways to move on towards Australia. She is impressed when Cody manages to make a hot air mobile from a wheelchair, parachutes and fuel tanks. She also sits in the chair with him on her lap as they ride together on the mobile, and after they almost crash into Chris she tries to talk to Chris herself but Cody prevents her from doing so. Shortly after, they run into a thunder storm and both scream in terror. Following that, they both take part in the song I'm Gonna Make It before crashing into telephone wires just at the Panama Canal.  When Cody almost gives up at seeing Veronica and Alejandro already racing towards the end, is the one who gives him a pep talk which gets him to actually chase after them and manage to even beat both of them in the race. She follows him and reaches the finish line with him and Veronica, but Alejandro gets back up and pushes all three of them out of his way to get his own lead. Blaineley then joins Cody in his boat and watces as he sword fights with Alejandro, and later is knocked onto the shore with Cody and Alejandro when Aleajndro's boat crashes into Cody's boat, resulting in a tie for 2nd place between the two.

Blaineley's role in Finale Down Under! is mostly in the start of the episode, where she briefly glares at her sister arriving to watch Cody in the finale, and of course cheers him on during the tiebreaker, though she doesn't lean towards Cody or Veronica that much at all. She actually laughs a bit herself at Veronica being pelted with golf balls, along with her sister and mostly everyone else too bar her father. During the actual tiebreaker challenge, Blaineley actually causes Alejandro's ultimate defeat when she promises Cody a candy dinner, getting him to go crazy and horribly beat up Alejandro before knocking him off the platform and winning the challenge by untying Veronica just before Alejandro turns into Alejandra as he/she is eliminated from the game.  Following that, Blaineley's role is left to simply cheering on both Veronica and Cody in both their endings. Blaineley is happy about being the mother of the richest person in the world in Cody's ending, and is happy about being the aunt of the richest person in the world in Veronica's ending.

The Real Blaineley Edit

In the reboot of the show, Drama Redux/Eternal's New Total Drama, it is revealed that the "original" show, as in the one this wiki is based on, actually was a fanfiction in and of itself, written by a girl named Maria Susan, also known as Raven. It is then revealed on the real show, that Blaineley is not Cody's Mother and is also not actually related to him at all. This is evident in that Cody and Blaineley don't really interact in the premiere episode, and no such relation is brought up (if she were his mother he realistically would've been disqualified immediately if not rejected from being casted by the producers). She is labelled "The Diva" and is a co-host of the main show alongside Chris and Chef, likely she will serve as one of the main characters of the show due to being a co-host since Island makes it very likely she will continue this role into succeeding seasons.

It is not confirmed yet if (or how) Blaineley is still related to Veronica in the reboot, though that has been hinted at as a possibility, removing Veronica from being related to Cody in favor of her being related only to Blaineley. This might be confirmed in the reboot within later episodes, exclusive clips, or commercial segments.

The precise reason why or how Maria Susan chose to depict Blaineley as Cody's mother is not known, but it is known her depiction did mean she changed Blaineley's entire background. The real Blaineley was never a therapist prior to hosting, or at all in her life, for example. It is likely she created the headcanon prior to learning about Cody's real parents, and simply edited her depiction of Blaineley to fit in with Cody's bios. Though what originally sparked this headcanon is unknown.


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  • Do note that hardly any of this trivia section is actually canon to the reboot.
  • Blaineley and Momma DJ are the only two family members (not counting Veronica) to interact with other contestants besides the ones they are related to.
  • According to Cody's profiles, Blaineley is a very spoiling parent, proven when she says that she lets him be on Total Drama despite not wanting him to because it is what he wants. It also furtherly shown when Cody claims that she never corrects him when he does wrong (God Hates TDWT).
  • As revealed in Viet-BOOM!, Blaineley's maternity pants are the same brand of pants Sierra wears daily.
  • According to Sierra, Blaineley was born in Siberia, which is the eastern half of Russia.
  • She is currently the only character who wears a one-piece outfit, wearing a single red dress where-as most others were multiple piece outfits.
  • It is revealed in Viet-BOOM! that her husband did not get along with her very well, as Sierra talked about how she went to her Ex-Husbands house as a repair-woman and that he talked of his son and his "horrible" marriage to Blaineley.
    • Thus it is possible that the reason she is not around much for Cody is due to the marriage problems with his father.
  • Prior to giving birth to Cody, she was a psychiatrist, as Cody stated on his contestant biography, though she eventually gave the job up and at some point became a television host.
  • Blaineley is the first Parent of any contestant to become a contestant herself.
  • She is also the second host of the show to be turned into a contestant, the first being her own niece, Veronica.
  • There are several facts about Blaineley that contrast with her typical public image:
    • She would eat food that she dropped on the floor in private.
    • She uses power tools to trim her toes.
    • She buys two sizes of one pair of pants to make it look like she lost weight.
    • She has black hair growing inbetween her toes.
      • Which is something she shares with Veronica as well.
    • Her real name is Mildred.
  • Blaineley is one of Eternal's Top Five favourite characters of the canon Total Drama series.
  • Blaineley is the oldest Total Drama Contestant so far, as she is the aunt of Veronica, making her no doubt older than she is. She is also the one of three related to two contestants at once, the others being her son Cody and her niece Veronica (Cody's cousin).
  • Blaineley is the first contestant to make an illegal alliance with Chef while still being a contestant, as Veronica was not a contestant yet at the time she and Chef did their coup against Chris.
    • Blaineley also managed to remain in the competition in the episode where her alliance, something no canon contestant that made an illegal alliance managed to do, not even Blaineley in canon.
  • She is the third contestant to make an illegal alliance with one of the hosts of the show, the first is Heather with Veronica and the second is Veronica with Chef Hatchet (though she was not a contestant at the time).
  • While she is cold and very careless towards the other contestants, she shows kindness towards Veronica and Cody, separating them from the other contestants before calling said other contestants "losers", giving them extremely helpful information in the game, offering them into her illegal alliance with Chef, being silent about their cheating, not voting them off even when they do something heinously evil, among many other things. Obviously it is likely because they are her family, as no other contestants are related to her.
  • Coincidentally, Blaineley wants Cody (or even herself) to end up with Justin but has personal conflicts with the girl that liked him and the girl that he likes.
  • Like in canon, Blaineley has lost two of her jobs during the show's time, her job at Celebrity Manhunt and her job as an Aftermath Co-Host.
  • In Niagara Brawls, it is implied that she, along with Cody and Veronica, are all followers of the Orthodox faith, or at least were raised to follow said beliefs.
  • Blaineley is responsible for several major plot points during her Total Drama World Tour appearances:
    • She is responsible for sending Bridgette to Siberia in TDWT Aftermath III, which resulted in the song Her Real Name isn't Blaineley from Geoff aswell as other attempts at revenge from Geoff aswell, including allowing Blaineley to win the contest and become a contestant.
    • She is responsible for telling Veronica everything Alejandro did in the previous episodes of the season during Niagara Brawls. This led to Veronica swapping the votes to get rid of Heather & Tyler and exposing Alejandro in the following episode, Super Crazy Happy Fun Time Japan.
      • This in turn led to Cody using Alejandro being exposed to trick him into an alliance to attempt in getting rid of Veronica and then betray Alejandro himself in Chris and the Chocolate Factory, only for it to come to an abrupt end in the following episode, Rapa Phooey! due to Veronica winning the challenge and Chris turning it into a reward challenge when Alejandro was voted off.
    • She is responsible for blowing up the plane in Not Always Greener, which intensified her conflict with Chris and caused her to be disqualified by him, making her also responsible for her own elimination.
    • She is responsible for giving Cody a pep talk in Planes, Yachts and Codymobiles, which kept him from giving up and got him to continue fighting to win against Veronica and Alejandro rather than just give up at the Panama Canal.
    • She is responsible for Alejandro's elimination from the game in Finale Down Under! aswell, as by unleashing Cody's sugar rush mode by promising him candy, Cody violently took down Alejandro in the tiebreaker and won the challenge, securing his place in the Finals of the season and leaving Alejandro defeated at 3rd place